End Time! See Where People Pay $100 to Have S2x with Dolls Opens in Barcelona (Photo)

A s*x doll brothel where people are allowed to have s*x with silicone beauty of their choice has opened in Barcelona, promising to fulfill all its customers’ wildest fantasies.

According to Sun UK, Lumidolls, which operates from an apartment in the Spanish city, claims to be the continent’s first s*x doll agency and offers appointments with one of its four plastic “workers”.

The site claims customers will “hardly distinguish” the dolls from a real woman, and charges between £70 and £100 for a session with its dolls.

Each of the dolls even has a profile describing their attributes, from Lily’s “angelic face” to Katy’s “penetrating gaze”.

The dolls are individually crafted from thermoplastic elastomer to be unique, and have three orifices and flexible limbs enabling them to be manouvered in almost any position.

The dolls are already selling in Japan and China – especially with husbands working away from home who want to avoid being unfaithful – but Lumidolls claims to be the first such brothel to open in Europe.

The website assures clients that each doll is “thoroughly disinfected” after each use but recommends that condoms and lubricants are advisable.

It comes as hyper-realistic s*x robots are set to hit the market this year – costing around £12,000. The s*x doll is not just for men alone, one woman who had and experience admitted that doll’s manhood was indistinguishable from a real one.

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