OMG! How a Mother Saw Her Own Daughter Being Killed Through Live Facebook Video

A Thai woman identified as Jiranuch Trirat, was put through a really traumatic experience recently when she watched her daughter being killed via live Facebook.

The distraught mother whose baby girl was killed by her boyfriend in a murder he broadcast on Facebook Live has described the harrowing moment she stumbled across the video and rushed to alert police.

According to Agency France Presse, AFP, the killing on Monday evening caused revulsion both in Thailand and around the world, sparking renewed debate about what can be done by social media giants to more quickly remove live broadcasts of violent crimes, suicides and murders.

Jiranuch Trirat, a 22-year-old from Phuket, was left devastated after her boyfriend Wuttisan Wongtalay hanged their 11-month old daughter Natalie from the side of an abandoned building before taking his own life.

He broadcast Natalie’s murder on Facebook Live, a video that Jiranuch came across that evening.

“I was with my older brother and he was logging onto his Facebook,” she told AFP on Thursday from a Phuket temple where daily prayers were being held for Natalie ahead of her cremation on Saturday.

“He was scrolling down and suddenly we saw the live broadcast. I turned to take a look and saw him (Wuttisan) drop my daughter with the rope and I couldn’t continue to watch.”

The horrifying realisation of what was unfolding sparked a desperate search by relatives and police, with the bodies of Wuttisan and Natalie found just a few hours later.

The murder video remained on Facebook for around 24 hours, prompting cries for the social network to move more swiftly to take down clips of grisly crimes and killings.

But Jiranuch said she harboured no ill will towards Facebook.

“I don’t blame Facebook. They are not part of the problem, we can choose to broadcast happiness or sadness,” she said.

The family has been sleeping at the temple where Natalie’s coffin lies since her death to attend daily funeral prayers chanted by Buddhist monks and nuns.

On Thursday Natalie’s grandmother wept as she stood before a framed photograph of the infant wearing a red dress.

“I will never see your smile again,” she said as she touched the photo, which was decorated with flowers and colourful lights.

Natalie’s half sister, a seven-year-old whose nickname is Chia, told AFP she missed her younger sibling.

“She was the cutest, with the biggest black eyes. When she was at home we would play together all the time,” she said.

What prompted Wuttisan to carry out such a horrifying act remains a mystery.

Jiranuch said the two frequently argued, particularly over her ex-husband with whom she has a son nicknamed Sanook — the Thai word for fun.

“He often abused my son Sanook,” she said.

But Wuttisan had always been kind to their daughter Natalie, she added, looking after her in the day while she took classes at a nearby school.

As for what her boyfriend did, Jiranuch said: “I forgive him because holding onto anger for a long time will not get my daughter back.”

The killing was the latest gruesome act to be filmed and published on Facebook.

Last week Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg vowed to address the issue after a man in the US state of Ohio broadcast footage of himself shooting a stranger dead.

The killer went on to fatally shoot himself after a massive manhunt and police chase.

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Commotion as Figure of Jesus Allegedly Appears Above Colombian City Where 17 People Died in Landslide

This is the interesting photo which emerged recently showing what locals believe to be the figure of Jesus standing over a Colombian city recently ravaged by a landslide just a week ago.

The crowd gathered in the north central Colombian region of Caldas to film the figure.

Just last week 17 people had been killed when a month’s rainfall fell overnight, resulting in landslides.

Yet, as the sun slanted through clouds in Manizales, residents recorded the rare phenomenon on a mountain called Sancancio and those who lost their homes and loved ones in the natural disaster took comfort in choosing to believe that the figure was that of Jesus Christ.
In the video, a man can be heard in the background saying: “Oh, my God, my blessed God, come here to see the misery. Look at this, look at this, blessing God. Glory to the Lord. Do you see the Lord there, standing up?”

At least 17 people were killed and seven are missing after a landslide sent mud and rocks crashing into several neighborhoods in Manizales, Colombia, the government said on Wednesday, the second deadly landslide in the country this month.

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Meet The 21-year-old Man Stuck in a 160-year-old Body Due to Rare Disease (Photos)

A 21-year-old man identified as Rupesh Kumar, from Hanumanganj, India, has been described as the world oldest man after he was stuck in the body of a 160-year-old man as he is ageing eight times faster than normal due to a rare ageing disease.

According to a report by Dailymail, the condition, known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria, which affects just one in eight million people.

WHAT IS PROGERIA? – Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterised by an appearance of accelerated ageing in children. It is caused by a mutation in a gene called LMNA.

LMNA produces a protein that holds cells together. Cellular instability appears to cause premature aging. Sufferers typically show symptoms at around 18-24 months old.

These include growth failure, loss of body fat and hair, aged-looking skin, joint stiffness and hip dislocation, as patients usually die of heart disease at around 14 years old.

While speaking to a correspondent, the young man’s father, Ramapati Kumar, a farm labourer, said: ‘It all started with frequent headaches and stomach pains when he was very small.

‘We took him to several doctors, but none of them could diagnose his condition. They prescribe a few painkillers and ask us to go home.’

As Rupesh grew, his parents noticed abnormal changes in his body and appearance. His father said: ‘Over time, my son’s head grew abnormally big and he started shedding weight drastically.’

Few years ago, some people came to their village under the pretence of helping Rupesh. His father said: ‘I thought they were good people who wanted to help with the treatment of my son.
‘But I was shocked when they said that they wanted to buy my son and exhibit him as a spectacle in a circus.

‘They offered to pay us Rs 300,000 [approximately £3,600]. I politely told them to go away. That I would never give my child away even if they had offered Rs 10,000,000 [approximately £121,000].’

His parents Ramapati Kumar, 45, and Shanti Devi, refused to let their son be taken to a circus.

Unfortunately, Hutchinson-Gilford progeria is incurable, yet Rupesh has defied expectations by living into his twenties.

His doctor, Dr Yugantar Pandey, said: ‘He is suffering from progeria and there is no cure of this disease so far.

‘Most people suffering from progeria die by the time they reach 13-15, but in some cases, like the case of Rupesh, they live up till 21. The symptoms of progeria was first seen in Rupesh at the age of two.

‘It was because of this condition that growth stopped, hairs started falling off, skin started sagging and teeth weakened.’

Most sufferers die at around 14, but Kumar is defying expectations despite his symptoms

He said: ‘The patient’s muscles also loose the strength. Like in other cases of progeria, Rupesh’s eyes have sunk into his sockets and skin has become pale. This is a genetic problem that occurs due to mutation of genes.’

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Show of Horror as Magician Mistakenly Kills Himself in Front of Spectators (Photos)

A magician trying to demostrate that nothing could harm him ended up committing suicide in the presence of his spectators.

According to reports, Theprit Palee, 25, had been performing a Thai traditional dance in front of spectators in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Wednesday afternoon when the incident occurred.

It was gathered that the magician usually would press a long sword against his chest but instead of being impaled, the sword would break.

The folk ritual is said to honour the spirits of ancestors and in previous shows he would impress onlookers by appearing superhuman when the blade broke as it was pressed against his chest, Daily Mail reported.
However, on the fateful day, instead of breaking, the sword went straight into his rib cage making him go fatally limp almost immediately.

Crowds gathered round the man as they attempted to revive him but he was later pronounced dead at hospital. Resident Noom Udorn said Palee had provided readings for several years to local people.

“This is a tradition that happens every year. The sword normally breaks but this time it went inside him.

“The medium has been respected for many years. People love him. He is one of people’s favourites,” Udorn said.

Deputy Police Inspector Chaiwat Phan said they arrived at the San Kamphaeng district of the province at 3pm and found the medium bleeding.

He said: “We were informed that a man armed with a knife had stabbed himself. We are coordinating with the hospital while an autopsy is performed. There were people at the scene helping Mr Palee but he died later in hospital. He had a stab wound to the chest.”

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Meet The Woman Who Spends N10m Transforming Herself to Look Like a Life-doll (Photos)

A woman identified as Ophelia Vanity has been getting regular Botox and lip fillers to make herself look more doll-like, and spends up to three hours a day applying her make-up.



According to Sun UK  reportss, The former goth has spent more than £27,000 transforming herself into a human Barbie.

Now she wants rib removal surgery and breast implants to give her the plastic toy’s trademark hourglass figure. The 30-year-old from Los Angeles said: “I’ve always been into Barbie. As a kid, I’d get a doll every Christmas or birthday. I had a dozen or so and would play with them all the time.

“I loved her aesthetic, and as I got older, I decided I wanted to emulate her. She’s such an iconic character.”

A far cry from her current appearance, Ophelia spent her teens dressing as a goth – wearing black clothing and heavy make-up.

“Even when I had black hair, people would say I looked doll-like,” said Ophelia, who funds her beauty habit with a string of odd jobs, including PA and modelling work.
“I think it’s my eyes, which are naturally large. But I wanted a change, so decided to go fully blonde. Now, I have my hair bleached every two months.”

In 2009, she had her first Botox injections in a bid to make her face expressionless, like a doll. Impressed with the results, she began having it more regularly, until it became a part of her beauty routine.

Around four years ago, she also started having lip fillers, to achieve Barbie’s trademark pillowed pout. She now gets either Botox or lip fillers every six to nine months. She has also undergone non-surgical rhinoplasty, which sees surgeons transform the shape of the nose using filler injections.

Ophelia estimates she’s spent around £27,670 on her transformation – and she doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

“I have a full list of surgeries I’d like done, although I don’t have anything lined up at the moment,” she said.

“I’d love breast and bum implants, but I need to save money and make sure I find the right doctor.

“I’d also love either four or six ribs removed, like Pixie Foxx, a model who had the surgery a little while ago.

“I wouldn’t go quite as extreme as her, but aesthetically, she’s an inspiration.”

Ophelia, pictured here in 2014, says she’s always had a doll-like appearance but wanted to overhaul her look

Ophelia can spend up to three hours a day painstakingly applying makeup, using clever tricks to alter the shape of her face. Though her eyes are naturally large, she wears contact lenses to enhance them, boosting the size of her iris from 13.5cm to 16.2cm.

“I don’t go full Barbie every day. If I’m just popping to the shops, I won’t wear any makeup,” Ophelia, who also wears a 22” waist corset to give her Barbie’s iconic hourglass figure, explained.

“But when I’m fully dressed up, which I do if I’m going to events or parties, I do get stopped and recognised on the streets of Hollywood.

“People are usually really positive, and want to talk to me or take pictures.
“If I’m fully dressing up, I’ll pick a Barbie-like outfit, too. Pink is my favourite colour. My whole wardrobe is basically pink dresses and heels.”
With the support of her friends and family, Ophelia, who is single, set up an Instagram account, showing off her look to the world – resulting in her building up 36,000 followers.

But while most love her look, she has sadly fallen victim to the odd cruel comment.

“There is a lot of cyberbullying out there,” she explained.

“I’ve been called ugly or had people say I’m delusional for wanting to look like Barbie.

“I’m not hurting anyone, though. I know I shouldn’t put too much into these people hiding behind a screen, but I’m still human so it does hurt.

“I always ignore them. I know they just want a rise. If they really hated me, they’d look away.”

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World War III Looms! North Korea in Trouble as U.S. Deploys Mighty THAAD Anti-missile (Photo)

The U.S. military started moving parts of an anti-missile defense system to a deployment site in South Korea on Wednesday, triggering protests from villagers and criticism from China, amid tension over North Korea’s weapons development.

The earlier-than-expected steps to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system were also denounced by the frontrunner in South Korea’s presidential election on May 9.

South Korea’s ministry of defence said elements of THAAD were moved to the deployment site, on what had been a golf course, about 250 km south of Seoul.

“South Korea and the U.S. have been working to secure an early operational capability of the THAAD system in response to North Korea’s advancing nuclear and missile threat.

“The battery was expected to be operational by the end of the year,” the ministry said.

The U.S. and South Korea agreed in 2016 to deploy the THAAD to counter the threat of missile launches by North Korea.

They said that it is solely aimed at defending against North Korea.
However, China said the system’s advanced radar can penetrate deep into its territory and undermine its security, while it would do little to deter the North, and was adamant in its opposition.

“China strongly urges the U.S. and South Korea to stop actions that worsen regional tensions and harm China’s strategic security interests and cancel the deployment of the THAAD system and withdraw the equipment.

“China will resolutely take necessary steps to defend its interests,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a briefing.

China is North Korea’s sole major ally and is seen as crucial to U.S.-led efforts to rein in its bellicose, isolated neighbour. The U.S. began moving the first elements of the system to South Korea in March after the North tested four ballistic missiles.

South Korea has accused China of discriminating against some South Korean companies operating in China because of the deployment. The liberal politician expected to win South Korea’s election, Moon Jae-in, has called for a delay in the deployment. He said the new administration should make a decision after gathering public opinion and more talks with Washington.

A spokesman for Moon said moving the parts to the site “ignored public opinion and due process” and demanded it be suspended. Television footage showed military trailers carrying equipment, including what appeared to be launch canisters, to the battery site. Protesters shouted and hurled water bottles at the vehicles over lines of police holding them back.

The Pentagon said the system was critical to defend South Korea and its allies against North Korean missiles and deployment would be completed “as soon as feasible”.

“More than 10 protesters were injured, some of them with fractures, in clashes with police,’’ Kim Jong-kyung, a leader of villagers opposing the deployment said.

He said that about 200 protesters rallied overnight and they would keep up their opposition.

“There is still time for THAAD to be actually up and running so we will fight until equipment is withdrawn from the site and ask South Korea’s new government to reconsider,” Kim said.

A police official in the nearby town of Seongju said police had withdrawn from the area and were not aware of any injuries.

The U.S. and North Korea have been stepping up warnings to each other in recent weeks over North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and missiles in defiance of U.N. resolutions.

North Korea’s nuclear and missile threat is perhaps the most serious security challenge confronting U.S. President Donald Trump.

He has vowed to prevent North Korea from being able to hit the U.S. with a nuclear missile.


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Shock as Useless Married Teacher Had S1x With Her Own Pupil 40 Times in Just 2 Months (Photo)

The lurid details of a shocking thr33some between two female high school teachers and a 16-year-old student football player, has been revealed in court.

According to The Sun UK, Prosecutors in Destrehan, Louisiana, revealed how married teacher Shelley Dufresne, 34, used a fake Facebook account to exchange explicit messages with the teen during their illicit affair which took place during August and September, 2014.

Dufresne, who pleaded not guilty to two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, waived her right to a jury trial in favour of having a judge preside over the case in Jefferson Parish.

The mum-of-three faces 10 years behind bars if she is convicted along with a £3,900 fine.

She was also charged in St. Charles Parish where she had to register as a sex offender as part of a plea deal to avoid being jailed, reports Fox 8.

The court heard how the Destrehan High School teacher had sex around 40 times with the 16-year old boy after football practice in her car and home.

It was also revealed that Dufresne had created a fake Facebook account under the name ‘Madison Mexicano’ with the caption “I love Mexican boys” which was reportedly a private joke between the teacher and pupil.

A message to the student from the account after the first sexual encounter read: “Good morning s*xy.”

St. Charles Parish deputy Lt. Clint Patterson confirmed he obtained search warrants for the student’s phone and a mobile belonging to 26-year-old Rachel Respess, the other teacher accused of having s*x with students, reports Fox 8.

The teen, now 19, shocked the court when he testified about the alleged threesome he had with the two teachers in September 2014.

He said: “Then I remember Dufresne and Respess were kissing, they had given each other oral sex, then I proceeded to have sex with Shelley and that was it.”

Defence attorneys argued that the boy did not have a sexual encounter with both teachers because he was not able to get an erection.

“She offered to buy me a pill to help me get an erection while she was getting cigarettes,” the teen testified, referring to Dufresne.

The young football star reportedly filmed himself placing his “private parts” on the face of Respess – while she was passed out from drinking, reports the New Orleans Advocate.

The student then showed the video to his friends in the football locker room which led to authorities being tipped off about the incident.

While cops did not find the footage they have interviewed pupils who were shown it.

The defence argued that there was never a consequence for the alleged victim claiming he had lied to police during the investigation and blackmailed Dufresne with nude photos.

When asked why he deleted evidence from his phone the boy responded: “I was scared, I was nervous, I didn’t know what would happen.”

A hearing in Rachel Respess’ case is set for next month.

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Why Buhari was Absent at FEC Meeting

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari was absent at Wednesday’s meeting of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, because he was still resting.

The president failed to preside over the weekly cabinet meeting for the second time in a row.

The last FEC meeting was held on April 13 and Mr. Mohammed had said that Mr. Buhari asked his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, to preside over the meeting because he was attending to other issues.

The meeting was cancelled last week with presidential spokespersons saying the cancellation was as a result of the Easter holidays which did not allow ministers prepare their memos for presentation to the Council early enough.

Addressing State House correspondents at the end of the FEC meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Mohammed said the president “asked that he should be allowed to rest and the vice president should preside.”

The minister also said Mr. Osinbajo will meet with Mr. Buhari later in the day at the president’s official residence.

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Boyfriend Comes Home to Find His Girlfriend Sleeping in Bed with Another Man After Many Round of S2X (Photo)

A man identified as Duston Holloway, 23 has left many people talking after what he did upon finding his girlfriend lying in bed probably after many rounds of hot s*x.

The boyfriend didn’t fight like most people would, instead, he brought out his phone and took photos of his girlfriend and the cheating partner passed out in bed.

Duston Holloway, from Emory, Texas, posted the photos on social media with many people talking about the incident.

He posted it with the caption: “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!

“Good men deserve good women.”

When questioned on Facebook, Duston admitted that he initially wanted to “kick” the stranger’s “a**”.

He added: “But I calmly just took selfies and walked like a boss lol.

“I did tap her to wake her up but she was drunk as a skunk passed out.

“I was gonna ask if I was gonna have to sleep in the spare bedroom and what kinda breakfast the dude liked lmao.”

Duston’s response to the situation has created a social media sensation with thousands of online users praising his actions.

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Ex Catholic Priest Who Turns Gay, Marries Another Man (Photos)

The Rev Philip Clements, a retired Eastry vicar has married his male model partner in a small ceremony saying he was a “human first before a priest”.

According to Kent Online, 78-year-old Philip, who grew up in Deal, wed Florin Marin, 24, at Ramsgate Registry Office, this morning.

In the presence of two guests, they exchanged vows before being declared Mr and Mr Marin-Clements.

Speaking afterwards, Philip said: “Is it real? Has it happened? Is it a dream? It’s a special day.”

His new husband however said it was just a “normal day”.

“It doesn’t change absolutely nothing (sic),” said Florin. “Our life will be the same as it was yesterday but it’s been a nice day.”

Since the couple went public with their engagement in March, they have been calling on the Church of England to change its policy on same sex marriage.

In February 2014, the House of Bishops declared that clergy cannot enter same s*x marriages. Civil partnerships are allowed but must remain celibate.

Philip said: “I think the Church of England should be more consistent.

“If it expects people, clergy, to live with a same gender partner without intimacy, i.e. be celibate, I think there’s something a little bit unsatisfactory about that and it puts a strain on both partners.”

Having married his partner of two-years, the former Dover Grammar School pupil says he now plans to attend the orthodox church.

He said: “I still love certain aspects of the church I’ve been brought up in and I’m sorry that they can’t use me anymore or accept me as I am anymore, but that’s the church’s position.”

Philip, who was once the chaplain of St Bart’s Hospital, Sandwich, said he didn’t want to comment on previous claims that he was comparable to Judas.

He said: “I’m sorry if people are offended especially my friends but this is my human nature. I’m human first before I was a priest.”

Florin added: “We don’t want the church and the church don’t want to discuss our subject.”

The newlyweds are due to continue their celebrations at evening reception with more friends at the Five Bells in Eastry, before returning to their new apartment in Romania tomorrow.

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