Never click these kinds of links on Facebook – They could destroy your phone

You must have come across a few links on Facebook that promises nude celebrity photos or videos when you click. Be warned, these are just baits.


Clicking these links are ways people trick you into downloading dangerous software that can potentially ruin your gadget.

The latest example of these kinds of spams is one promising sex videos featuring Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and other big celebs.

Researchers who discovered this latest scam has sent out a warning. The link appears as a malicious Google Chrome extension that spreads nude celebrity PDFs to Facebook groups. If opened, the PDF file takes the victim to a web page featuring the image of a play button. If clicked, the link redirects users to a page that barrages them with popups and ads featuring nudity and lottery scams.

After clicking, the browser open to a Facebook Login page. The extension can now read your friend list, Facebook groups and other information.
If you fall for it, the bot will use your account to send the links to all your friends and groups which help them advertise even more.

At the end of the day, this bot will block your antivirus and antispam, making your gadget more vulnerable.

Key point: Avoid clicking on any links promising nude pictures of video even if they seem to be coming from someone you know.

Credit: Naij

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Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2bn

Microsoft has completed its $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, a social network for professionals.

The deal was concluded after the European Commission gave the final approval earlier this week.

Microsoft says LinkedIn will retain its own brand and independence, and existing CEO Jeff Weiner will remain and report directly to Satya Nadella.

“The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world’s professionals,” Nadella said. “Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet.” Microsoft is planning to close its acquisition later this year, and the deal has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies.

This is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first big acquisition since he took over the top job more than two years ago. Microsoft is positioning the combination as the “world’s leading professional cloud” together with the “world’s leading professional network.” It’s clear this is a big acquisition for Microsoft, both in terms of cash value and what LinkedIn brings to the company. More than 433 million people use LinkedIn worldwide to network, find jobs, and reconnect with old colleagues. Many of those LinkedIn users also pay for premium services to use the site.

Microsoft isn’t saying exactly what it will use its LinkedIn acquisition for, but it’s easy to imagine it being used as a key way to boost the company’s social networking presence. Microsoft did invest in Facebook in the relatively early stages, but the company has struggled to break into enterprise social networks. Microsoft spent $1.2 billion on Yammer back nearly four years ago, but businesses haven’t flocked to the tool as much as Microsoft had hoped. The software giant now plans to hold a conference call at 11:45AM ET to discuss its LinkedIn acquisition, and we’ll update you accordingly with any additional details.


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5 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Ditch Their Blackberry Phones This December

Nigerians generally have a love for blackberry phone and accessories, but it’s time to face facts.

The BlackBerry is on its last legs and now is the best time to ditch it and move on. Aside from the fact that BlackBerry smartphone sales have been disappointing, and the company has announced that it’s essentially up for sale, there are certain reasons users should discard their devices now. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal shares 5 reasons Nigerians should ditch their blackberry phones this December.

The Facebook app cannot be accessed on Blackberry

What is life without easy access to Facebook, really? You basically cannot download and use the Facebook app on Blackberry phones anymore.

Facebook made an announcement earlier this year which said that by March 31sth 2016 they’ll no longer support Facebook native app on all blackberry OS including Blackberry 10, and the app will be discontinued and replaced with a web app.

The change automatically implied that BlackBerry Hub integration no longer exists on Facebook. You basically can no longer share items like pictures and videos directly to Facebook using the Share icon…and that sucks.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry will stop working on the 31st of Dec., 2016

Come 31st of December 2016, WhatsApp for BlackBerry will stop functioning. The Blackberry Messenger died a long time ago and WhatsApp has since reigned supreme as it can deliver instant message across types of OS. Without the WhatsApp, there really is not much you can do with your Blackberry phone in Nigeria really. Who needs a BlackBerry phone when it has only a fraction of your total friends?


While the Blackberry phone was once renowned for being the most reliable as regards email and text-message service, the reputation has since been plagued by intermittent blackouts. One minute you are on your phone and the next meeting you can’t access anything…and even worse, sometimes you hardly can get tangible correspondence from RIM on what was going on. With a plethora of other options in the market, why stick to the Blackberry really?

Still no Siri-like assistant

Most phones, especially the iPhone, has a voice-command software responds quickly and accurately to spoken direction, allowing users to send messages, schedule appointments, and make calls just by asking it to. Blackberry on the other hand, does not have any assistant that sharp or basically, worthwhile. Having voice-command software in this day and time is becoming more of a necessity, so it really just makes more sense to let go off your blackberry now.

Inconsistency in settings and applications

If you have used blackberry for a long time, you most certainly would have noticed the lack of consistency in its settings and options. While some of the programs and applications could be downloaded OTA, some other applications need to be imported from the computer. This makes it all kind of laborious as it seems like a chore, finding updates and programs. It certainly is easier to go with other phones that feature settings which are clear and easily accessible and also, has a user interface that is intuitive.

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10 hidden WhatsApp Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Hidden WhatsApp Features

Here is a list of tips and tricks that you may not have known exist in WhatsApp.

1. Bold, italics, strike-through

To bold, simply add (*) to the beginning and end of the word. Similarly, you can italicise by adding (_) to the beginning and the end and strike a word by adding (~).
2. Change an unsuspecting friend’s profile picture to a monkey

Go to contacts and copy your friend’s number. Rename the monkey image with your friend’s number, taking out the (+) then paste the image to his/her WhatsApp profile picture, and there you go, your friend is now a monkey.

3. No more Blue ticks

After opening settings on the app go to account and then privacy. Uncheck the ‘read receipts’. However, this trick has a drawback which is that you won’t be able to see if people have read your messages either.

4. Tricking the Blue tick

Once you have received a message, go to the phones settings and change the configuration to ‘airplane mode’. Now when you open the message the sender won’t see the blue ticks until you open WhatsApp again.
5. You can also save your chat history

After opening settings in the application, go to chats and then chat backup. Configure your chat settings so that the backup frequency is either weekly or monthly, and you can also tick ‘include videos’.

6. Send a giant heart

This is a better known trick on the list, yet it’s worth mentioning. After typing the heart emoji send the message without including anything else.
7. You can also transfer videos between your phone and computer

Create a group, add a friend and then delete them. Next, open WhatsApp Web and login by scanning the QR code. Send the media you want to transfer to your computer through the WhatsApp group. Open the chat on the computer and the media is available there.
8. Customise your notifications rings for different chats

Go on the chat you want to set a ringtone for. Tap on the name and enable the ‘custom notifications’ option. Finally choose a ringtone of your choice.


9. See someone’s ‘last seen’ while hiding yours

Send a message to the person of your choice and then delete the person from your contact list. The chat will still be in the app. Go to settings, account and then privacy and change the ‘last seen’ preferences to my contacts.

10. Change your Whatsapp wallpaper

This one is rather simple. To change the wallpaper, go to settings, chats and wallpaper and change it to an image of your choice.

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Catholic Church Launches Mobile App Will Help You Make Your Confessions Quicker

The Catholic Church has launched a new app that will give Catholics the chance to confess their sins with the help of their smartphones.


The Catholic App dubbed ‘Sindr’, developed by Musemantik, is being launched in Scotland aiming to boost Mass attendance and Confession numbers by plotting interactive maps and showing users where their nearest church is located for a quick trip.app2


Dr Maciej Zurawski, founder of Musemantik, said:  ‘Websites are losing popularity.

‘What is needed to engage with the mobile generation is an app that is smart and personal, an app that is like a companion, a friend that takes the initiative to inspire you – that’s the vision behind The Catholic App.’

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4 Useful Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Know About

Naijaloadites take note of this facebook privacy settings and if you do so i know you will thank us later.

Below are the Facebook privacy settings;

1. Determine who can see your old posts

I’m préty sure we’ve all got old Facebook posts that are totally cringe-worthy and we’ll all definitely sleep better at night if we’re certain those old posts don’t get seen by the wrong people.

All you need to do is head to Settings and click on the Privacy menu on the left-hand side. Under the “Who can see my stuff?” heading, you’ll see the option to “Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline.”

2. Opt-in For login alerts

You sure don’t want to wait uñil your account is hacked and family members have to call to ask why you’re posting P@.rnographic pictures on your wall before doing this. It doesn’t even matter how often you use Facebook, everyone should have a log-in alert.

Go to your Settings menu, then click on the Security option at the top left of the screen.

From here, you can set up the alerts to go to the email address or phone number of your choice.

3. Review The Apps Connected To Your Facebook

Facebook owns pretty much ecerythiñ these days and also encourages a myriad of apps to connect to it. This means, you might allow your posts from Twitter to be shared on Facebook and if you’re like, this is a very bad idea.

Go to your Settings menu, then select Apps from the menu on the left-hand side.
From here you’ll see all the Apps you’ve interacted with over the years. Next to each icon it indicates whether you’re keeping any action from the App private, or if you’re sharing it with friends or even the public. To change these settings, click the “Edit” option.

4. Stop unwelcome tagging before it happens

If you’re sick and tired of receiving notifications of being tagged in pictures and a ton of stuff that’s really none of your business, help is here.

This is a simple setting to enable. Go to your Settings menu by clicking on the small drop down arrow at the top right of your Facebook page, then click on Settings.

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7 Important Tips For You To Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

Smartphone batteries don’t last forever, and some devices have an almost-embarrassing screen-on time. Those big, luscious AMOLED and LCD screens and taxing apps are an obvious drain on your battery, but there are lots of things you can do behind-the-scenes to make your Android last longer.

Here we have listed out some lesser known tricks that will help you get the most out of your smartphone battery:

1. Turn off vibration and haptic feedback

We like the mild vibrations while typing on the smartphone keyboard. But they absorb a good amount of battery because we spend a lot of time on typing throughout the day.

Besides, if you don’t need to get notified by vibration, then turn the `haptic feedback’ off as it actually takes more battery power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it.

2. Go for Black coloured wallpapers

If your smartphone boasts an AMOLED display, then applying black coloured wallpapers will help you save battery life. This is because pixels that make the AMOLED displays only utilize battery power to illuminate light colours and don’t need any energy to show black colour. Simply put, the more dark or black pixels you have on your AMOLED display, the less power it consumes to illuminate them, thus saving the battery.

3. Don’t miss on Android updates

Updating apps might seem to be a cumbersome task, but it actually helps in improving the overall smartphone performance and battery life. This is because developers keep updating apps to improve on battery and memory optimisation. So make sure your smartphone has the latest version of apps installed.

4. Turn on airplane mode

This is not an everyday solution, but can help you cut battery usage. Turning on airplane mode will cut you from the outside world, but will allow your smart phone to last longer for multimedia apps such as videos, music player or games that don’t need any connectivity.

It can do wonders if you are travelling in a poor network zone where your smartphone antennas consume a lot of power to register on the available networks. Simply turn on the airplane mode if you don’t want to receive any calls, messages or use the internet.

5. Remove on-screen widgets

Android operating system is all about widgets that offer tons of information on your smartphone displays. It is a good thing to have everything on screen; however, it plays havoc on your smartphone battery. Delete the widgets that are placed to offer information not required throughout the day and still fetch data from internet such as weather apps etc.

6. Turn off auto-sync

Apps such as Gmail, Twitter, calendar, constantly refresh themselves to offer the latest information. This is required if you just cannot afford to miss important information, but also takes a toll on battery life.

Go to Settings > Google account and turn off auto-sync for apps you don’t need constantly updated.

7. Check GPS, Bluetooth, NFC

Also, don’t forget to check on Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and mobile data if you are not using them. Switch off the Wi-Fi if you are connected on mobile data and vice versa. The NFC feature may get turned on if you restart your NFC-enabled handset, so keep a check on this too.

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Google Play Services to Discontinue Support for Android 3.0 Downward

Google has announced that its Google Play services framework will stop support for Gingerbread and Honeycomb in early 2017.

With its version update 10.2.0 next year, Google Play Services will support only those Android devices that run on at least Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google Play service is an API package for delivering updates and service improvements to Android users without upgrading the entire operating system. It was introduced in 2012, and supported all versions of Android including Gingerbread and Honeycomb. However, the current Google Play services version 10.0.0 will be the last to support the old operating systems. With the version 10.2.0 update slated for early 2017, Google Play Service will require a minimum support of Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich (i.e. minimum supported API level will increase from 9 to 14) at least.

Google reasons in its developer blog post, “The Gingerbread platform is almost six years old. Many Android developers have already discontinued support for Gingerbread in their apps. This helps them build better apps that make use of the newer capabilities of the Android platform. For us, the situation is the same. By making this change, we will be able to provide a more robust collection of tools for Android developers with greater speed.”

Google claims that most developers have stopped supporting Gingerbread in their apps, but for those who haven’t, it recommends API level 14 to be targeted as the minimum. Devices that run on Gingerbread and below will not get updates of apps that follow these guidelines.

For those apps that still have a significant number of users on Gingerbread, Google advices them to build multiple APKs to support those specific devices. However, this constitutes more work for the developer, and this decision is left on the app creator to make. If we look at the latest dashboard numbers, Gingerbread still runs on 1.3 percent of Android devices, much higher than the devices that run on Android 7.0 Nougat (0.3 percent).

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How to recharge your phone from your bank account – All bank codes

We bring you the list of all bank codes (USSD) to recharge your phone from your bank account.

1. Access bank: *901* amount#

2. Ecobank: *326*amount#

3. Fidelity: *770*amount#

4. FCMB:*389*214*amount#

5. First Bank: *894*amount#

6. GTB: *737*amount#

7. Heritage bank: *322*030*amount#

8. Keystone: *322*082*amount#

9. Skye bank: *389*076*1*amount#

10. Stanbic IBTC: *909*amount#

11. Sterling Bank: *822*amount#

12. UBA: *389*033*1*amount#

13. Unity bank: *322*215*amount#

14. Zenith: *966*amount# or
*302*amount# (for mtn users)

15. Diamond bank (yellow acct. only):
*710*555*phone number*amount*pin#


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LinkedIn Officially Banned In Russia

Business and employment-oriented social networking service has banned in Russia as the country’s communications regulator has officially banned the social network for professionals because it violated a regulation that has to do with personal data storage.

The Russia’s law on personal data storage came into effect in September 2015, and according to reports, the site was inaccessible from Russia on Thursday.

LinkedIn had been found to be in violation of a rule requiring data on Russian citizens to be stored on servers inside the country. While two different courts had previously ruled against LinkedIn on the matter, this is the first time the law has been enforced against a US-based social network.

LinkedIn, which is being acquired by Microsoft for $26 billion, said it was aware that users could not access the site. The company said it wanted to meet with communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, to discuss the data storage issue.
“Roskomnadzor’s action to block LinkedIn denies access to the millions of members we have in Russia and the companies that use LinkedIn to grow their businesses,” he said, adding that “We remain interested in a meeting with Roskomnadzor to discuss their data localization request”.

Roskomnadzor spokesman, Vadim Ampelonsky, has told the Interfax news agency that the regulator was working out the logistics of the meeting.

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said shortly after the ban was announced that “Russian institutions are under the law and this company also has to observe the law,” adding that the Kremlin, the government of the Russian federation, would not get involved in the decision.
While Moscow Kremlin has increasingly been at loggerheads with Western tech companies, the U.S. has accused Russia of hacking major U.S. political institutions during the 2016 election.

While Google was found to be in violation of Russian antitrust rules in 2015 over the apps that come with its Android smartphones, last month, a 29-year-old Russian was arrested in Prague on suspicion of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and a third web service. He was wanted by the FBI in connection with the theft of 117 million LinkedIn passwords and login credentials.

LinkedIn has shown a willingness in the past to comply with foreign regulations. In 2014, it agreed to censor content on its China network deemed sensitive by the government. Google, Facebook and Twitter, which have not taken similar steps, remain blocked by Beijing.

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