Horror as Man Butchers His Fiancee to Death for Breaking Up with Him (Graphic Photos)

An evil Ghanaian man brutally butchered his fiancee with a knife for daring to break up with him.

A friend of the dead woman identified as Naami Sowah, narrated that the man killed her after ‘she told him they should break up.’

Opanyin Khay Kutin who shared the graphic stories wrote:

“Ooooh sorry wai #OMG Maame Yaa ….I took it as a normal butchering from that heartless fiancée of yours when it happened 12pm yesterday in the afternoon and never believe which resulted your early death smh?

“Charlie it can happen to everyone so far as you are dating or in a relationship with a stupid partner who has no respect and careless for your living, please my humble advice to Facebook friends is just to stay positive and wait for God’s approval before entering into any relationship which leads to marriage!!

“Some of our men are heartless and careless when it comes to the *word #LOVE with their jealousy inheritance from birth….. Very scary picx but sorry dignities.” (sic)

Explaining what happened, Naami Sowah said: “She told the guy they should break up.”

Another friend added: “What do you think she did? Looking at the story she did nothing, absolutely nothing my sister, rather she failed to know who she was calling her boyfriend OK. She would have known long time ago that the guy is just an animal but she failed, thinking she’s in love, look there are a lot of them out there. Still failing to watch out ,when you approach them with a God fearing heart and a good intention, they misbehave towards you and then go in for those things.”

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