Men of Power! Top 10 Nigerian’s Politicians No One Can Easily Ignore, No 7 is Very Powerful (Photos)


They make the world tick and broken look beautiful. With the world on their shoulders they make it look like a pair of wings. They are strong men with built-in attraction to spells and magic. Men with sticky thinking. They dot the firmament in sparkles and in rare numbers. They grind down the crusts and make it look beautiful. Like concrete, their cells in Nigeria come very thin but they rule and dominate, imbued with the rule of the wilds: to be bigger and tougher, to hurt or be hurt. Take a look at the exploits of Bola Tinubu, the domino trails of the politics of Olusegun Obasanjo, the thrilling courage of Atiku Abubakar or even the riveting politics, resoluteness and resilience of Nyesom Wike. Examine the Machiavellian antics of Ibrahim Babangida, the valve and onions in the bullish tendencies of Arthur Eze, the inspiring thrusts and fortress of James Ibori, the dynamo and single mindedness in the strides of Ayo Fayose, and the poise, pulsation and bulwark grace of Bukola Saraki. Not even the adroitness of T Y Danjuma can be put down. They all wear their strange beauty like war paints. They are “hands-on” conquerors, bold, feared, hard to diminish, each in his purpose.

Obasanjo, with a ragged breadth has won many battles in and out of office and still reigns. Tinubu soared high in office like the eagle but out here has demonstrated that his wings are not made of wax. Abubakar has glazed in unassailability never unstuck like the proverbial beetle. Silver years out on a limb; Babangida still holds the ace, never out in the cold. Think of the staying power of Eze, his hold on as many as three presidents and doing what people say he cannot do. They are never broken. Some, like Wike can rise from his ashes like the phoenix. Fayose’s ‘never die’ spirit echoes with his bravado. In jail and out of it Ibori makes things happen in Delta. When Saraki coughs Kwara catches cold. In Taraba and adjoining states, if you trifle with the towering personality of Danjuma you bite the dust. In Ernest Hemingway we learn that the ‘world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places’. They believe in cause and effect, seizing common occasions to ride on. The world shrinks in their palms. And once they set their hands on the plough their souls are on fire. And they march on.

1. Obasanjo

Without a doubt, Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo is one of the most favoured among the past leaders who had ruled this country. Apart from being the longest serving elected civilian president under the present political dispensation, he still enjoins tremendous level of goodwill and respectability within the political class. In and out of office, he knows when to pull the string. While in power, he ruled with iron fist. Despite all the criticisms against his alleged profane use of power, Obasanjo had no cause to look back.

Even as a democratic leader, he did not hide his aversion to undue criticism. Within a short while after his swearing in, he literally ran all the founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who worked for his emergence out the party. No supporter of the party would forget in a hurry how Obasanjo plotted the removal of Chief Audu Ogbe as the chairman of the PDP for having the gut to write a letter to him complaining about the intrigues of Anambra State politics during the tenure of former governor Chris Ngige.

In his quick reply to the letter, Obasanjo declared Audu as betrayer, saying, “I am amused and not surprised by your letter of December 6, 2004 because after playing hide and seek games over a period of time, you have finally, at least in writing, decided to unmask and show your true colour.” What’s more! He ordered Ogbe to voluntarily resign and drafted in Col Ahmadu Ali as his successor. And, of course, the Garrison Commander played his role to the satisfaction of his benefactor. In the words of Ali, you must be 100 percent loyal to the national leader of the party or chicken out. And that was it.

Subsequently, prominent figures like vice president Atiku Abubakar, Alex Ekweme, the late Abubakar Rimi, among those who had the gut to show ambition for the presidency, were shown the way out of the party one after the other.

When in the run up to the last general election, the former president publicly announced his exit from the PDP and tore his membership card; many had expected that he would take a permanent retirement from politics. But contrarily, Baba Obasanjo is still very much visible in the political scene, playing the role of a kingmaker. His most recent outing being his meeting with the Minna Generals: Abdul Salami Abubakar (rted), Ibrahim Babangida (retd), over the health matter of President Muhammadu Buhari. The last is yet to be heard of the matter.

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