Top 10 Richest Music Producers In Nigeria, No 1, 2 & 3 Are Demons!

Nigerian Producers with their quality of work have added a massive amount of value to the quality of music that we enjoy in Nigerian music today.

Reasons why we love the Nigerian music is due to the quality of work the producer puts into making beats and coming up with the vision or sound of the HIT song that we love so much. Once this sound is created, the producer then hands it to the Artist or assists the artists as they deliver their lyrics over the instrumental.

A lot of producers have contributed their vision and skill to making some of the biggest songs that have come out of Nigeria. These producers are highly sought after by both established and upcoming artists in the hopes of getting a smash, overwhelming single.

See their names below:

10. Pheelz

Olamide’s in house producer who blessed him with production for Durosoke, Rayban Abacha, Baddo Love and countless other hits for Baddoo himself. Pheelz also worked with Vector and other artists during the past year.

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