How Woman Escapes Death After E-cigarette Exploded In Her Pocket.

A woman was just seconds away from being turned into a human torch when her e-cigarette exploded in her pocket as she sped down a dual carriageway at 70mph.


Ellie Petty was left with third degree burns when her Vape battery burst, leaving her thigh charred and burnt “like something out of a horror movie”.

The 32-year-old’s clothes quickly caught fire and she frantically braked and swerved to avoid hitting other vehicles as the explosion rocked her car.
She managed to beat the flames with her bare hands while trying to control the steering wheel while in the fast lane of the A303 near Andover, Hants.

Finally, she managed to throw her jacket and the burning battery on to the central reservation before safely parking on a lay by to call an ambulance.

The IT consultant, who was driving back from work at the time, said: “The batteries exploded like a gas torch, I could feel the flames on my side. “I absolutely thought I was going to die. It was a horrific experience. “The flames were coming up at me – I was on fire.”

She was talking to her partner, teacher Samantha Harvey, 29, on her hands free phone at the time.

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