Drama as School Teacher is Disgraced After Having S1x with Prostitute (Photo)

A school teacher was disgraced in public after a prostitute he had s2x with followed him to his house demanding to be paid.

According to the Nairobian, Cyclife Okoth Omollo is said to have enjoyed a night with the woman but changed the story afterwards according to the lady. He had agreed to pay her KSh 4000 but later changed his mind.

“He later changed the story,” said the angry lady. “He was to pay me KSh4,500 once we got to his house.”

“He asked for lungula after buying me two bottles of beer at a club in town.”

Angered by the man’s change of mind, the prostitute become hysterical and started screaming, rolling on ground and then finally attacked Omollo. The prostitute who didn’t show any sign of shame screamed on top of her voice as residents tried to calm her down but all she wanted was her cash.

Omollo, however, insisted the lady just followed her and nothing happened between the two. He accused the lady of lying against him and trying to tarnish his image. Residents were forced to push Omollo to pay the lady.

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