Drama as Residents Beat a Randy Lade After Being Caught in Hot R0mance with Married Man (Photos)

A  lady was caught red-handed was beating and shamed by local residents after she was caught in hot r0mance with a married man.

According to H-Metro, the woman, who was only identified as Shy, was found kissing the married man identified as Ba Praise, in Harare’s high density suburb of Kuwadzana in Zimbabwe.

Shy was locked up in a cabin overnight as Mai Praise and her team of sympathisers intended to interrogate her the next day.

The relationship between the two is suspected to have been ongoing for at least a year according to Ba Praise’s wife.

“Last year in June she told me she stayed with her aunt in Chitungwiza whilst in Hatcliff and when I asked her she told me the same statement.
“Now she is lying but takamubata red-handed apa, nemurume vachikissana ipapa; nyaya iyi haisi yanhasi tatorara naye,” one Mai Shalo said in a conversation that was recorded.

Shy maintained that she was not the same woman being referred to arguing that she had just recently met the woman’s husband.

“I am not the one they once saw,” she said prompting interjections by the other women on the coincidence of names and places of residence.

A source said the two lovers had once been spotted walking along Samora Machel Avenue close to the wife’s workplace prior to the incident and Mai Praise said that she had been insulted by Shy before in a phone call.

Ba Praise is said to have promised to marry the other woman and had approached her aunt in regards to the arrangements.

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