I Don’t Want To Die – 69-Years-Old Pensioner Trapped In a Life Pain Cries Out

A e 69-year-old Pensioner and breadwinner gogo Lizzy Mokone is trapped in a life of pain.


According to Daily Sun SA, Lizzy suffers from a painful growth on her face, but she is too scared to have it operated on.

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“Doctors advised me to remove the growth through an operation, but I refused because I am too scared of dying,” she said.
Gogo Lizzy from Danville, west of Tshwane, said she is afraid that she could die, leaving her five grandkids without anyone to take care of them.

She said the growth started as a small pimple in 2005 but began to grow until it covered half of her face.

“When it started I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was one of those pimples that would go away after I applied some medicinal cream to it,” she said.

Gogo Lizzy said that as soon she saw it had started growing, she went to a clinic and they referred her to a local hospital for diagnosis.

She said that she also decided to consult sangomas and prophets, hoping that they would help her without putting her life on the line.

“A prophet at my church said it was witchcraft, but another sangoma said I should go for surgery because it could kill me,” said gogo Lizzy.

She said she refused to do anything that would risk her life.

“I had two daughters, but one died and the other one is in a mental institution.

“The responsibility of caring for their kids have fallen on my shoulders.”

She said her growth sometimes becomes very painful and affects her eyes and gives her headaches.

Gogo Lizzy added that she was unable to look for a job because of her growth and that she depended on her pension money to provide for her grandchildren.

Department of Health spokesman Steve Mabona said they contacted the Steve Biko Academy Hospital to assist, but added that it was difficult to help gogo because she believed that if they operated on the growth she would die.

“We will keep on checking up on her and hope that she will one day agree that we can help her,” said Mabona.

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