Inside a Prison In Saudi Arabia Which Looks Like A Luxury Hotel (Photo)

We bring you inside a prison in Saudi Arabia that looks just like a five star hotel especially the conjugal-visit wing.see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo

Beyond a heavy iron gate, a red carpet stretches the length of a long hallway, where each of the 38 private cells has a queen-size bed, a fridge, a television and a shower.

Saudi prisons long have been largely off-limits to journalists and human rights monitors. But officials said Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy crown prince, has ordered that journalists be allowed to visit, hoping to refute allegations from human rights groups that Saudi Arabia tortures prisoners. See more photo below;see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo2 see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo-3 see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo-4 see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo-6 see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo-7 see-the-prison-in-saudi-arabia-which-looks-like-a-luxury-hotel-photo-1

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