Drama as Man Catches Popular Prophet Having S1x With His Wife in His Own House

A popular Zimbabwean prophet Blessing Dube, from Zvishavane province, recently received the beating of his life from an angry man who found him having s*x with his wife in their bedroom hut.

According to B-Metro, Prophet Blessing Dube popularly known as Madzibaba Blessing was caught on Sunday 5th February by the woman’s hsband identified as Liberty Nhanha.

Liberty Nhanha is said to have beaten the prophet to a pulp after he found him playing hide the sausage game with his wife Ndaizivei Madondo.

The development soon caused a stir in the community and people gathered. In the heat of the melee, Madzibaba Blessing quickly managed to escape the scene leaving behind Nhanha venting his anger on his wife who he also brutally attacked with an axe handle all over the body.

As a result of the attack, Madondo, who reportedly sustained broken ribs, is admitted at Zvishavane district hospital where she is reported to be fighting for her life.

According to a B-Metro, a source from the area, revealed that before the fateful night Madondo was frequenting prayers and fellowships at Madzibaba Blessing’s church such that she became so close to the man of God and her husband reportedly questioned the closeness.

Suspicions having got the better of him, Nhanha decided to trap his wife when he lied to her that he was going to work and would be back after two days. Thinking that her husband had gone, Madondo reportedly invited her lover for a sleep over.

The source said Nhanha came back at around 9pm and upon arrival he tip-toed to the bedroom hut where he could not believe his ears when he reportedly heard the two lovebirds’ moan of passion.

The enraged Nhanha forced open the door and found the two lovers giving each other the time of their lives and gave them a thorough hiding.

A source said: “During the attack both MADZIBABA Blessing and Madondo screamed like trapped animals while receiving a thorough hiding from Nhanha who was loudly exclaiming, ‘I will kill both of you’. He used an axe handle to attack them. As for madzibaba Blessing his cries were not just about pain but they were also about humiliation when he later bolted out of the bedroom hut stark n*ked.

“This was also after Nhanha missed him with an axe whose handle he later used to assault his wife with. The wife is battling for her life at Zvishavane hospital,” said the source who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

After committing the offence Nhanha reportedly disappeared from home and his whereabouts are unknown. The disgraced man of God however, is telling people that he was at the house for overnight prayers with the woman when she seduced him and later had s*x.

Madzibaba Blessing did not respond to B-Metro request for a comment on Tuesday afternoon when he hung up his phone the moment he was asked about the incident.

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