When Your Wife Refuses You S*X, This Is What You Should Do


It is a fact that some married women always shut their husbands out s*xually. It starts little then it gets to that point they are completely not interested in having s*x.


You wonder why the woman you love and have always had s*x with at any time you wanted would suddenly stopped wanting you. It has even become a routine. Once it’s bed time, the lights are turned off and she faces the other side of the wall, she ignores or turns down every of your touches, and her excuses ranges from tiredness, feeling sleepy, menstrual cramps, waist pain, she’s not feeling well, not in the mood or an outright ‘leave me alone’. She goes to sleep until the next morning. These excuses continues for weeks, months and even years.

You have to know that your wife shutting you out s*xually didn’t just happen overnight, there was a build up until it got to where you are right now. She may have always complained in the past by her actions and inaction but you ignored or even didn’t understand her body language. So, you are at the point you either have s*x with her by force, cheat on her or let her just be.

Your woman sure have her real reasons for denying you s*x but because she is scared of bruising your ego with her truth, she sticks to her excuses of tiredness, waist pain, menstrual cramps etc. Her true reasons may include: her inability to enjoy s*x with you or even experience org@.$m.

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