12 Nollywood Celebrities Who Went Completely N33ked On Screen for a Movie

These days, it seems n*dity sells and most movie producers are cashing in by using actors and actresses to perpetuate the “crime”.

We’ve seen some of our favourite celebrities go na-ked on set to impress the audience. Most of them see the act as a daring as also a way of showing that they are open-minded. But in our society, it means something different as it defines you in a differentLIGHT and most of your fans are likely to take it on the negative side.

Even some veterans in the industry have condemned how nudity is being portrayed in movies these days and on the internet and proposed better ways of going about it, that will indicate what just happened without being vivid by showing all the na-kedness of the star. Unfortunately, this has fallen on deaf ears and it’s still going on with some even exposing themselves on the internet just for likes…Hmmm!!! Anyway, not all those who made it on this list actually did it for a movie, some did it out of their own free will and shared it on the internet. So without wasting much of your time, here are the nominees for our “Na-kedness Awards”. Feast your eyes.

John Dumelo

John has starred in many movies that has seen him go na-ked on screen to the extent he even received some backlash from the public till he stepped out to defend himself, but unfortunately the harm has already been caused. In one of the scenes, he was so butt na-ked his penis even showed onCAMERA. He was seen sleeping with two ladies, then he walked out of bed to go to the washroom and said, “Ladies, get up”, but before he could squat, his “ding dong” was clearly visible. There are many other movies where he has been caughtPANTS down.

Majid Michel

Majid Michel also appeared in some movie where he was na-ked and was busily making love to a lady in one of the scenes. He was clearly pictured na-ked on camera. There have also been other movies where in an attempt to make it appear real, they go na-ked, an example is the “Dons Of Sakawa” movie.

Martha Ankomah

Martha is one of the female actresses who doesn’t mind going na-ked on set so long as it will make the movie appear good. This has earned her a bad reputation in the eyes of the public, with some calling her names. In the movie, “Hearts Of Men”, she and her friend called her ex-boyfriend who was about to get married and had sex with him before he proceeded to get married, which of course doesn’t make any sense in the movie. However, in that scene, Martha did not hesitate to show the full glare of her boobs to the camera and obviously many viewers (especially men) whoWATCHED the movie were able to describe her B00BS.

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson has been seen in some movies going na-ked, especially on the cover of the “Hearts Of Men” movie where she went semi-nu.de whichGENERATED a lot of backlash from the public. She’s also been seen in some s.e.x scenes showing greater parts of her sacred areas.

Nikki Samonas

outspoken actress has mentioned countless times that she doesn’t see anything wrong with going na-ked in a movie and will do it again if given the role. She received a lot of backlash when she showed most of her br.e.a.s.ts in aFASHIONmishap. Aside that, she’s appeared in movies having s.e.x and exposing major parts of her body in an explicit manner. In one of such scenes, she was seen with Jim Iyke, a Nigerian actor, going at it and his mouth was all over her breasts and in the full glare of the camera.

Agya Koo

Agya Koo has always spoken against actors going na-ked on screen so it came as a shock when in the movie, Komfo Anokye, he was seen butt na-ked on screen. He denied it, but the producer clearly stated he offered him ¢1,500 to expose his bu.tt in the movie. In the story of Komfo Anokye, it is said that he went to take a bath in a river and some women laughed at him and he cursed them. To portray that part, the producer claimed he offered Agya Koo the said amount to go na-ked to make the scene real. That is the only time Agya Koo was seen na-ked in a movie.

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim In the movie, “4 Play”, Juliet was seen on camera having wild s.e.x with John Dumelo, exposing major parts of her body, with her br.e.a.s.ts in the full glare of viewers.

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Tragedy as Abia State PDP Treasurer Slumps at a Popular Sports Club and Die

Targedy in Abia State as the Peoples Democratic Party treasurer in the state, Chief Steve Omeoga slumped and died at a popular sports club. Confirming the sad news, the state PDP Publicity Secretary, Chief Don Ubani said, “It is unfortunate, he is dead.”

According to reports, Omeoga slumped at a popular sport club, in Umuahia, the state capital, shortly after playing a lawn tennis game with a club member on Wednesday evening.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a member of the sports club said after playing the game successfully, the man did not appear exhausted as he sat down on the court.

He said, “Initially members thought he was relaxing, only to observe with shock, that the man had slumped and was gradually losing consciousness.

“Efforts were made by club members to resuscitate him, before rushing him to the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia where the doctors battled fruitlessly to save his life. We lost him.”

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Controversial Zenith Bank Staff Accused of Breaking Wife’s Leg Caught in Bed with Another Lady (Photo)

‘UPDATE ON THE CASE OF IVIE EDOBOR: THE NEED TO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALLcontroversial-zenith-bank-staff-accused-of-breaking-wifes-leg-caught-in-bed-with-another-lady-photo-1

As the Americans would say: “Always keep your eyes on the ball”. The best way for the opponent to defeat you in any conflict is to force you to take your eyes away from the ball. That is is practically the move that Mr. John Edobor has made against Ivie Edobor, once he realized the gathering dangers around him.

When DPA first got involved in this case, I realized that the case possessed every element that is needed for mud slings – sex, scandal, betrayal, power, litigation, violence, pain and suffering. I pitied Ivie because she was clearly at a disadvantage. First, she is dealing in an environment where it is so easy to blame the woman. Second, she faced physical incapacitation with the attendant economic hardship that would prevent her from fighting a good fight. Her enemy took her out in the first round of the fight.

John remained a manager in Zenith Bank throughout the period. For five months, he used his presence and continued employment in Zenith to prepare to battle his estranged wife. It was only a matter of time before John would brandish his weapons of mud and sleaze. He only waited this long because he thought he was in control of the dynamics of this conflict. But he was wrong.

The tide turned last week after DPA entered into the picture. (By the way, I use this opportunity to assuage some DPA members who felt that the role of DPA in this case has not been adequately acknowledged. We need not ask for any acknowledgment. Our work speaks for itself). But make no mistake: DPA pushed for the upgrading of the charge from assault to attempted murder. That was the sole reason I went to court last week. (I didn’t go to court just to show solidarity) Also, DPA has clarified the narrative and focused attention on the unfortunate and highly questionable position of Zenith Bank.

Keeping our eyes on the ball requires us to stay focused on the issues that matter, regardless of attempt to alter the narrative through manipulated and selective evidence peddled on the personal walls of the accused man. One thing is this: John is defending a case that could send him to jail for the rest of his life. The incentive is too high that he would do anything to escape. Lying is the least thing he would worry about. Once John lost his job and now faces homicide-related criminal charges, you must prepare to expect the worst he is capable of.

Since last week, Ivie has feared many dangers from John. John who had been threatening her since the past 5 months, suddenly began to plead for reconciliation. Ivie was so worried that John was getting to the verge of mental crack up and his stability was much in doubt. She feared for her safety and safety of her children. John was clearly becoming suicidal. I advised her on how to stay calm and on how to be cautions. I must say that if all that John ended up doing was to lie against Ivie with doctored chats logs, then we are relieved that he did much less than we had feared.

Keeping our eyes on the ball demands that we remember the following:

(1) Ivie and John were separated since the past two years without any intention to continue the marriage.

(2) Prior to the separation, John committed domestic violence on Ivie multiple times.

(3) During the time of separation, John has been with multiple women in sexual relationships, as shown by the picture attached in which John and a woman (not Ivie) were in bed.

(4) On that faithful night in June, John came to Ivie’s house at night and attacked Ivie with weapons and clearly with intent to kill her.

The above facts are indisputable.

Now let’s us consider the fabled evidence that John has conjured up in his defense. John says:

1) That he and his wife agreed to separate in order to evade creditors. (You know that is a lie. John is a banker. He knows that such is not a way to evade creditors when your children remain in the same school for a whole year after separation. Indeed, the reason the children remained in Ajah school, while Ivie was shuttling them from Badagry (where her father lived) to Ajah each day for school was because Ivie did not have money to register them in another school near her father’s house).

2) John claims that Ivie got pregnant and aborted it. (Again, you know that is likely a blackmail. John who could not feed three children he already had would not spend nights and days crying that his estranged wife aborted pregnancy with twins. Besides, if that was the case and John felt so bad about that, why would he go to fight Ivie in her house? He should have been eager to divorce her).

3) John claimed that Ivie had relationship with another man during the time they were separated. He uses manipulated social media chat logs to buttress such contrivance. (But, really, even if were true, which I have refused to enter into, it is most unreasonable to expect that after 2 years of separation, your spouse would remain sexually loyal to you, especially when you had started living with another woman).

Now, go over all the excuses and reasons that John has given. The only reason missing is the reason why he attacked Ivie Edobor so viciously? John will never find one reason to justify the attack on Ivie. That is the ball that we must keep our eyes on. What is the justification for his action?

You must know that John was arrested at the scene. He alone was arrested. So, nobody else committed a crime that night. Nobody else attacked anybody other than John. Also, note that after arrest, John made statements and other witnesses made statements. At the end of it, the police decided to arraign him for assault.

Note also that even after the case had commenced in court, the government felt that assault was not strong enough. They found that John had an intention to kill Ivie. That was why they changed the charge to attempted murder. It all means that nobody who has examined the evidence from a professional standpoint so far could buy the nonsensical stories John is now peddling. And I urge DPA members to disregards such nonsense. We shall keep our eyes on the ball and we are interested only in one thing – John’s excuse for attempting to kill Ivie.

NOTE: You will see among what John attached a letter that Ivie purportedly wrote to Zenith apologizing for allegedly dragging Zenith’s name to the mud. You are smart. You would wonder what kind of Bank would go to the extent of forcing a victim who was still in the hospital to write such a letter. That letter is actually a smoking gun against Zenith.

In fact, with that letter, we can upgrade out accusations of Zenith Bank from breach of its social responsibility to active persecution and harassment and obstruction of justice. They forced Ivie to call the incident a family dispute that should be resolved within the family, even while the state is prosecuting it as a crime against the Nigerian public. The reason they forced her to describe the incident as such was actually to influence John’s indictment and make it appear that it was indeed a family matter. That is called obstruction of justice.

This case is just setting. I think that John has grossly miscalculated what is at stake here. The stories he peddles on his Facebook wall do not cut it at all, and DPA members and the general public will keep their eyes on the ball.

Written by: Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire’

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I Was Shocked And Almost Absconded After Meeting An Empty Treasury — President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday disclosed that he almost absconded the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when he met almost an empty treasure on resumption.


He made the remark when NIPSS submitted a report to him at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Noting that daily oil production of 2.1 million barrels was recorded between 1999 and 2015, he said that there was virtually no savings on ground despite the huge income during the period.

Infrastructures, he said, were also in dilapidated states.

To make matter worse, he said that oil prices in the international market, which sold for over $100 per barrel fell below $30 per barrel under his tenure.

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Court Refuses To Order Forfeiture of Patience Jonathan’s $15.5m

A Federal High Court in Lagos yesterday refused to issue an order for the forfeiture of $15.5million found in the accounts of four companies currently being investigated for fraud and money laundering and have been linked to former first lady, Patience Jonathan.


The Nation reports that at the resumed hearing of the case against the directors of the four companies, the presiding judge, Justice Babs Kuewumi, convicted the companies after a review of the facts of the case by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC)’s lawyer, Mr Oyedepo Rotimi.

The four companies namely Pluto Property and Investment Company Ltd (represented by Friday Davis), Seagate Property Development and Investment Company Ltd (represented by Agbor Baro), Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Ltd (represented by Dioghowori Frederick) and Avalon Global Property Development Ltd (represented by Taiwo Ebenezer), had on September 15th, pleaded guilty to laundering $15,591,700 (about N5billion) when they were arraigned.

Following the companies’ conviction, EFCC counsel Rotimi prayed the court to order the forfeiture of the money to the Federal Government.

“Having found them guilty, the court should make a consequential order that the money should be forfeited to the Federal Government,” he said.

Justice Kuewumi however refused this request by EFCC, saying that the issue of the ownership of the $15.5 million was still pending. He said he would hand down a sentence on the companies after the trial of the other directors of the companies who pleaded not guilty in the charge.

“The ownership issue is still pending. There’s also a pending suit on the matter.”he said

Recall that Patience Jonathan had in September claimed ownership of the said money. According to her, the money was to be used to settle her medical bills. The first lady had also last month also claimed that the money was gathered from gifts she received from friends and well wishers in all her years as the wife of a deputy governor, governor, Vice President and then President.

The four companies were arraigned alongside former Special Adviser on Domestic Affairs to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Waripamo Dudafa, a lawyer, Amajuoyi Briggs and a banker, Adedamola Bolodeoku. Dudafa, Briggs and Bolodeoku, however, pleaded not guilty to the 17-count charge.
While reviewing the facts in court yesterday, EFCC counsel, Rotimi said the money was stolen from the State House, Abuja.

“EFCC received an intelligence report showing vividly that the fourth to seventh defendants retained proceeds of crime. Our investigations showed that Fetus Iyoha admitted receiving the fund from the first defendant. Iyoha is a domestic staff at the State House. He admitted that funds credited into the accounts were given to him from the State House.”

Rotimi said Iyoha paid $3,096,377.38 into Pluto’s account; paid $3,410,534.71 into Seagate’s account, paid $3,765,711.87 into Trans Oceans’ account, and paid $250,000 into Avalon Global’s accout.

The accounts of the Four companies are domiciled in Skye Bank Plc. Justice Kueuwumi admitted the accounts statements in evidence. He also admitted their mandate cards, certificates of incorporation and statements made to EFCC by the companies’ representatives.
Justice Kuewumi adjourned until December 14 for trial.

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Former Customs Boss, Abullahi Dikko Inde Returns N1bn Cash to FG

A former Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service has returned N1,040,000, 000 to the Federal Government.


Dikko, who served as the head of customs between August, 2009 and August, 2015, became the subject of an EFCC investigation last year when the commission established that about N40bn was diverted from the coffers of the NCS under his watch.

The funds were allegedly drawn from proceeds of the seven per cent cost of collection and one per cent comprehensive import supervision scheme.

He was subsequently arrested by the EFCC in June this year but was released due to his poor health.

However, a reliable source within the EFCC told our correspondent that the suspect had been returning money to the government.

The source added, “So far, Dikko has returned over N1bn. He returned N1bn and then N4m. He is still expected to return more money.”

The EFCC had, earlier in the year, seized a mansion belonging to Dikko located at 1 Audu Ogbeh Street, Jabi, Abuja.

According to the EFCC, the mansion is worth at least N2bn.

A source in the commission said, “The EFCC Act Section 71 (b) gives us the power to commence investigations into the property of any person if it appears to the EFCC that the person’s lifestyle and extent of properties are not justified by law.

“Section 28 says concerning those arrested under the Act, the commission will immediately trace and attach all the assets and seizures of such a person which have been acquired.

“Section 29 permits the assets of a person arrested under Section 28 to be seized by the state.

“Dikko was a customs officer and served for about 30 years. He has to explain where he got the money to buy a mansion of N2bn.”

The ex-Customs CG is also believed to own properties in Dubai and in Katsina, his home state.

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Over 700,000 Application Has Been Received for 500 FIRS Jobs – Chairman

The Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Mr Tunde Fowler, has said that the organisation received more than 700,000 applications from the recent job advert it placed.

Fowler made this known on Wednesday in Abuja when he appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petition.

The FIRS boss’ appearance at the lower chamber followed a petition from some applicants, who claimed to have been excluded from the employment processes. The Service had invited applications for various positions in series of adverts placed in some national dailies.

Fowler said that out of the 700,000 applicants more than 2,000 had first class degrees in various disciplines and were qualified to be engage by the Service. He said that FIRS would recruit only 500 people, adding that the exercise was designed to increase manpower for tax revenue collection and expand the country’s revenue base. He assured that the organisation would ensure fairness and due process in the recruitment process.

“We have secured waiver and endorsement from the Federal Character Commission in order to ensure that the right thing is done.’’

In his remarks, Chairman of the house committee, Mr Nkem Abonta, directed Fowler to submit to the committee the service’s nominal roll to assist it in arriving at a decision.

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Obasanjo’s Ex-wife, Taiwo to Launch New Political Party, ABC….See Shocking Details

Former wife of former president Olusegun Obasanjo has announced that she will be launching a new political party in Nigeria.

She is going to call it the Abundant Blessing Congress, ABC.

Speaking on her decision to launch the party, she said: “I have a divine assignment from God to come out with something like this. It has a divine agenda. What is the divine agenda? What is the agenda? It is to create a selfless platform for people to come together and become the custodian, part and parcel towards rebuilding this nation.

“We shouldn’t leave it to only the government of the day to run. It is going to be a kind of shadow government, that will also externalise itself in all that they want to do for the nation. The Abundant Blessing Congress will also be internalising what they want to do and that’s what we are going to externalise in the nation. That’s why I said we shall have a shadow government, because right now, what we have doesn’t make me happy.”

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Jimoh Ibrahim Blasts Gov. Fayose in Stinking Letter……See Details

PDP Governorship Candidate, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim has lambasted Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose for saying that he could never be governor of Ondo State.

It would be recalled that Fayose has supported the former gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in Ondo – Eyitayo Jegede as well as his principal – Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

In a terse message to the governor, titled: ‘Fayose, too early to panic’, Jimoh Ibrahim said that the same horsewhip used for the incumbent Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko would soon be used on the governor, according to the Vanguard.

His words: “The crisis in Ondo State PDP has not degenerated to a situation where a Judge was beaten up in his court during proceedings as it was in Ekiti State during Governor Fayose’s bid to become governor. There is no need for Governor Fayose to panic at this time as it is too early to do so.

“Fayose is advised to wait till November 27 after the election in Ondo State, as we shall move to Ekiti in full force to enforce Justice Abang’s judgement, which also covers the Executive of PDP in Ekiti State. Our movement to Ekiti will be in day time, so it is better for Fayose to prepare and also learn from the experience of Governor Mimiko, who was performing in Ondo until he was distracted by Governor Fayose.”

“Let me remind Governor Fayose that I am not ex-Governor Fayemi and it is now a payback time to treat Governor Fayose exactly the way he treated Fayemi using the framework of how the clustering disaster was resolved in Ekiti State leading to Governor Fayose’s Victory.”

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Clumsy Pastor Missteps and Tumbles While Conducting Deliverance During Church Service (Video)

This is the moment a pastor had a really embarrassing experience in church.

The pastor who was conducting a deliverance during a church service stunned people when he suddenly missed a step and tumbled on the floor in front of the congregation.

A video making the rounds on the internet has shown the incredible moment. In the video, the pastor is seen speaking tough and praying hard for a woman.

The woman is seen lying on the ground obviously “under the anointing.”

As the pastor continues praying, he begins to walk backwards and, in a split second, missed a step and went tumbling on the floor.

The video has since gone viral on social media with many people finding it really hilarious.

Watch the video below:


Pastor missteps, tumbles during deliverance service

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