Serious Drama as Cat Walks Out of a Room With a Condom Attached to Its Private Part (Photo)

The resident of Machakos town of Kenya was caused by a stray cat which tiptoed out of an apartment with a condom stuck inside its ‘private parts’.

According to SDE, the cat, which was not bothered by the stares it received made some of the revellers who were enjoying their drinks at the adjacent bar to flee.

Speaking to The Nairobian, one of the revellers (who preferred anonymity) said that they were shocked beyond words when they saw the cat.

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“We were all shocked. Some of my friends took off. The cat had the condom stuck inside its ‘nunu’. We traced where the cat came from and we confirmed it was from a man’s room. The man is said to be gay. It is such a shameful act,” he said, adding, “We are not happy with what this man has been doing. There are so many women in town. It is a disgusting thing to sleep with a cat.”

No one dared touch the cat for fear of getting ‘jinxed’.

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