PRIVATE TOPICS: Take Note Of These Before You Engage In An Oral Intercourse!

Oral s*x is an act done by married couples, however, “experimenting” couples also engage in this act in an effort to satisfy their curiosity and try out new things.

A recent article of Dr. Lulu Marquez stated that she is not an advocate of young people engaging in these types of behavior, but she is still concerned with the maintaining of a good health of everyone.

Here are some facts about oral s*x that she gave: First, you have to know that oral Interc**rse cannot get a female pregnant, however, it can transfer s*xually-transmitted diseases that can lead to fatal damages to the body and even death.

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Second, it is important to talk to your partner about their s*xual history. Through this, one can have an idea of their health and one will know if it is still fine to engage in such activities.

Next tip is, if you are unsure of what their s*xual history is, it is a good idea to always wear a condom for protection. Not only does this avoid unwanted pregnancies, it can also help in preventing the transfer of diseases. Another tip is, never let anyone force you into engaging to activities such as oral Interc**rse.

This is a personal choice and one should not be making that decision for themselves. Lastly, it is important to remember that STDs are a serious problem. STDs do have cures but some effects may still be in a person even after it is healed.

Source: ABS-CBN

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