How to Get Her Crazily H0rny with Our Simple Tips


A deep (thoracic) voice suggests a slow, velvety pronunciation of words. If you watch the movie “Scream”, you can see how the killer speaks on the phone very slowly and extensively. A young guy can achieve the same effect. To do this, you need to put your hand on the chest and feel: if it vibrates, when a person speaks, then the technique of the chest voice works fine. In order to understand how it looks in practice, you need to watch movies about serial killers who call their victims on the phone. But the timbre of the voice should be made a little softer and more pleasant, and then it will turn out very cool. Since the representation of Russian girls about attractive men is very “classical” (severe expression, light (or total) unshaven, restrained manners), do not hesitate to use this tool – it works fine.


Kinesthetic is also a powerful tool in the hands of the seducer. Here, emphasis is placed on the places of excitation of girls. It can be neck, hips, ears, hands, tummy. In fact, this is only a small part of what a seducer can do. Firstly, the main emphasis is not on where to touch, but how to touch. There are two main types of such caress:


  • Slow. Then the effect of touch will increase dramatically. It is slowness that creates the effect of rapprochement when a young couple begins to feel each other.
  • It is necessary to touch the girl in places of excitement. Touch “casually” to the neck, gently hug the girl and just feel the situation with your body.

Follow our advice on how to turn a Russian girl, but do not forget to improvise. If a Russian girl sees that you think not only about yourself but about how she gets the maximum pleasure from sex – consider that you have a victory in your pocket.

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