Why Eating Bananas Is Better Than Taking Medicine Pills

Banana is one of the best fruits you can eat as a snack, or put in your breakfast smoothie, because of so many nutrients it provide.

It contains high amounts of amino acids and proteins, vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, minerals, especially potassium, and has low percentage of fat and sugar. This food provides large amount of energy, thus eating a medium banana gives you about 80 calories.

When you buy bananas, it is best to chose yellow mature bananas, preferably not with green spots and if they have, let them to ripe a few days before eating.


These are the reasons why eating bananas is better than taking pills:

Banana is known as fruit of joy and helps fight depression thanks to its high content of tryptophan, an essential amino acid for serotonin synthesis, known as hormone of joy and happiness.

  • You can use banana to remove warts. All you have to do is cut a piece of the peel, put on the affected area and band it.
  • Banana can low body temperature and is ideal if you are suffering from fever.
  • The banana peel helps combat itching and skin irritation, as well alleviates itching caused by insect bite.
  • Relieves gastritis and acts as natural antacid.
  • It is a natural antioxidant, and cleans the body from free radicals.
  • Helps in blood sugar regulation.
  • Helps with morning nausea.
  • Helps in blood pressure regulation, because of high amount of potassium.
  • Thanks to its large amounts of potassium, helps with muscle sourness and muscle cramps.
  • Improves your concentration and learning, so try eating a banana before exam and you will be surprised by the final results.
  • Strengthens your bones.
  • Helps in removing toxins and heavy metals from the body.
  • Cure anemia.
  • Stimulates muscles and brain cells due to its high potassium content.

29 Ways To Know He’s A Husband Material, According To Joro Olumofin

1. Any guy who has suggested at least Church or Bible study date is a HM

2. Any guy whose whatsapp doesn’t show blue tick when a message comes in is not a HM

3. Any guy who crashes weddings or attends too many weddings is not a HM

4. If he runs after Instagram celebs, plastics girls with 25-inch Brazilian hair, 4-inch nails who have “berry,cherry,Barbie,Velvet,doll” as their IG name he’s not a HM

5. If he leaves his phone open, no password or locks, he’s a HM

6. Any guy who shares an apartment with more than 2 other guys is not a HM

7. Any guy who his phone is constantly on silent 24/7.

8. No ringer or vibration is not HM

9. If he doesn’t have a 9-5 job or a defined job but calls himself a CEO he’s not HM

10. Any guy who has untidy / dirty beard is not a HM

11. Any guy that has less than 5 body counts is a HM

12. He must know how to make at least indomie, Rice, yam, stew and plantain

13. If he has more than 2 Baby mamas he’s not HM

14. If he gives you his atm card , cheque book freely he’s a HM

15.  If he can not go more than 7 rounds in one day he’s definitely not a HM

16. If he can’t knot a tie or owns at least 5 suits he’s not a HM

17. If he has more than 6 bank accounts he’s not a HM

18. If he doesn’t condone unplanned visit to his place he’s not HM

19. If he has been to Moremi hall, Redeemers or Babcock University more than 5 times this year he’s not a HM

20. Any guy who is owing night clubs money or borrows car, tooth brush is not HM

21. If he’s willing to father a single mothers child and marry her he’s a HM

22. If he hides you from his friends, family, Pastor he’s not a HM

23. If he always has a table at the club every Friday he’s not HM

24. If he likes or comments on more than 15 ladies picture per day on IG he’s not HM

25. If he asks you to borrow him less than 20k he’s not HM

26. If he takes you to the cinema and doesn’t buy ordinary popcorn he’s not HM

27. Any guy who doesn’t have a single Christian song on his phone is not HM

28. If he talks negatively about his ex he’s not a HM

29. If he’s above 35 and has not committed he’s a chronic player not a HM

20 Reasons Why Your Mum Will Always Have a Special Place in Your Heart

When it comes to our moms, the relationship we have can be complicated by a mix of unconditional love and moments of contempt. Whatever your relationship was, she will always hold a place in your heart. She is irreplaceable in our hearts for good reasons and although you never knew what she was thinking on the inside, she always had your best interest at heart.
1. She gave you life
Your mom decided to give birth to you and with that took on the responsibility to love and support you.
2. She would hold you any time of day or night when you needed her
When you are afraid and vulnerable, your mother’s caress will make you feel safe.
3. When you were vulnerable as a baby, she was your protector
Your mom spent all of your baby years keeping you safe so you were free to grow through experiences.
4. She offers you as much security as possible
Your mom’s sole job in the first years and maybe even still is to ensure you’re taken care of and safe.
5. She is selfless: if you need something your mom will go without to give it to you
Your mom puts you before herself with everything and is dedicated to you.
6. She loves you even when you don’t love yourself in the adolescent years
There are some tough years where we don’t even know who we are anymore but our moms stabilized that feeling with her love for us.
7. She listens to you when you need someone to talk to
To have an ear and a shoulder to cry on makes us feel better and moms are great at that.
8. Her tough love is only to make you better
Anytime you felt like your mom was hard on you, you will look back and see that it was to your benefit.
9. She passed her life wisdom on to you
Your mom teaches you valuable lessons in life that you wouldn’t have learned from anyone else.
10. She nags you for all the right reasons like taking an umbrella or wearing a warm jacket
Although you may find her nagging a bit frustrating, it is always for your greater good.
11. She will always have your back even when you’re wrong
You make mistakes but your mom always takes your side.
12. She supports all of your ideas and endeavors
Your mom is happy when you have passion for something and she does everything in her power to help you reach your goals.
13. She lifts you up when you’ve been defeated and takes the time to build you back up
When life gets you down, your mom will be there to pick you up.
14. She has loved you even through the hardest times
Life can bring on some harsh experiences that leave you feeling left in the dust and this is when your mom gives you the loving kindness you deeply need in these moments.
15. She made it possible for you to experience many things in your life even if that meant her taking on an extra job
The sacrifices your mom makes often include financial backing so even if it means getting a second job, she makes sure you can achieve your dreams.
16. She watched you in competition and cheered you on even if it meant waking up at the crack of dawn or standing on the sidelines in the rain
Your mom supports you in your activities and always thinks you’re the greatest player out there (even if you aren’t),

17. She is proud of your successes

Your mom believes in you and that belief makes you a better person in many ways.
18. She’s your friend even when you’re an adult
Your mom can be your best friend as she has proven through the years to have all the qualities a good friend should have.
19. She will love you until the end of time with a fierce devotion that is unmatched
The love of your mom is deep and neverending, this naturally makes us reciprocate that feeling back to her.
20. She is irreplaceable in your life and offers a kind of comfort and warmth in your heart that can never be taken away
The place in your heart for your mom will always be there whether you live next door to each other or are far apart.
Written by Loraine Couturier

– Life Hack

– Life Hack

Ladies; See 7 Places To Touch Your Man To Arouse Him &To Get Him To Do Your Bidding

A man’s mouth is one hell of an erogenous zone if properly kissed. Kissing your man fully on the lips can help to boost the levels of the hormone, dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that spikes desires in both men and women. If you want to get your man going, simply trace his lips with your tongue while you go ahead to bite the edge of his lower lips softly with your teeth. You’d get him groaning in no time.
His Neck
A man’s neck is sensitive and can trigger shivers down his spine according to a study published in the journal Ergonomics. The study also found that the human neck loves to be triggered by low-frequency vibrations. As a woman, you can take advantage of this fact by kissing the back of his neck while your mouth is slightly opened. The combination of the shivers, vibration and heat generated by your breath will prompt sensations he has never felt before.
The Ears
A survey carried out in the United Kingdom found out that ears ranked directly below the scrotum as the part of the male body that makes them ecstatic the most. Put this information to good use by licking and nibbling on your man’s ears delicately while whispering sweet nothings such as ” do you want me to go further?”
His Ni pples
Remember how good you feel when he sucks on your ni pples? He also wants you to show the same love and care for his ni pples. A survey carried out by the Journal Cortex found out that men ranked their ni pples as one of their most sensitive parts. You can suck on one of his ni pples while you stroke the other with your fingers. This is because the two erogenous zones will give him enough pleasure that he’d be willing to do your bidding.
His Scro., t3m
The scrotum has a lot of nerve endings that is bound to send him crazy. Anything you ask of him when you do this will be granted but remember not to bite or pinch because that area holds the reproductive power of your man which makes it sensitive and vulnerable to any hard impact. During foreplay, you can start with your hand around his scrotum while bringing your fingertips closely together around them.Squeezing and sucking it gently is enough to get your man to climax and of course, get you what you want.
The Shaft Of His P3 .,nis
According to surveys published in the British Medical Journal, men rate the shaft of the pe nis tops when it comes to orgasmic sensitivity as compared to other erogenous areas of their bodies. This may be so because of the presence of erectile tissues which lie deep underneath the skin’s surface. As a result, men usually want the shaft of the p3 nis to be handled firmly to give them an orgasmic experience.
The glans is also the head of the pe nis and is one part you want to concentrate on because of the presence of numerous nerve endings. Your man’s Glans is similar to your cli toris even though it is not as sensitive as yours. Cover your palms with water-based lubricant and loop your fingers in an O shape over the glans. Pleasure him with short, slow pumps by tightening your fingers around the tip.
When you give him a bl0wjob, run your tongue over his glans and watch him moan and groan. After this, you can ask him anything you want and be sure of getting it.

8 Silly Things Men Do During S3x That Lead To Pregnacy

Here are 8 times men get silly during S3x and
produce an offspring.
1. “I Pull Out Before I Shoot Out’

Oshey, Lord Withdrawal! Didn’t they tell you that your pre-cum has enough sperm from your last
self-service session to father a child? Oh okay, you pee in- between sessions. Nice move. But you can’t
honestly tell me that there weren’t a few slip-ups in all your pull out encounters. You and I know that
the sweetest part is when you offload all your goods in the right warehouse. So stop applauding
yourself for staining the sheets. And just a little reminder, someone in the bible days died because
of this type of thing.

2. ‘It’s The Woman’s Responsibility To Handle Contraception’

This is how so many clueless men have been lied to. She tells you she’s on the pill or that she’ll pop
some after and you believe and go in without protection. This same babe will come back a month
later and tell you the pill(s) didn’t work. Dude, never believe any of that nonsense a woman says before
S3x. Always have yourself locked and loaded.

3. ‘I Tear Open The Condom Package With My Teeth’

It’s good to get the mouth, and sometimes even the teeth involved during S3x but please, use your
fingers to tear open the condom package. Why? To avoid poking a hole into the condom, silly. The
only hole you should be poking should be… never mind. The wise ones understand what I’m talking

4. Putting On Or Taking Off The Condom During S3x

Okay, seriously I don’t get this part. You start having
S3x then halfway, for whatever reason, you say
‘oops! sorry, I forgot to use a condom’ and then you
put one on. Have you heard of pre-cum? Obviously
not. Google it. Then for those of you who decide
‘this condom thing is killing my vibe’ and decide to
remove it halfway, please go for quality stuff next
time or learn how to wear on a condom correctly or
just get married and stay faithful mbok.

5. ‘We Had S3x During Her Period’ First of all…eww!
Second, don’t deceive yourself. Women have and can get pregnant during their
periods. Some medical practitioners will not agree to this but others will. It has been found that some
women ovulate when they are menstruating, so next time while dipping into the Red Sea, be sure
to use a life jacket. If you go releasing your little swimmers with no protection, one of them is bound to swim upstream and catch something you’re not prepared for.
6. I’ve Had The Condom For Three Years
My dear brother,

I know it’s a quality brand product and probably cost you a few hundred
naira and you’re saving it for prime V, or justmaybe you haven’t been laid in a long time; but it’s no reason for you to leave it in your wallet until it either expires or becomes useless. Use it when it’s still good or throw it away.
7. ‘I Like My Condom Tight’

And so you push your p*n*s all in to fill the condom tip. Bros, unless your p*n*s is shaped
exactly like a condom, please desist from tightening things in there. You have to leave that space for the spill. If you don’t, the condom will break. I’m tempted to say it’s not ‘rocket’ sciencebut erm…

8. ‘We Had S3x While Standing’

First of all, buhahahahaha! For real? So, let me understand the logic. You did it while standing and
all of the Fluid spilled to the floor and none was left in her. Hmmm… In physics, following the law
of gravity, it makes sense. But not in biology, which may have a law somewhere that states ‘what
goes in, stays in’. You should know that the v*g’i’na is one place that may not have a door but has a
way of keeping things in. Be Warned!

Basically, just don’t be silly during S3x. Protect yourself and your woman. Use a condom.

Culled From:metroparrot.net

This is what happens when a man makes love to a pregnant woman

So, what’s the truth? Is it possible for a man to poke the baby in the head with the tip of his pen’is while he’s having se’x with his partner or wife? Before we tell you if the answer is– “yes” or “no,” first, a brief anatomy lesson.The growing baby is floating inside a sac of amniotic fluid which is floating inside the amniotic sac inside the uterus.

The uterus is protected by the cervix, a rigid barrier to the va’gina which slowly opens over the course of the pregnancy. The birth canal is 3 to 7 inches in length, depending on the woman’s state of aro’usal.

The ultrasound picture above is of an actual penis inside a woman who is 6 months pregnant. The white colored area above the pen’is is the cervix. Beyond that is the uterus, amniotic sac and baby. As you can see, the direction of the pen’is is down. During s’ex, the pen’is fits in a space underneath the cervix and uterus.
So, what’s the answer? Can you poke the baby in the head during se’x with the tip of the p’enis?
No. It’s not possible, because the baby is protected behind the rigid cervix, uterus, and amniotic fluid.
It is possible to “jostle” the baby.
Wait. What?
Yes. It’s possible for a man, regardless of his pe’nis’ length, to gently jostle or push the baby.
However… It’s no more of a jostle than the baby would experience if the pregnant woman were to run up a set of stairs or to exercise. As you can see from the photo, it’s quite possible for the shaft of the pen’is to “brush up against” the cervix, which could, in turn, “jostle” the contents of the amniotic sac… and thus, “jostle” the growing baby.

Source: HuffPost, Beautiful Cervix Project

11 Erotic Zones to Touch a Nigerian Woman and Make Her Go Crazy in Bed!

Most Nigerian men love and want to pleasure their women but they do not know how to go about this. Often times, they fail to pay attention to key areas in the woman’s body and this contributes to more than half the problems partners face today as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned. Only a few men know what to do and how to go about satisfying their women, which is not so impressive.
The truth of the matter is that women communicate feelings differently at different points in time. So as a man, the onus is on you to pay adequate attention and read her body language and moods so as to interpret what she has to say.

Also, a new lover might find it a tad uncomfortable communicating her feelings to you openly in the early stages of the affair.

And even though she might be yearning for some deep satisfaction, she will very likely find it hard talking about this aspect of her to you – this is the point you step in and deploy your sixth sense.
Strive to spice things up with each and every new move. With this spicing comes new discoveries which help sizzle things, as much as it helps you lead her to a point of total

Now here is a tip you can maximize when with your significant other. Try to locate and turn her on by playing with her on any of her erogenous zones.
Wondering where the erogenous zones are? Read below for clarity:

1. The neck – Studies have shown that the neck is super sensitive to stimulation and so gently touching or kissing a lady on her neck is a sure fire way to get her turned on.
In fact, you don’t have to do much. By merely blowing a little breeze on the nape of her neck you can get her alarm buzzing and out her in the right mood for some action.
2. The abdomen – This is another very interesting area that should never underestimated if truly pleasing your woman is what you look to achieve.
Experience has shown many men stimulate women from gently licking and playing on their abdomen. The reason this is possible is because some parts of the muscles on the abdomen are interlinked with the vagina, making it possible for many women to orgasm even from exercising.
3. The breasts and nipples – If you didn’t know (which seems almost impossible to believe) the breasts and nipples are as important as any other part of your woman as far as S3@.xx:’ual satisfaction are possible.
Stimulating her nipples send a million buzzing signals to her brain, helping you jumpstart the process to truly satisfying her in bed.
4. The buttocks and clitoris – The primary function of these parts of the female body is S3@.xx:’ual satisfaction. There are dozens of strong nerve endings in the clitoris that can ‘set fire to’ your lady.
Whether you prefer to use the fingers or your mouth, the choice is yours. Do your thing.
5. The Ears – You can always play with her ears by kissing, licking and gently biting as your whisper sweet nothings into her. Watch her go crazy as a result of this.
6. The inner thighs – Like this is not self-explanatory let us try to shed some light on it. Whatever you do, try to make the goose bumps on her inner thighs show.
There are many ways to getting this done, starting from a gentle massage to kissing, licking and gently biting. Study your woman and find out which works best for her given the circumstance.
7. The scalp – Gentle massages can lead to the release of the hormone called oxytocin which enhances relaxation and S3@.xx:’ual stimulation. Ask your lady how she likes it then go right ahead.
8. Talk her into it – Employ the psychological skill and talk dirty to her every now and then for the right S3@.xx:’ual pleasuring.
9. The lower back – This part of her is naturally sensitive and an ideal place to get on if you really desire to get her in the zone.
10. The wrist – This is another area many men fail to focus on but studies have shown it can increase stimulation when kissed and caressed.
11. The feet – Like it or not the feet can drive her wild because kissing and tickling them can trigger sensory nerves linked to the brain, raising her mood for the real deal.