Horror! Man in Pain for 12 Hours After Getting His P3nis Stuck In a Ring (Photo)

According Metro UK reports, a man has battled for hours with the agony of having a ring around his manh00d.

The unlucky individual had a ring on his p*nis for 12 hours before it was removed.

He reportedly tried to remove the ring but had to turn to medical experts to have the thing taken off.

Fire and Rescue officers were called on Sunday in Penang, Malaysia according to a local paper.

Operations commander, Mohd Asrul Naim Abidin, said firemen successfully removed the ring in 10 minutes

It’s not as uncommon as it might seem.

In December, a Chinese man needed surgeons to saw a metal ring off of his family jewels after it became wedged when he used it for s*xual pleasure – but fell asleep.

The man purchased the ring from a s*x shop in Suqian City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province.

When he woke up the next day, he could not remove it so waited until 2am thinking the hospital would be emptier.

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