See The Bride Who Wedded With 44 Bridesmaid, Read Her Story

See The Bride Who Wedded With 44 Bridesmaid, Read Her Story

See The Bride Who Wedded With 44 Bridesmaid, Read Her Story

Jayne Blakeway is 50 years and when it was time to get married, she was unable to choose which of her friends or family members that would walk the aisle with her – so she picked all of them.

She had recruited 44 bridesmaids to make sure it went without a hitch. She has finally broken the UK record for the biggest number of bridesmaids, the wedding was huge that police were drafted to keep things in order.

Council worker Jayne, one of nine children, said: “We don’t do things by halves and I just wanted it to be as special as possible.

“I couldn’t decide which people to pick and I didn’t want to leave any of them out – so I chose all of them.

“I come from a really big family and I had always wanted to get everyone involved in my wedding. It just so happens that I ended up with 44 wonderful women to help me.

“They all mean so much to me, I thought why not have them all? There was certainly a scramble for the bouquet, that’s for sure.

“I’d always said that if I got married I wanted everyone in my family involved.

“Obviously I didn’t think I’d get married at 50 but I wasn’t going to change what I’d always said, and now, my family is even bigger so everyone got involved.

“After we got engaged I started contacting all my nieces, and their children, and my close family friends.

“It was a really special day and we certainly haven’t heard of any wedding party larger than ours.”

Delighted Shaun added: “It was a great day and I was just happy to leave the organising up to my wife.

“All I organised was for the cars to be picked up and come out and then I said whatever you want, you can have.

“I think that sort of logic is going to be the secret for a long and happy marriage.”

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