Want to Know Why Women Poop Too Much When They’re On Their Period?

Women go through m3nstruation every month. During this period, they experience mood swings, an erratic appetite, and lowered energy.

However, another noticeable with women during m3nstruation is that they poop more than the usual.

Here, we will tackle different reasons why women poop too much whenever they’re on their period.
According to Dr. Rebecca Brightman, the uterus releases prostaglandin during m3nstruation. This hormone causes smooth muscles to contract, leading to uncomfortable cramps.

During the menstrual cycle, another hormone called progesterone starts to build in the body during ovulation. It slows down the gastrointestinal tract’s motility causing a bloated and constipated feeling.
Taking Ibuprofen or any other similar nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to inhibit the release of prostaglandin can help curb excessive pooping. It is better to take it before the first set of cramps hits.

“Ibuprofen really helps pretty significantly, and that’s oftentimes our go-to,” according to Dr. Mira Kaga, an internal medicine physician in New Jersey.

“It’ll help prevent the cramping, but also diarrhea,” she added.

Source: Cosmo