Before You Join Nigerian Army Forced, See Their Ranks And Salaries Structures (Photos)

The Nigerian Armed Forces are the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its origins lie in the elements of the Royal West African Frontier Force that became Nigerian when independence was granted in 1960.


Contrary to the belief by most people that the Nigerian army forced are being paid heavily, the opposite is the case as the the salary structure reveals that these men who risk their lives to defend the sovereignty of Nigeria go home with stipends.

Before discussing the army ranks, it is important to know what the military is and its primary task.

The military force has to defend the citizens and the country in case of threat or declared war from another country. The military also may have other other functions in the country, for example: – Controlling the population within the country; – Taking part in case of an emergency; – Guarding critical areas; – Promoting political agenda.

Sometimes the military may function as a subculture within a larger society.

It means that the military has its infrastructure in a certain area. They may have: – Schools; – Banks; – Different utilities; – Logistics; – Food production; – Health and medical services.

Types of military forces in Nigeria  are divided into three categories that have different functions and obligations:


The Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Nigerian Navy is among the largest Navies on the African continent, consisting of several thousand personnel, including those of the Coast Guard.

The Navy is the water-focused military force. It is designed for naval and sea-related warfare. Most of the Naval Headquarters of Nigeria are based in Abuja, Bayelsa, Calabar and Lagos. Besides that, there are naval bases and training facilities throughout Nigeria. The primary responsibilities of the Navy are:
– Medical support;
– Regional security;
– Marine cleanups;
– Training missions at sea;
– Rescue operations at sea, etc.

Air Force

The Air Force of Nigeria is one of the largest in Africa. This is not surprising as there are about 10,000 active personnel at any given time. There are also a lot of helicopters, military transport aircraft, trainers, and fighters. Their responsibilities include:

– Rescue operations;

– Cargo transportation;

– Bombing runs;

– Airborne mapping;

– Air-support (mostly for on-land operations);

– Medical assistance;

– Target monitoring;


The Nigerian Army is the largest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, and responsible for land warfare operations. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council.

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army

Salary structure for non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian army

Private Soldier earns about N48-49,000

Lance Corporal earns about N54-55,000

Corporal earns N58,000

Sergeant earns N63,000

Staff Sergeant earns N68,000

Warrant Officer earns N80,000

Master Warrant Officer earns N90,000

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

Second Lieutenant- N120,000

Lieutenant- N180,000

Captain- N220,000

Major- N300,000

Lt. Colonel- N350,000

Colonel- N550,000

Brigadier General- N750,000

Major General- N950,000

Lt. General- N1 million

General- N1.5 million

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