Three Things Ladies Shouldn’t Ever Attempt To Do During S2X

S_ex is a very high reward game, the results can be very satisfying if done well. However, it can also hold with it, risks, and such risk can be very deadly. These are pretty specific things to avoid that can mar your s_exual experience.

1. Don’t put food in your va_gina

As tempting as it sounds to your partner, don’t do it. It has thrill attached to it but think about when pieces of whatever you inserted gets stuck in there or break off. “If you’re putting fruits or vegetables inside the va_gina pieces can get stuck and break off in there,” says Millheiser. On a similar note, “If you’re going to put something in the re_ctum it should be something that’s specifically made for the re_ctum,” she says. “Those toys usually have a stopper on them so they can’t get lost,” she says.

2. Don’t rush your partner to finish up

This can have serious adverse effect on the s_ex. Focusing on the end game too much can be detrimental for your se_xual health because it can create tension, says Stephen Snyder, M.D., a s_ex therapist in New York City. We all know tension isn’t good in bed, If your partner cannot finish, you can assist them during the self-sti_mulation. “You may want to ask if you can hold them, or make out with them while they get busy with themselves,” he says. “Otherwise you can enjoy watching their body while they’re giving themselves an or_gasm ” he says.

3. Don’t go harder than you can handle

It might sound so cool and s_exy when you’re saying it but its good not to overdo it. “If you’re too vigorous, you can end up getting little tears in your va_gina,” says Millheiser. “Avoid vigorous thrusting at odd or stressful angles, since a misplaced thrust could lead to inadvertent fracture of the pen_is.” Instead, take it nice and slow while trying a new position.

And now for the bonus point, don’t underestimate the risk of STI’s, they’re even more prevalent these days. Make sure you and your partner are tested and retested frequently. If you cannot trust yourself with this, then grab your condom.

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