How Useless Parents Used Their Son as Collateral for N8000 to a Trader Who Sold the Boy for N72,000

A 15-year-old boy identified as Ajala Samuel, was few months ago, used as a collateral by his parents to a Lagos trader, Iya Meta, who paid the family N8,000, in their bid to raise money for some urgent needs, but four months after handing him over, the little boy’s whereabouts had yet to be known by the parents.

According to Punch Metro, Iya Meta allegedly loaned Samuel to some traders on the Lagos Island, who paid N72,000 for him.

The traders were alleged to have further given him out to another family in the state.

Two policewomen, identified as Titi and Funmilayo from the Ijora Badia division, were accused of harassing the family to refund the N72,000 paid to Iya Meta, failing which Samuel would be forced to work till October 2017 when the contract would expire.

Idowu Isiaka, the little boy’s stepfather, disclosed to a correspondent that the family’s crisis started in June 2016 when he lost his job.

He said, “I worked as a security guard for a traditional ruler. When a banner displaying the man’s picture was stolen, I was put in a police cell for a week before I was released and told that I had lost my job.

“At that time, Ajala’s mother just had a surgery and she needed money for medications. I borrowed a motorcycle from a friend and started using it to work. Later, I had an accident with the motorcycle and broke a man’s leg. The motorcycle was seized from me and I was asked to raise money for the victim’s treatment.

“I called my wife and told her that we needed to raise money by all means. I told her about Iya Meta, who lived in the community and always said she needed teenagers to work for her. We agreed to take Ajala (Samuel) to her so we could raise some money,” he said, adding that Iya Meta offered them N8,000 as payment for the two months that Samuel would work for her.

The 39-year-old Kwara State indigene said at the expiration of the period, he was surprised that Samuel did not return home as agreed, adding that he went to Iya Meta’s house in the Ijora Badia area of the state and discovered she had packed out.

He said, “When I called her on the telephone, she said she was in Seme (Benin Republic) on a business trip and she had taken the boy along. She apologised for not telling me. She said Ajala (Samuel) was at home and when she got home, I would speak with him. She didn’t call back that day.

“The following day, I called her and she told me that she had actually lied to me. She said the boy was with some people whom she had problem with. She told me the case was at the Ijora Badia Police Station and one officer Titi would tell us where the child was.”

Speaking further, he said that he went to the station with his wife and officer Titi told them that they must pay N72,000 before the boy would be released.

He explained that the policewoman made them to realise that the money was the amount paid to Iya Meta for the victim’s service. He added that officer Titi said Samuel would not be released until October when the contract would terminate.

Iya Meta, when contacted by a correspondent, denied collecting money for Samuel, adding that the police connived with some women to turn the case against her.

She claimed that her family had turned against her over the incident, adding that she had become a fugitive.

“Prior to Ajala’s coming to my house, I had met three women –Rukky, Iya Ibeji and Eniketa. They claimed that they were textile dealers on the Lagos Island and they needed young boys and girls to work for them.

“At that time, two of my cousins came from the village to work in Lagos. I handed over the two girls to the women. They gave me N80,000 as advance payment for their service.

“It was a few weeks later that Ajala’s parents brought him and I gave them N8,000. The boy had barely spent a month when he attempted to escape. He told me that his parents had instructed him to run away after getting the money from me.

“I decided to send him to the three women so he could work with them. They didn’t give me anything,” she said.

She said a few days afterwards, she received a call from one of the girls, who claimed that she had been taken to a pepper seller who maltreated her, adding that after aiding the girl to escape and return to the village, it dawned on her that Samuel and the girls were trafficked by the women.

She said after the women did not accede her call to return the remaining victims, she paid a soldier to effect their arrest.

Iya Meta said she later discovered that the solider had also been compromised, adding that she reported the case to the police at the Adeniji Adele and Ijora Badia divisions, adding that a few weeks later, she was at the Ijora Badia Police Division, where she met the three women.

“The women told the police that they paid money for the children and they would not release them until their payments expired. I told the police it was not true and that I didn’t collect anything for Samuel.

“They locked me up in the cell for a day. Officer Titi said I must pay N72,000 before they would release Ajala (Samuel) and my cousin, Amina, failing which the children would not be released till October, 2017,” she added.

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Nigerian Lady Cries Out For Help After Police Have Refused To Arrest Her Rich Boyfriend Who Nearly Beat Her To Death

Lady has cries out for justice after being battered and shot in Lagos

The embattled lady wrote:

“I never understood Domestic viloence till it happened to me, We Had An Argument, Though I Was Wrong For Verbally Confronting Him In His House He Beat Me Up Mercilessly And Shot At Me 3 Times, Then Locked His Door So No One Would Be Able To Come To My Rescue, Finally I Was Rushed To The Hospital, And Carried The Evidence To Lagos Police, He Was Summoned To The Station But Did Not Spend More Than 5Mins, Its Over 10days Now Still Nothing Has Happened, Please I Need Justice, He must Face The Law”

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Shock as Woman Allegedly Incurs N757,000 Debt At Lagos Bar in Just 1 Night (Photo)


Ademola Ogunbona, a bar operator on Lekki Beach Road, says he has lost his livelihood to the alleged debt of N757,750 incurred by one Mrs. Shaw, aka Mama G.

Punch Metro reports that the woman had gone to the bar around 6am on August 15, 2016, to have fun, which lasted till about 1am the following day.

It was said that Mama G instructed the barman to serve customers that came to the bar throughout her stay, and promised to pick up the bill for the drinks they consumed.

It was gathered that one of the major beneficiaries of Mama G’s gesture was a man who came to the bar with his friends at about 6.30pm to celebrate his birthday.

She allegedly ordered many rounds of drinks for the man and his friends and told Ogunbona to add their bill to hers.

However, at about 1am, when she had reportedly become inebriated, some persons were said to have stormed the bar and took her away in a Honda car to Rotary Garden Estate, Ilasan, Ajah, where she lives with her husband.

In a chat with Punch Metro, Ogunbona said he, two of his workers and the chief security officer of the shops in the area followed the car, but the security guards at the estate gate did not allow them in.

He said, “Mama G came to my bar at about 6am on August 15, 2016, and ordered drinks. She told me to serve everybody that came to the bar and promised to pay. In the afternoon, I told her that her bill was over N200,000. She slapped my face and asked me whether she looked like a debtor.

“She said I should serve very expensive drinks to whoever came to the bar. She even called some beggars who were passing by into the bar to drink. Around 6.30pm, a man came into the bar to mark his birthday along with his friends, numbering about 16, including ladies. She told them not to pay.

“They took five bottles of Remy Martin, seven bottles of Absolute Vodka and three bottles of Sky. They also smoke cigarettes. They left around 10pm. At about 1am, four men and a woman came to pick the woman. I insisted that I would collect my money, but they took her away.

“They dropped her off at the estate gate and left. She banged the gate repeatedly. Eventually, her housemaids came to pick her. I was not allowed to enter into the estate with her.”

The father of two children explained that he went to report the case at the Ajiwe Police Division and submitted the bill to the police. He said the police invited the woman, but her husband sent a message to them that she had gone to Ghana.

“He told the police that Mama G would come back in December 2016. The police sent another letter to the man in December. On January 11, he transferred N200,000 into my bank account.

“I called him and asked for the remaining money, he said I should contact his wife’s lawyer. When I called the lawyer, he said I should manage the money like that. I reported back to the station and they invited his wife again. Neither the woman nor her husband showed up. Their cook and driver were arrested. The lawyer secured their bail on the same day.

“Since the case was transferred to the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, in February 2017, the Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case has been telling me to be patient; but I have children and a wife to cater to,” he added.

The husband, Mr. Shaw, terminated a call put across to him immediately our correspondent began to make an inquiry on the matter. Subsequent calls to his line rang out.

However, the lawyer, Mr. Onome Okodiya, who spoke on behalf of the family, said it was not true that Mama G promised to pay for the birthday celebration or was forcefully taken away from the bar.

He said the matter was being investigated by the state police command, adding that the N200,000 was paid to the bar manager “in good faith” pending the outcome of a reconciliatory move by the police.

Okodiya said, “We deny that Mrs. Shaw owed that kind of money. When the barman chose to use the police in Lekki to enforce the debt, we made a report to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and the case is being investigated. We are going to wait for the outcome of the investigation.

“The payment (N200,000) was made in good faith while awaiting reconciliation. There is a scam which we are trying to unravel. One person is claiming over N700,000; another person is claiming over N800,000. What is the value of the stock they have? Everybody is under investigation in respect of this matter.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, had yet to reply to a text message on the case as of press time.

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RCCG Pastor who stabbed his wife to death 76 times begs for pardon from Gov. Ambode

Akolade Arowolo, a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God who was sentenced to death three years ago for stabbing his wife has sought for pardon from the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

Akolade was found guilty of brutally killing his wife, Titilayo in 2011 and was sentenced to death by an Ikeja High Court 3 years ago.

Apparently, the former pastor has sought for pardon under the Lagos State Prerogative on Mercy conferred on the Governor, claiming they are reformed and should be pardoned.

Akolade’s pleading came as the Committee on Prerogative on Mercy stated that the state will not fail to exercise its prerogative on prisoners, who proved to be reformed.

He delivered a speech on behalf of his fellow inmates, pleaded for mercy, added that they are all remorseful and have learned from their mistakes.

Arowolo was among 74 prisoners called out by the committee, led by Professor Oyelowo Oyewo, set up by the governor to review their applications for pardon.

The committee was on a fact-finding visit to the prisons to have first hand information from the inmates that are eligible for mercy and pardon.

Chairman of the committee, Oyelowo, said the governor will act on the committee’s recommendations based on the rules and guidelines set by law for the committee to conduct its work.

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Covenant University Suspends 200 Students For Not Attending Easter Programme

200 students of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun state have been suspended for not attending the schools’ Easter “Youth Alive” programme.

According to Punch reports, Parents and students have expressed their displeasure describing the decision as unjust. They claim the rules of their admission never stated that it was compulsory for them to attend the programmed organized by the institution.

A 400-level of the institution who spoke on the matter, said,
“We were going for the services in the morning and night and people were getting tired of it because we were also preparing for exams. So, the Vice-Chancellor got angry and ordered that those who missed the services be sanctioned.

“Some were suspended for four weeks and those who had missed eight services for the four days got a year.”

Another 300-level student, said, “The mood in school is really tense. Though students are not protesting but they are angry because you are preparing for an exam you’re not sure you will sit for, until the paper starts.

“They stopped me from sitting for a paper last week because I did not go for a service and I don’t know if I will be allowed in today either.”

A concerned parent who registered her displeasure said the punishment especially for final year students was not commiserate with the offences committed.

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Fayose Declares Thursdays and Fridays as Public Holidays in Ekiti State

The Governor Ayodele Fayose-led Ekiti State government has declared Thursdays and Fridays public holidays to enable civil servants to register for the voter registration exercise ahead of the 2018 governorship election in the state.

The State’s Head of Service, Olugbenga Faseluka, made the disclosure on Wednesday in Ado-Ekiti that the declaration of the work-free days would enable workers participate actively in the registration and revalidation of voters’ register in the state.

Faseluka said it is mandatory for all public servants to mobilize and participate in the exercise, adding that the holiday period should be used solely for the civic exercise.

He advised workers not to use the period to travel out, but to use it strictly for the registration exercise.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has also threatened the full weight of the law on perpetrators of multiple registration and warned Ekiti politicians against hijacking the continuous voter registration, CVR, exercise which will commence on Thursday across the 16 local governments in the state.

While stressing that those caught in the act of multiple registration would be prosecuted, the commission assured that a fraud-proof mechanism had been put in place to checkmate desperate politicians from thwarting the process.

The INEC Administrative Secretary in Ekiti, Muslim Moleke, gave the warning in Ado Ekiti, on Wednesday, while reviewing the outcome of the meetings the commission held with traditional rulers and politicians across party lines for successful conduct of the exercise.

Moleke said the commission had put machinery in motion to ensure a hitch-free exercise and that it had extracted commitments from critical stakeholders on the need to allow decorum to prevail during the exercise.

According to him, all logistics have been put in place to ensure that the exercise is successful in all the local government areas of the state.

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BREAKING! Former Minister of Education, Babalola Borishade is Dead

Prof Babalola Borishade, 71, former Nigerian minister of Education is dead. He died in London on Wednesday after a brief illness.

He was initially rushed to Reddington Hospital in Lagos, last week from where he was taken to London. The cause of death was lung and heart –related.

Borishade was born in Usi- Ekiti on March 7, 1946 into the Ebi Ilotin family.

He served as a minister for four times, between 1999-2011. The electrical engineer was also a teacher and a political strategist.

Between February 2001 and May 2003, he served as the Minister of Education.

In recognition of his contributions to Education in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large, Borishade was elected the Vice- Chairman of the E9 Group of the United Nations, President of the UNESCO International Conference on Education, as well as Chairman Education for All (EFA) Forum of African Ministers of Education.

In 2004, Borishade was appointed as Minister of State, Power and Steel.

He initiated the ‘Gas to Power Project (G2P), a World Bank sponsored project designed to ensure sustained gas development and availability for power production to meet Nigerian electricity demands.

Between July 2005 and November 2006, Borishade was Minister of Aviation, during which a Civil Aviation Bill was passed to replace the 1964 Act and the direct flight between Nigeria and the United States of America was restored.

His initiation of various reforms and development in the aviation sector resulted in Nigeria scoring 93 per cent in the ICAO Universal Audit which made Nigeria a benchmark to African Aviation Industry.


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This Happened to Me After I Caught a University Boy Having S1x – Married Woman Confess

A woman is currently on the verge of sleeping with her young neighbour due to the neglect she has suffered from her husband of 16 years.

She wrote a letter to a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin to seek advice on her obsession to the student.

Read her story below:

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Residents in Shock as a 17-years-old Boy Commits Suicide on a Mango Tree in Imo State (Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Isaac Ugochukwu Onyema, posted photos an of a teenage boy who committed suicide in a community in Imo state.

Isaac captioned the horrible photos with: 

“17-years-old boy commits suicide on a mango tree in Okohia, Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo state,” 

The identity of the victim or the reason behind his decision to end his life in a tragic way, were not ascertained.

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Busty Lady Cries Out After Businessman Deceives Sleeping with Her for a Job (Photos)

A local businessman allegedly promised to give a lady money to start her own business in exchange for sexual favours only to opt out after having s*x with her.

H-metro reported that Noah Manyika is reported to have threatened the woman identified as Junior Takuranarwo with arrest saying he is connected to high profile people as he sweet-talked her to have unprotected s*x with him at a house under construction in Eastlea area of Zimbabwe last week.

“Noah approached me two weeks ago and we became friends promising to give me money to start my own business since I am working under someone,” said Junior.

“He never showed that he was after falling in love with me and he took me out for drinks and discuss business issues.

“Regera hove dzibatwe nechirauro, Noah looked a gentleman who wanted to help me yet he was after abusing me and to be honest I had to look for a traditional healer for treatment after he forced me to have unprotected s*x.

“Noah threatened to get me arrested saying he is connected to big people if I reported the case and later promised to pay for medication after I told him about what I had experienced after having s*x with him.

“He is cruel and I regret meeting him that it is affecting me daily,” said the 24 year-old Junior.

Noah reportedly slept with the woman after promising her a job but failed to fulfill it

Contacted for comment, Noah promised to give his side of the story after meeting Junior for discussions saying he was busy.

“I want to believe this woman is one of our WhatsApp group members, let me talk to her first before I give my comment,” said Noah.

Noah later called confirming his affair with Junior saying he decided to end their relationship after learning that she is married.

“I met this Junior at Jongwe Corner and I strongly suspect she is one of the ladies of the night,” said Noah.

“I had ‘kodak moments’ with her and other ladies but I learnt from one of her friends that she is married and I decided to drop her.

“She kept pestering to meet me but I am no longer interested,” he said.

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