Popular Actress Involved in Ghastly Car Crash (Video)

Popular Nollywood Yoruba actress, Dayo Amusa, was on Sunday, involved in a ghastly car crash, and she survived the accident.

It was gathered that the accident took place along Ibadan-Ijebu road while Dayo was returning from the premiere of a new movie titled ‘Pathetic’ in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

The actress was in the vehicle with Yemisi Jacobs, a producer/director, and Dami Adenuga, a public relations executive.

Adenuga shared a video from the crash scene and wrote:

“I can’t find enough words to describe what happened yesterday, some minutes after 4pm while I, @dayoamusa and @yemisi.jacobs were on our way back from the PATHETIC movie premiere in Ibadan.

“The journey started well, but unfortunately we had a slight mishap just half way Ibadan-Ijebu Road. And Fortunately, God in his infinite mercy took control of the car perfectly as no one of us was injured.”

Watch the video below;

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P-Square, Paul Okoye and His Wife are Expecting Twins

the other half of the PSquare duo, Paul Okoye is expecting twins with his wife, Anita Okoye, Pulseng reveals this.


The couple who tied the knot 3 years ago are already parents to 4-year-old Andre. Insiders tell Pulse that Anita should be four or five months along and will be having her twins in the United States.

Anita that would usually share full photos of herself on her social media pages has gone quiet since last week.

She has also stopped sharing full shots probably hiding her bump from the public.

Also, their older brother and manager, Jude Okoye, is also expecting his second child with his ex-beauty queen, Ify Okoye!

The couple who tied the knot in July 2014, welcomed their first child in January 2015 and now they are expecting another.

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I am Free From Psychopaths — Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who is currently in marriage crisis just shared a cryptic quote about physical and verbal abusers.


The quote reads:

“Most of us were taught to identify physical and verbal abuse, but with psychopaths, the abuse is not so obvious.You likely won’t even understand that you were in an abusive relationship until long after it’s over. Through personalised and idealisation and subtle devaluation, a psychopath can effectively erode the identity of any chosen target.From an outsider’s perspective, you will appear to have lost it, while the psychopath calmly walks away, completely unscathed. Psychopath free.“

This comes after her estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill, released evidence to refute many of his ex-wife’s claims.

The businessman’s brother, Tokunbo, in a recent interview, says he once witnessed Tonto Dikeh in “one of her moods”. According to him, she slapped her husband and began to destroy things in their home.

The actress had alleged in a separate interview that her husband subjected her to physical abuse providing evidence of this on her Instagram account.

Churchill however refuted her claim insisting that he has never laid hands on a woman, adding that Dikeh was out to destroy his image.

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BREAKING! Nigerian Singer Davido, Currently Hospitalized


American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer, David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is currently hositalized over an undisclosed ailment.

The Omo Baba Olowo’s illness was diclosed on his Snapchat account which shows photo of the singer on a hospital bed with a drip fixed on his hand.

Another black photo on his Snapchat also show emoticons of thermometer in the emoji’s mouth.

The details of why and where he is currently hospitalized were not yet ascertained. More details soon.

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I Am a Virgin and I Walk Around N1ked at Home – Actress Seyi Hunter

Nollywood actress and CEO, Hunters Media International, Seyi Hunter Seyi Hunter is one enterprising entertainer the movie industry is yet to tap into.

In this interview with TheNewsGuru she opens up on her passion for acting, why she is still a virgin, sex before marriage amongst other issues.

So what have you been up to career-wise?

Okay, I took a short break from acting so as to focus on our beauty pageant Miss Bikini, now I’m back fully to acting.

What do you miss about acting?

I miss the passion. The fact that I have to be someone else. I also miss moving from one location to another. Acting gives me a different kind of thrill. I miss that.
Don’t you think the break you took affected your acting career?

The break I took never affected my acting career. Besides, some people are still where I left them.Some have gone far of course. But I believe that whatever happens in life has already been written before we were born. Life is a script and we’re the actors. I wasn’t 100percent off the scene. I still produced and acted a movie that went to the cinema titled “Gone Grey” .I was also featured in three movies. I also produced a Yoruba movie titled “AJO” which will be out soon.

You played the role of a naughty and spoilt damsel in Indecent Assault. Does the role depict the real Seyi Hunter?

The role I played in Indecent Assault is far from who I am. The girl in the movie is wild, naughty, greedy, heartless and spoilt. I’m the opposite of all

Are Nigerian men scared to marry virgins?

I don’t know, but from my experience they do not like inexperienced girls, girls who haven’t had s*x before.Some say it’s like buying black market.

When you are alone at home what do you like to wear?

I don’t wear anything when I am alone at home.I like to be free

What part of your body gets you the most attention?

My boobs gets me the most attention, they are firm and ripe. I’m blessed with great boobs and I have very cute nose

Have you ever been complimented on your b00bs?

Yes I get that a lot of time,especially when I go braless sometimes.It’s a compliment and I love genuine compliment

Has anyone made an attempt to touch?

No, it has never happened. I don’t go braless to where I will meet such people.

In an interview, you once said you know nothing about s1x. Are you truly a v1rgin?

I’m still a v1rgin. I am keeping myself for the right person. There’s no dignity in sleeping around

So how do you cope with s*xual urge? Do you use intimacy gadgets?

How can you be hot, when you don’t even know what being hot is? It’s like asking a blind person the color of your shirt. I think you have to experience it to know how it feels. I have never experienced s*xual urge. I don’t watch erotic movies or read erotic books. I stay away from anything that might trigger it.

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Revealed! The Strange Lifestyle of Music Star, Mr Eazi as an Entertainer

From Adenta to Chicago, to New York, city after city, that’s how music star, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade also known as Mr. Eazi has been touring in the last couple of weeks, gathering accolades from left, right and center, making money and promoting his brand around the world.

According to Vanguard, friends and close associates of the ‘Leg Over’ crooner are however lamenting his weird lifestyle. For instance, it was revealed that before he left for his tour, the budding musician had a misunderstanding with his manager as regards his choice of apartment.

Upon his rise to fame, his manager had suggested they move to a bigger and better apartment on the Island which the crooner objected to.

After months of disagreement on the above subject, it was revealed that Mr. Eazi succumbed to his manager’s option, but the problem became the choice of apartment. While the crooner opted for a one bedroom apartment, his manager wanted something bigger, more like a duplex, submitted our source.

Buttressing on the gist, our source said, Mr. Eazi insisted he’d rather forfeit the temporary comfort of staying in a bigger apartment and save money for his building project.

Although it wasn’t revealed to us if the 22-year-old is a miser but it indeed told this reporter that he considers staying in duplex a complete waste of resources.

Eventually as things turned out, the lanky, hat dotting singer and his manager are said to have since settled for a 3-bedroom apartment before leaving Nigeria for their tour.

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He Always Makes Me Feel Uber Hot & Sexy” – Omotola Gushes About Her Husband

Nollywood actress and mother Omotola and her husband Captain Mathew Ekeinde are currently in Casablanca, Morocco.

She sharing new photos of themselves as they arrived, and the actress gushed about the father of her children, saying;

“He always makes me feel Uber Hot and sexy. All work and no play make”. See more photo below:

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My Romance with Snakes – Nollywood Actress, Rukky Sanda Shares Experience

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Punch’s Sunday Scoop, popular Nollywood actress, opened up on her r0mance with snakes, lions and more, adding that she had an awesome time while holidaying in South Africa recently.

Rukky was seen as she boldly let a python move around her body. She also struck a pose with the snake on her neck.

The actress whose act of leaving a snake slithering across her body while she caressed it in a loving manner, left many of her fans wondering how she managed playing with the creatures, confessed her love for animals.

She said; “Playing with a python or lion is not a big deal. I have always loved animals and I like having them around me. I don’t see anything unusual about that.”

On whether she entertained any fear of being bitten by the reptile, she said; “What many people don’t know is that those animals were in a zoo and they have been tamed, so they didn’t pose any danger to me. I wasn’t the only one there as lots of other animal lovers were also present and they equally fooled around with the creatures.”

Dismissing insinuations by some of her fans who interpreted her nearness to the snakes to mean that she’s diabolical, she said; “Some people are boring and have a myopic attitude but I don’t worry myself about them. Since when did playing with a snake make one a witch? As an actress, what if I am required to play a role with snakes, am I supposed to turn it down? I don’t need to explain myself and my actions to anybody.”

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How Popular Actress ‘Beat On Movie Set’ By Her Baby Daddy

Popular Yoruba actress, Jumoke Olatunde George has warned against the dangers of entering into relationship with someone who doesn’t support one’s career path.

She made reference to her own ugly experience with a lover who wanted her to quit acting because he wasn’t comfortable with it.

“Immediately I got pregnant, I started having issues with him. He didn’t want me to act and I said no way. Nobody can stop me from acting.

That was the genesis and the revelation of our problem. It got to a stage we did not get along anymore,” she told The Sun.

She said that she had to leave him with the kids when the public humiliation and pain became unbearable.

She said, “The father of my children then was fond of coming down to my rehearsal ground. In those days, we had our rehearsal at the Cultural Center, Mokola in Ibadan.

So, he came there almost daily to beat me and it got to a stage that my colleagues had to fight for me. But when I could not stand it anymore, I left, but I did not go with my kids, the children were with his mother.”

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I Was A Lesbian And My Husband Knows It” – Popular Actress Reveals

In fright of being blackmailed, Ghanaian actress and show host, Cecilia Konamah admitted publicly that she was once a lesbian, adding that her husband is aware.


Speaking in an interview with Hello FMs, the actress who, according to her, stopped the lesbianism practice three years ago, said:

‘My husband is aware of that. Yes, he knows that I was a lesbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He also said even if I had once stood on the streets as a hawker, he likes me as I am,’ she said.

She also stated that any attempt from her friends to bring up her past won’t work as her husband is already aware.

‘I was introduced into the act by some friends. If somebody thinks she wants to bring it out just to break my marriage, then let me tell the person that my husband is aware,’ she added.

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