Top 6 Most Notorious Criminals in Nigeria’s History

According to reports, this incident, and Anini’s view of police betrayal, spurred retaliatory actions by dreaded underworld lord. In August, 1986, a fatal bank robbery linked to Anini was reported in which a police officer (Nathaniel Egharevba) and others were killed. That same month, two officers on duty were shot at a barricade while trying to stop Anini’s car.

During a span of three months, he was known to have killed nine police officer. Investigations reveal that 18 civilians were murdered by Anini’s armed gang who successfully robbed 12 banks before the rescue team of six senior police officers led by DIG Parry Osayande arrived in Bendel state. Anini’s gang confidently robbed banks in day light and threw money at women in crowded markets as a show of bravery to earn sympathy and popularity. After they were apprehended, Anini’s syndicate was allowed to speak and indeed they spoke to Nigerians.

They were put in the military hospital in Benin and journalists were invited to interview them from time to time for public consumption. They were interrogated thoroughly and the Ministry of Justice, Benin prosecuted the case in the tribunal. Anini and members of his gang were found guilty having been successfully prosecuted to conviction. They were handed death sentences by a firing squad.

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