If You Cry During Sad Movies Then This Is What It Means

For about as long as what movies have been in existence, those who cry during sad flicks have been ridiculed and made fun of relentlessly.


What very few people realize though, is that being capable of releasing your emotions in such a way is actually a sign of strength and sensibility!

Psychologically stronger than others.

According to dailytimes.com recent study has brought some good news for all the weeping souls out there. The study shows that people who tend to cry whilst watching movies are psychologically stronger than the ones who don’t cry.”

Therefore, those who tease people for ‘being weak’ for showing emotion are actually seriously mistaken indeed!
An experiment!

As per the results of an experiment conducted by a student of Psychology Today writer and scientist, Paul J. Zak, emotional movies lead to a spike in the production of the hormone oxytocin which in turn leads to increased levels of generosity, empathy, happiness, and unselfishness.

Steel-like strength

To further substantiate the facts given above, I would like to quote a piece that used to be present on The Earth Child website (but has since been removed) which stated that, “[c]aring about others’ situations takes strength – a lot of it. Life is brutal to some people and if you’re able to actually put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel that pain, it says something about you. You’re strong enough actually to withstand that pain, but to feel it nonetheless. You’re strong enough to be strong for others. You’re strong to the point that you understand where they’re coming from and are able actually to feel what they’re feeling.”
But why movies?

Paul J. Zak goes on to say that, “we cry at movies because the oxytocin in the human brain is imperfectly tuned. It does not differentiate between actual human beings and flickering images of human beings.” In other words, empathy and compassion will kick it no matter whether something is real, or fiction.
Put yourself in the shoes of others.

Still not convinced? Well then try the following: – Imagine yourself experiencing the pain that someone you know recently experienced. For example, say you know of someone who recently lost a parent; try and imagine how it would feel if you had to lose one of yours. Agonizing isn’t it? Well, this is what empathetic people basically deal with every day since they are capable of partaking in the pain of others. As stated in the Earth Child article, naturally one would have to be stronger than the average person to be able to handle these feelings. Thus empathetic people are definitely much stronger than those who are not.
A hard world

These days very few people seem to care when someone else (besides themselves) suffers anymore. Therefore we could definitely use more empathetic people. Keep all this in mind next time you tease someone for crying during a sad movie scene.

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