Meet Rwanda’s New King Who Is A Former Pepsi Salesman Residing In The UK

Meet Emmanuel Bushayija, 56, who has been named King Yuhi VI of Rwanda after the death of his uncle King Kigeli V three months ago aged 80.


The late King Kigeli did not have any children during his lifetime which as mostly spend in the US, thus named his nephew his successor according to an official statement by the Rwandan Royal Council of Abiru.

Mr Bushayija, a former Pepsi employee who lives in Manchester in the UK and runs a security company was exiled with the previous king and the royal family in 1961 when the country became a republic following a referendum. He has lived in the UK since 2000 and now lives in a house in Sale owned by a housing association.Meet Rwanda's New King Who Is A Former Pepsi Salesman Residing In The UK 1
King Kigeli died without any children in relative poverty and is understood to have been living on food stamps in the US.
Announcing his ascension on Monday, the official statement said: ‘The Chancellery and Royal Council of the de jure Kingdom of Rwanda are pleased to announce the successor to H.M. King Kigeli V, the last king to reign in Rwanda.’

‘His Majesty King Yuhi VI Bushayija is the son of His Royal Highness Theoneste Bushayija and grandson of His Majesty King Yuhi V Musinga.’

Mr Bushayija has also lived in Kenya where he worked in the tourism industry, and returned to Rwanda in 1994 before coming to Britain.

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