How My Own Parents Forced Me to Drink Toilet Cleaner – Young Woman Tells Horror Story

A young South African woman, Sindiswa Sitholeclaims they forced her to bath in Jeyes Fluid, a disinfectant which is used to clean toilets.

“How could they do that to someone the claim to love?” asked the 31-year-old woman from Benoni, Ekhuruleni.

“After my father died in 2001, my mum got involved with a man who moved in with us. Then he started saying I was possessed,” claimed Sindiswa.

According to Daily Sun SA, She said she got the shock of her life last Monday when Julia, her mum, arrived with six people who claimed they wanted to cleanse her.

“They beat me up and poured a bath full of toilet cleaner on me. They even forced me to drink some of it,” claimed Sindiswa.

Sindiswa’s mum Julia claimed her daughter behaves strangely.

“She seems fine for a while but then she starts attacking everyone. I’m Tsonga. In our culture, we use the liquid to chase away spirits,” she claimed.

Stepfather Enoch Tlapane said: “I love this girl as though she were my own. We want to help her because we love her.”

Police spokesman Kay Makhubela said: “Sindiswa has the right to open a case of assault against her parents.”

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