Drama as Cheating Wife and Lover Get Stuck While Having S1x (Video)

A married woman and her lover were caught red-handed having s1x after get stuck yesterday, April 4, 2017, in Kenya.


The married woman and her lover from Bungoma were caught after they got stuck while having s*x. The unidentified woman who has been married for five years, was caught with her lover stuck at a room in Plan B Hotel, Chwele town.

Speaking to Nairobi News, her husband, Wilber Kibagendi, who works in another town, claimed he served his wife a witchdoctor’s concoction, which she unknowingly took to expose herself.

‘I have been married to her for the last five years but I live in Bungoma as I have businesses there. I was told she was cheating on me and three days ago I went to see a witchdoctor who gave me a concoction that will help nab her,’ he said.

It was also reported that crowd who stormed the hotel had wanted to lynch the lovers, but police men around the scene disperse them with teargas before rescuing the n*ked lovers.

They were seperated after a native doctor was called to the scene.

The two lovers and the woman’s husband were later taken to Bungoma Police Station.

Watch the video below:

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Drama as Shameless Police Officer Caught by Wife While Having S1x With a Banker (Photos)

A disturbed wife has accused her husband of ruining their home after she caught him in the arms of another woman.

The woman identified as Winnet Munyonga explained how she caught her husband, Inspector Navison Munyonga, in the act with a mobile money transfer agent, Choice Madzima.

“Someone told me that my husband was being accommodated by a single lady who is an EcoCash agent and I trapped them and caught him in the arms of Choice,” said Winnet.

According to H-metro, Winnet alleges that the s*x act took place in Chikurubi area of Zimbabwe and she made the discovery after a tip off last week. The inspector is accused of having spent days away from home claiming he was on overtime.

This led to an investigation by the wife.

Winnet says she then started to take photographs as part of evidence she will use in court.

“They were caressing each other on her bed and I only managed to capture photographs of the two and he started taking me photographs as well.

“Winnet also made accusations against Choice, which could not be verified

“I am legally married for 18 years and blessed with three kids but my husband was lured by Choice. She is said to have consulted self-styled prophets,” she said.

“Akanwiswa mvura dzemuteuro nematombo pfungwa dzikarasa mhuri,” she said.

“It pains much that after undergoing difficulties someone starts cheating because apihwa nyembe ochishandisa kutsvaka vakadzi, I will take legal action against Choice for wrecking my marriage,” she added.

Contacted for comment, Munyonga could neither deny nor confirm cheating with Choice.

He said Winnet had already approached courts for legal action.

“I cannot comment over that issue since legal action has already been taken for your own information,” said Inspector Munyonga.

Choice could not be reached for comment but is seen on the photographs lying on the bed with Munyonga in her bedroom.

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Drama as Man Begs People to Hire Him Professionally to Cry at Funerals of Loved Ones Because of No Job (Photos)

A South African man is begging for patronage as he revealed that he is a professional crier and would love people to hire him.

The man took to Twitter to revealed that he can be hired to cry in a professional manner at the funerals of people.

He wrote:
“Guys, I’m great at fake crying. You can hire me to cry at the funeral of your loved ones or maybe an acting role. RT my client might be on ur TL”

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Commotion as as Crocodile Bites Off the Leg of Foreign Tourist at the Beach (Photos)

A tourist legs was bit off by a crocodile over the weekend when he went to swim in the part of Lake Victoria that runs through Uganda.

Zambezi Reporters which posted this pictures on social media, wrote; “Sad, tourist goes swimming in the deep waters of lake Victoria in Kalangala island, crocodile amputates his leg.”

See more photo below:

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Lawyers Caught Secretly Watching P0rnography During Court Session (Video)

A two male counsels were pictured enjoying a visual of a scantily-clad curvy lady twerking on their Smartphone.

The incident reportedly took place in DC Congo. The lawyers were oblivious of the fact that their discreet actions were recorded on camera by a third party.

The leaked video has gone viral and nosy people are making frantic efforts to unveil the identities of the counsels involved in the questionable act.

Watch the video below:

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Curvy Lady Requested For Man Who Can Lick Her Anu3 For 24hrs Non-Stop (Photo)

A Ghanaian lady, Maame Akua Pretty Queen took to her Facebook account to share her shocking s*xual interest.

The curvy girl said she wanted a man who could be industrious with his tongue in the ‘other room’.

She wrote:

“I need a guy who can lick me and my an*s 24hrs before he f*ck me,” were her words thereby causing a stir online.

Many days after making the post, her name is still trending with undue attention from male folks fantasizing about sleeping with her.

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Popular Footballer Allegedly Dumps Girlfriend Who Stood by Him After Gaining Wealth

A Ghanaian football player is in the eye of the storm after he allegedly dumped his girlfriend who has stood by him while he suffered after getting a lucrative offer abroad.

According to reports in Ghana, the broken-hearted lady, who gave her name as Nana Ama has made scathing revelations about how she supported financially ‘’R.S’’ with the little she had for him to get a better career only for the former Black Stars player to turn his back on her when she needed him most.

According to her, the player was financially stricken but she believed in him and did all she could to make him a success.

She personally took care of him, providing most needs to the extent of aiding him with a substantial amount of money to travel abroad to sign a contract.

“I don’t want to call out his name but his initials are R. S. and we stayed together for three years,” the lady told Asempa Sports.
“We were planning to get married but things didn’t go the way we expected. I met him before we went for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“When he left the shores of the country to South Africa, he was encountering some problems so he had to return home.

“When he met me I was working with a lawyer and he used me. I took care of him because he was not having anything and some of his friends are witnesses to the situation.

“When the player returned back home, things were difficult for him because the team he was playing in the local was not paying him regularly so I was using my monthly salary to take care of him and his family members are aware of that.

“I will not let him go scot free because the way and manner he dumped me was not fair. I lost my job because of him and during those difficult times he left me.

The lady went ahead to explain that she had lost her job as a result of this unfortunate happenings.

“After I lost my job, he had then signed a professional contract so I told him to get me some money so I can set up my own business but he told me he has nothing for me and the only money he was able to send me was GHC300,” she said painfully.

“He has been very wicked to me because before he even had the chance to play for the Black Stars, I had to go out to beg some coaches and GFA officials with his video so they call him up.

“When he had the contract I had to go and withdraw an amount of GHC8, 000 from my account to help him sort out his things before he leaves the country and with what he has done, I am determined to disturb him even if he gets married.” She added.

The identity of the player is unknown but you can always take a will guess.

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How a Thief was Stuck in Chimney for Two Days While Trying to Rob a Building (Photos)

A 33-year-old man identified as Andrea Zunga, who accused of attempting a robbery, was stuck in a chimney at a youth centre in Zimbabwe for two days, before being rescued by a fire brigade crew and taken away by police.

According to a report by Zimbabwean journalist, Raisedon Baya, the suspect’s accomplices who are still at large, managed to get in and out through one of the chimneys and got way with two computers, a laptop and a jacket but he got stuck in the other chimney which is blocked at the bottom.

The accomplices on realising that Zunga was stuck in the chimney fled with their loot and did not tell anyone about the mishap.

It was gathered that during his rescue mission, police were there on time to save him from an angry mob before whisking him away.

Zunga who looked like a zombie from a movie when he emerged from the chimney, is said to be on important medication after having come from South Africa on a stretcher, family members said.

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Central Bank Governor Finally Resigns..Read Details

Governor of Ghana’s Central Bank, Abdul-Nashiru Issahaku has resigned. This was made known to journalists by anonymous source.

According to sources within the central bank, the governor who officially started his four-year term around September last year tendered his resignation on Wednesday citing personal reasons.

Although the governors of the central bank have been insulated against political risk through an amended Bank of Ghana Act which assures them the security of tenure, speculations have been rife immediately after the December election that the current government would like the governor to leave office so they could appoint a replacement.

Issahaku was first appointed by former president John Mahama in April 2016 in an acting position when Henry Wampah tendered his resignation six months before the end of his tenure.

Mahama was defeated at the polls by current president, Nana Akufo-Addo who won the election by 53 per cent.

Sources within the central bank also named former head of the research department at the bank, Ernest Addison now with the African Development Bank as one of the front-runners to occupy the Bank of Ghana chair.

The outgoing governor held his last Monetary Policy Committee press briefing on Monday, where he announced a 200 basis point reduction in the bank’s benchmark policy rate from 25.5 per cent to 23.5 per cent.

-Tori News

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RIP! Popular Female Gospel Singer Mysteriously Passed Away

A South African gospel singer of the Masole a Tumelo and the Comforters groups, has passed on at the age of 43.

The singer, Matlakala Ramathoka, died reportedly after complaining of chest pains at Akasia Private Hospital, north of Tshwane, on Sunday.

The singer from Mathibestad, in North West, was well-known for songs such as Kgalemela Lefatshe and Dintwa Ditekising.

Before her untimely death, she had finished recording an album titled Emanuel, which was released on Friday, reports Daily Sun.

Her friend and fellow gospel musician, Winnie Mashaba, took to Instagram to share a touching message about her late friend.

“Yesterday when I received another sad news that someone I always respected Sesi Selinah Matlakala Ramathoka is no longer with us, then I made the following choices;

“I chose to live my life to the fullest without any regrets.

“I chose to forgive, forget and appreciate every little / big opportunity that comes my way.

“I chose to stay as a humble lady who can fit in to every level.

“I chose to give support where it is possible.

“I chose to be happy, bubbly , jolly etc

“I chose The Spirit of Ubuntu. I chose to love without expecting anything in return

“I chose humbleness and respect,” she wrote on Instagram.

Culled From:Tori News

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