List Of Confirmed Top Runs Girls In Nollywood (Photos)

Mary Jane has reveals the list of top nollywood runs girls
She worte: Hahaha; I will keep doing my thing, and having fun while I do it. Everyone cannot be silent about the truth and keep butt licking; Someone just have to say the truth…The Bitter Truth, And that person is me, call me a hater…na you sabi, who cares, Laugh at me for not getting a call out, who cares as long as the bitter truth is told, lesson learnt, and fun guaranteed.

1. Ini Edo

When I first accused Ini Edo of this, most people thought I was a hater, But it has been confirmed. I love her, but she really need to STOP and change her ways, If not: what threw her out of her first marriage will also threw her out of her next marriage. A word is enough for the wise.

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