Shock as Man Shoots His New Bride Dead, Places Body Inside Car With Her 4 Young Kids (Photos)

A mother-of-four identified as Angela Juanette Bishop, was shot dead by her new husband in southeast Atlanta on Friday before being placed in her car with her four children, according to police.

According to Daily Mail UK reports, James Leon Beard, 42, was arrested on the scene when police found the body of his wife Angela Juanette Bishop outside his home, but he claims the shooting was an accident.

After the shooting, Beard allegedly placed Bishop in the passenger seat of her Toyota Camry where her children, aged eight to 13, were sitting in the backseat.

Police believe that Beard shot Bishop twice in the chest in the doorway of his Panthersville apartment on Friday.

‘The (victim’s) body was placed in the passenger seat of her car after being shot,’ Beard’s arrest warrant states, according to the AJC.

‘The victim’s four children were in the car and gave the same account of events.’

Bishop’s two sons and two daughters are all aged between eight and 13

Police are still unsure as to why Bishop’s body was placed in the car, or why the children were inside of it. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities believe the shooting was intentional, as Beard disposed of the Beretta .40-caliber allegedly used to kill his wife in nearby woods.

He told police that when he heard a knock at his door on Friday, he couldn’t tell who was there through the peephole.

When he answered, his gun ‘went off,’ and struck Bishop twice in the chest.

He has previously posted on social media about carrying a gun for his safety due to the high rate of murders in Atlanta.

Beard now faces felony murder charges in DeKalb County.

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Popular Actress Gets Completely N*ked on Vacation, Flashes Her Bare Bum (Photos)

Popular American actress, Kelly Brook made the most of the hottest day of the year by riding an inflatable unicorn n*ked.

The model stripped off and climbed into her pool on Sunday to jump on the colourful float and cheekily flashed her bottom at the camera as she posed for a picture.

She captioned the shot: “Suns out Unicorns are Out!!!!”

In another shot, she turned towards the camera, showing off her impressive cleavage as she lay on the unicorn, her wet hair hanging down her back.

She wrote alongside it: “Love These Days!!!!!”

Kelly wasn’t alone in her naked pool exploits though, as her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi also got in on the action, with the 37-year-old posting a short boomerang video of him leaping onto the unicorn from the side of the pool with no clothes on.

Next to a series of crying with laughter emojis, she wrote: “Not even Drunk!!!”

The couple’s fun day by the pool comes just weeks after they were pictured putting on a loved up display in New York.

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Woman Discovers She Has HIV After Checking Her Symptoms on Google (Photos)

A 24-year-old woman identified as Abby Landy narrated how she discovered that she was HIV positive by checking her symptoms on google.


Abby Landy, from Australia, revealed that she decided to have a sexual health screening after starting a new relationship.

According to ABC, Abby noticed she had a fever and an outbreak of cold sores, which she thought was unusual and got checked out and test came out that she was negative.

“I was given some anti-virals for the cold sores and [the test] came back all clear – everything was negative,” Abby said.

Still not convinced and feeling that something in wrong with her, Abby Googled her symptoms out of desperation and found that they were “terrifyingly similar” to those of HIV.

At realizing this, she went back to her doctor and told her straight that she wanted to be tested for HIV, but was met with the response that as a straight Australian woman it was unnecessary.

The doctor told Abby: “It’s probably not necessary. You know, you’re an Australian woman, the chances of you having come into contact or contracting HIV are so slim that doing the test probably isn’t necessary’.”

Instinct told Abby to insist that the doctor performed the test and it came back positive. Luckily, her HIV was diagnosed much earlier than most other women, who realise they have the disease in the late stages when it’s already done significant damage to their immune system.
Abby is now calling for HIV tests to become routine and to eradicate the stigma surrounding women with the disease. She asks that people don’t assume they are sexually promiscuous or have multiple partners – and that HIV isn’t just a “gay man’s disease”.

“I felt a great deal of shame initially, and I was terrified. I was never going to tell anybody,” she said.

“But I started engaging in private women’s groups with other positive women … I just felt like my situation really allowed me the privilege to speak about my experience.

“After diagnosis you’re still the same person. You have a virus in your body, but you still have the same heart and soul and mind.”

Most common symptoms are:

fever (raised temperature)
sore throat
body rash
Other symptoms can include:
joint pain
muscle pain
swollen glands (nodes).

The symptoms usually last one to two weeks but can be longer.

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See the Dungeon Where Man Torture Woman as Slave S1X (Photos)

The photo above shows the tiny room where evil care worker, Keith Baker kept a woman with severe learning difficulties as a s*x slave for almost a decade,a report by Daily Star UK has revealed.


Baker, 61, gave his victim Quality Street as “payment” after filming dozens of unknown men raping her during the horrendous imprisonment.

The s*x den prison in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, which has since been redecorated, had a bare floor and no light when the victim was locked inside for days on end.

Baker and his wife Caroline, 54, had removed the handle on the inside of the door to stop her from leaving.

He would “reward” her with boxes of chocolate and sweets for “good behaviour”.

A source said: “She told police she did what Baker told her because she was terrified of him but also because he gave her sweets.

“She even said her favourite was the purple one from the Quality Street box and she would get that if she had been particularly good.

“Medical tests showed she only had one ‘sound’ tooth and that is why.”

It is understood Baker met his victim in Britain and either invited or persuaded her to come to Northern Ireland.

When her husband reported her missing in 2004, it seemed she had vanished without trace, but in reality she lacked the mental capacity to escape.

The Bakers are due to be sentenced on Tuesday for a catalogue of appalling sexual abuse committed at their specially adapted home which consisted of two terraced houses knocked through to make one large home.

Baker’s wife Caroline was working as a care worker at a home in Northern Ireland that specialises in mental health residents until she was arrested.

The chilling details of what really went on behind closed doors smack in the middle of a Co. Armagh housing estate are still to come out.

S*x-mad Baker was a member of social dating site Badoo where he tried to meet women to satisfy his cravings.

He used the soft and cuddly profile name “Keiffy Bear” to lure women into his trap.

Throughout police questioning Baker denied the allegations and claimed all the s*x was consensual.
Witnesses told police there were always strange men coming and going from the house and after they seized tapes of unidentified men being filmed having sex with the victim, detectives suspected Baker was pimping her out on the internet.

He locked his mentally disabled victim away for years in a tiny room — not allowing her to leave or even see a dentist or doctor.

The room has been decorated since the victim was released from slavery.

When police finally rescued her, she weighed just six stone and her teeth had rotted so badly from all the sweets and lack of dental care she only had one sound tooth.

The sex slave, believed to be in her 40s, was rescued only after another woman with learning difficulties told a disability support worker someone else lived at the house.

The whistleblower, known in court as Miss X, was assessed as suffering chronic post-traumatic stress and said she suffered 20 years of abuse after starting a second family with Baker.

However, the Public Prosecution Service decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute Keith Baker for those allegations.

Both Miss X and Caroline Baker each had four children with Baker and the creepy pad was divided into two sections — one for the women and one for the men.

The victim lived in the squalid half where she was allowed to shower only once a week and her toilet was overflowing with human waste.

Keith and Caroline pleaded guilty to a string of horrific sex offences against the single woman who had been living at the property for nearly a decade.

They admitted two charges of engaging in sexual activity with a mentally disabled person and one of enticing her into sexual activity knowing she was unlikely to refuse.

Keith Baker also confessed to six counts of rape of the same woman and a final count of indecently assaulting her.

His wife pleaded guilty to three offences of “aiding and abetting, counselling and procuring” her husband to rape their victim and a single count of indecent assault.

Caroline Baker has been described as being “under the spell” of her domineering husband and while he has been in Maghaberry Prison, near Lisburn, Northern Ireland, on remand, she was granted bail.

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Woman with two Vag1nas shares her experience

A British woman who was born with two vag1nas has revealed the difficulties of the rare condition — including prolonged periods and numerous miscarriages.


Known only as Nicci, she is due to appear on the BBC3 documentary The Woman With Two Vag1nas: Living Differently — which will be aired across Britain later this month.
In the programme, she describes that sex made her feel like ‘a freak of nature’ because men would brag about sleeping with a woman with two vag1nas.

Her condition made her feel so bad that she looked into having a hysterectomy.

She first found out she had two vag1nas when she was 17 years old.

“I first knew something was wrong when I was a teenager and I was bleeding more than I should.

“The pain was intolerable and, while on my period, I couldn’t function. My doctor told me I had two wombs, two vag1nas and two cervixes.

“There were times when I had to wear adult nappies because tampons and pads weren’t enough.

“The condition has affected my life severely. Relationships with my friends and boyfriends especially.”

Nicci was put on hormone treatment, which proved ineffective and made her periods last up to four weeks.

She is now happily married to a man called Andy and is ready to tell her story in the documentary.

The World Health Organisation estimates around one in 3,000 women around the world are affected by the condition, which occurs when the uterus fails to fuse properly during development in the womb.

It means a woman can be born with any combination of two wombs, two separate cervixes and sometimes, two vag1nas.

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Chinese Govt Bans Long Beards, Veils in Muslim Dominated Region

China has banned “abnormal” beards and full-face coverings in the remote western region of Xinjiang as part of tighter “anti-extremism” regulations that also prohibit rejecting state media.


Xinjiang is home ot about 10 million Uighur Muslims, who have said they routinely face discrimination.

Hundreds of people have died in recent years in the region due to unrest blamed by Beijing on “separatists”, though rights groups say the violence is more a reaction to repressive Chinese policies.

The new legislation took effect on Saturday and lists a wide range of restrictions, including rejecting or refusing “radio, television or other public facilities and services”, marrying using religious rather than legal procedures and “using the name of Halal to meddle in secular life of others”.

The rules also ban not allowing children to attend government schools, not abiding by family planning policies, wearing robes that cover the whole body and face and “abnormal growing of beards and naming of children to exaggerate religious fervour”, according to the text of the rules published on a government website.

It did not clarify how the rules would be enforced.

Many Uighurs complain of cultural and religious repression and discrimination by China . Beijing has denied the accusations.

A number of similar regulations had previously been introduced in some places in Xinjiang, including stopping people with headscarves , veils and long beards from boarding buses in at least one city. The new rules, however, expand the list and formally apply them to the entire region.

The popularity of veils for Uighur women in particular has grown in recent years in what experts say is an expression of opposition to Chinese controls.

China has said Xinjiang faces a grave separatist threat from Uighur fighters allegedly linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS), prompting the government to ramp up surveillance measures and police patrols. The government has provided little evidence for such claims.

ISIL released a video in late February purportedly showing Uighur fighters training in Iraq and vowing to strike China, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

Earlier this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a “great wall of iron” to safeguard Xinjiang, referencing the military response following the pro-democracy protest in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Rights groups have said that Chinese religious restrictions on Muslims may have driven more than 100 to join ISIL.

Source: Aljazeera

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See The New Emirate Triple Decker Commercial Plan, Includes Swimming Pool, Games, Room, Gym & Parks


Emirates Airlines on Friday revealed plans for a giant jet that would include a grassy park, a swimming pool and a game room.

The name of the plane: APR001.

But the grand plan appears to have come with a punchline: it was all an April Fool’s joke.

The airline posted three photos of the fantasy plane. It showed normal seating on the top floor and half of the middle floor with a games room and park in the rear. The bottom floor has a pool with deck chairs and shrubbery.


Read some twitter users reaction below:

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Shock as Migrant Sets Himself Ablaze in Refugee Camp

A migrant wet himself with a flammable liquid before setting himself on fire at a refugee camp.

According to rpeort, security guard is heard ordering “everybody go back please” while a young man wearing red trousers is seen in the corner holding a big plastic container.

The man, dressed in uniform, spots the younger man and tries to grab him.

But flames engulf the young man, and he rolls around on the floor having turned into a human fireball.

He then tries to run off, completely covered by bright orange flames, and screams continue in the background.

Complete chaos breaks out in the camp, with people running around and shouting, and a woman asked, “Has he burnt himself?”

Reports say the migrant set himself alight as the officer tried to get hold of him.

The incident took place on the Greek island of Chios on Thursday, reports.

The Syrian man was taken to hospital and reportedly suffered 90 per cent burns to his body.

It remains unclear as to why he set himself on fire, with some local reports saying he was rejected for asylum multiple times.

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See What Happened To The Woman That Gave Birth To 11 babies at Once With Operation

A 42 year old woman gave birth to 11 healthy babies after only 2hours of labour.

More strange is the fact that she carried the babies through a 38weeks gestational period which doesn’t normally happen in multiple deliveries.



Maria Hernandes and her husband who are based in Indianapolis have had trouble conceiving so they decided to try In-Vitro fertization.
Six of the 11 boys were said to be identical twins all weighing in between 1 pound – 1.5 pounds. They were in stable condition in the neonatal intensive care unit at Riley Children’s Hospital

Doctors were very surprised, most mainly said they were shocked, to have such a successful delivery without caesarian section.

Guiness book of world records was contacted to include the miraculous, record-breaking delivery in their last edition.

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Military Dog, Jony Retires After Serving 68 Years in US Department of Defence

A U.S. Air Force dog identified as Jony, serving with the 20th Security Forces Squadron, has retired after nine years (or 68 dog years) of distinguished service, the U.S. Department of Defence has said.

Pentagon, in a statement, said Jony retired due to a compressed disc in his spine, and has been permanently put in the hands of its handler, Air Force Staff Sergeant Anthony Despins, a military working dog handler, who met Jony as his first canine partner in 2012.

“Together, the two used their individual skill sets to make a formidable team, eventually becoming certified as an explosives detection and patrol unit to keep people around the world safe and their fellow airmen out of harm’s way,” Pentagon said.

“Jony was really excited, always happy to see people and very energetic. Even back then, Jony knew what was expected of him and how to do his job.

“Jony’s performance during his initial training determined what certifications he received; military working dogs can receive narcotics and explosives credentials as well as certification as a patrol dog.

“All their physical traits: their sight, their hearing, their nose, their speed, their teeth, dogs bring so much to the table – things we can’t do and the equipment we’re provided can’t do.

“Although the physical traits are necessary for success, it takes more than just advanced senses for a dog to pass initial training.

“They must be able to listen to commands. If they can’t do that they’ll automatically be disqualified. Some dogs just don’t have the drive,” Pentagon quoted Despins as saying.

According to Pentagon, after Despins, Jony served with five other handlers, including Air Force Sgt. Kevin Davis Jr., and the pair were deployed to Afghanistan together in 2013.

The Pentagon described Jony’s period with the military as a “distinguished service”.

“During one of his deployments, Jony went on more than 60 missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, finding six explosives and enduring five firefights.

“Jony also went on seven explosive detection missions with the Secret Service in support of the president and vice president of the United States.

“Thanks to Jony’s acute sense of smell, Davis and his team were able to come back home to their families.”

According to Davis, the unwavering faith between military working dogs and handlers is not left behind on the battlefield. “They’re wingmen. Not only are they there through the thick and thin, the good times and the bad times, they’re there to protect and they’re there to watch out for you,” he said.

According to Davis, the bond is incomparable to any other. “You can create a facade as you’re going through your day to day. However the dog knows; they know when something’s not right or if you feel down or depressed and are just trying to keep a straight face,” Davis said.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Robert Coughlin, another military working dogs handler with the Squadron, said: “Dogs would sacrifice and do anything for their handler. It doesn’t matter what it is. They have no fear of what they go into as far as the danger.”

Pentagon said Air Force Staff, Sergeant Kathryn McCarthy, also a military working dogs handler, read a poem titled “Guardians of the Night,” dedicated to military working dogs and their service, and traditionally read at their retirement ceremonies, in honour of Jony.

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