How To Whiten Teeth at Home in Just A Few Days

A smile is said to be one’s best introduction. This is why all of us desires to have white and neat pearls.


The primary step is, of course, keeping a healthy oral hygiene, but when it comes to going the extra mile, there is an easy remedy you can employ.

See how you can clean your teeth quickly, using this simple, efficient and potent method. You will just need a couple of very simple and highly available ingredients you can find in your store: baking soda and lemon.

Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of baking soda in it
Cut the lemon in two halves
Squeeze the lemon and get a tablespoon of lemon juice
Add the lemon juice to the container with the baking soda and mix the ingredients
Take a napkin
Use the napkin to take the mixture out of the bowl and apply it to your teeth, making sure you apply it to each of them
Wait for two minutes so that the remedy can work

Rinse your mouth and the teeth well and get the result you expected. Take a look in the mirror and notice how your teeth have become whiter.

Point to remember is that you should not repeat this procedure too often and abuse its benefits, as you can generate wear on your teeth enamel. Best use it occasionally before a social outing or a date.


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Finally! Tonto Dike’s Husband Finally Reveals Their Son’s Face (Photos)

Actress Tonto Dike’s husband Churchill has finally revealed the face of their son after 11 months.

The couple’s son is named Andre. See his face below;
Finally! Tonto Dike's Husband Finally Reveals Their Son's Face (Photos)


However, it is rumoured that the couples are undergoing marital problem lately as the husband was allegedly cheated on the Tonto.


Some online user even believe that  the husband might have revealed the face of the son at this time to spite Tonto over the allegation.

Earlier last week Tonto removed her husband’s name, Churchill from her IG handle with many speculating that the marriage is in crisis.

The C in the middle there is her middle name, Charity. Tonto also removed Yummy wife/mum which used to be on her profile.

The nollywood actress and Oladunni Churchill had their traditional wedding in August 2015.

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BEST Happy New Year 2017 Photos For Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Profile Pictures

Here we are again, New Year 2017,  many of us need photos for WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profile pictures or some other social media, We bring you some best Happy New Year 2017 Photos :

happy-new-year-2017-images happy-new-year-2017-images-11happynew-year-2017 happynew-year-2017-1 happynew-year-2017-2 happynew-year-2017-3happy-2017 happy-2017-1 happy-2017-2 happy-2017-3 happy-2017-5 happynew-year-2017-4 happy-new-year-2017-images-9 happy-new-year-2017-images-8 happy-new-year-2017-images-7 happy-new-year-2017-images-6 happy-new-year-2017-images-5 happy-new-year-2017-images-4 happy-new-year-2017-images-3 happy-new-year-2017-images-1 happy_new_year_2017_pictures_15 happy_new_year_2017_pictures_22 happy_new_year_2017_pictures_24 happy_new_year_2017_pictures_27

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MUST READ! See What One Glass Of Water With Lemon Can Do

Only one glass of water and lemon juice can be very useful for our health.


Homehealthyrecipes show us the ten best facts collided with the water and the lemon.

It strengthens the immunity

Half drained lemon in a glass of water a day has enough amount of vitamin C to fight against the colds and the flu. Michele Cheveli, a nutritionist emphasizes that the lemon improves the ability of the body to absorb iron in which is important for a healthy immune system.

It improves food digestion

The lemon juice is a similar structure of the food digestion in the stomach, and it also has a positive influence on the digestive track. The lemon juice helps in cleaning the intestines and also helps in problems with bloating.

For beautiful skin

“The lemon is great for fighting against skin aging”, says Michele. Antioxidant properties help in fighting against the free radicals that are responsible for the aging simptoms.

It reduces the appetite

The lemon contains pectin, soluble fiber that are usually found in citrus fruit.

Thanks to the pectin, you will feel stuffed for a long time, you’ll have smaller desire for junk food in the moment when you will feel hunger because you will last till lunch or dinner.

Better urinal tract

The lemon juice is a diuretic which means it encourages the production of urine. As a result of that, the toxins are discarded from the body faster and that helps for a healthy urinal tract. That way the pH value of the urinal tract can be changed, so that way the bacteria will spread and cause inflammation more difficult.

It refreshes the breath

The antiseptic properties destroy the bacteria in the mouth, so the lemon juice acts as a disinfection. A glass of water with lemon is a lot healthier option for waking up than a cup of coffee. A lot of the medical personnel agree that water with lemon is best to drink in a room temperature because it’s closest to the body temperature.

It protects the health in general

The high level of potassium in the lemon helps for better brain function and blood pressure control. The lemon and the water together also reduce the stress and depression with the fact that they are connected with a low level of potassium in the organism.

Faster wound healing

Because of the Vitamin C, the lemon encourages healing of the body wounds. As an important nutrient, the lemon is good for maintaining the bones, tissue and wrists healthy. Also, the lemon calms the body inflammations.

Detoxification of the liver

The water with lemon acts as a preparative for cleaning the liver, i.e. detoxification. It cleans and stimulates the liver, encourages production of acid that is necessary for digestion.

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20 hottest songs of 2016 -MTV Base List

Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson, an indigenous rapper known as Phyno, had the hottest Nigerian song of 2016.


The list starts in descending order.See below








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10 Things Women Do That Most Men Find Unattractive

There are a lot of things women do in the hope of trying to gain the attention of men but without the slightest idea, men find most of the tactics repulsive and the fact is, men don’t really care.


Although most men can tell when a woman is trying too hard and not pulling something off. Here are 10 things they hate most:


1. Extreme hairstyles

A woman with hair full of volumizing product and variously placed bobby pins walks into the room. You think she will attract the attention of all the men at the party. Will it attract attention? Yes, but I doubt if any man wants to get near that rat’s nest for any other reason than to see what is holding all of it up. Most men prefer long, loose, soft and silky hair, not sticky hairspray and hard gels.

  • 2. Masked faces

    Foundation is used to hide imperfections, fine lines and blemishes. However, it should be applied as a thin, even layer, and in a shade that blends right in to your skin. Overuse can make it look like you came out with a layer of clay on your face. When applied correctly, no one should be able to tell that you are hiding imperfections on your face. Remember, less is always more.

  • 3. Sticky eyelashes

    You know that effect when a woman uses too much mascara — her eyelashes all stick together and smear black with each blink. Nothing about that look is attractive. Use good quality mascara that dries quickly and does not smudge. After applying, use an eyelash brush to remove any excess off of your lashes. Men love beautiful and expressive eyes, free of black clumps.

  • 4. Too much glitter

    If you are not a professional makeup artist, it is probably best to stick to the matte shadows. They adhere better and are less likely to concentrate in the crease of your eyelid.

  • 5. Yellow teeth and bad breath

    Yellow teeth and bad breath are not attractive to anyone. If you struggle in this area, you should realize that the source of the problem is probably found in poor hygiene. Or maybe you need to cut back on the coffee, black tea or red wine, or lose the cigarettes. Whatever it is, address the source of your problem, and try adding whitening toothpaste and dental floss to brighten your smile. Lozenges or sugar-free breath sprays also help a lot.

  • 6. Lack of body care

    Poorly manicured nails, hairy legs and unshaven armpits are major turn-offs for men. Poor personal hygiene cannot be hidden by makeup and nice clothes.

  • 7. Dry or oily skin

    Yes, men notice. The sight of a dried heel, oily face or peeling skin is a warning to “back off.” Don’t expect to turn him on with cracked lips.

  • 8. Primping in public

    Men are not interested in knowing your tricks to become more attractive. Put on your makeup at home and don’t fuss over it in public.

  • 9. Dark lips

    Lipstick is a great tool to make your lips more beautiful and defined. But beware, if misused, the lip liner pencil can become your enemy. When going out for dinner, use a lipstick and liner close to the color of your lips. Dark lipstick colors have the awful tendency to smudge onto your teeth while you are talking or eating — not a pleasant sight for those who are watching. Also, remember that dark lip liner paired with lighter lipstick leaves an aged appearance.

  • 10. Perfume overload

    Excesses are always a bad idea. Remember, the more expensive the perfume, the less you should use. The cheaper the perfume, the less you should use. So try to put a drop only in certain points such as the neck, behind the ears and wrists. A little bit of a good perfume is plenty.

Family Share

Image Credit_Poka Art

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How To Check If Your National Identity Card Is Ready

How To Check If Your National Identity Card Is Ready

If you have enrolled for the National identity Card for a very long time but you do not have an idea of when you would collect it, there is now an online platform where you can check the status of your identity card whether the card is ready of not. Just follow the steps below

Step to Check

1. Visit NIMC center:

2. Then click the proceed button

3. Now, fill in your First name, last name and your Naitional Identification Number and hit the ‘check now button’.

It will take few seconds to load and then display the status of your NIMC card.

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Guys; Check Out the 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Woman Happy Right Now

Most women like to talk…a lot. We talk about our feelings, our friends, our day. Mostly, we talk about that stuff with our girlfriends. But sometimes, we like to share it all with you. We don’t always need a solution.

What if all singles came with an operating manual? They might consist of your most unique character traits, some pivotal events that have transformed your life, your communication style, and what makes you happy. It would also list your worldview, your lifestyle, and what character traits your ideal partner might have.

You wouldn’t literally hand that book out to the people you date. That would be weird. But the manual would give you clarity on your authentic self, how you want others to see you, what type of partner you’re looking for and how you want to be treated in a relationship. It would help you identify the right-fit partner and walk away from the wrong ones. Most of all, it would give a potential partner a window into makes you happy.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if men and women knew how to make each other happier? As a dating coach who works with women over 40 to help them fall in love with their most aligned partner, I’ve asked hundreds of women what makes them happy in a relationship. This is what I’ve learned

1. Believe in yourself.

While women love a confident man, we don’t expect you to be confident all the time. We all have self-doubt, and we love your vulnerability and your willingness to share your fears. But we want you to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, it’s hard for us to take pride in you. This is not a gender thing. Women who believe in and love themselves are more appealing to emotionally healthy men, too.

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Life can be challenging. Stress is a normal part of life. And when you can navigate through that stress and even come to see a bit of humor in life’s challenges, that’s quite attractive.

3. Follow through.

Say what you mean and do what you say you’ll do. No false promises. Don’t tell us you’ll call if you don’t mean it, even if you’re trying not to hurt our feelings. We don’t want your empty words. We want to know that your words are true. Accountability and trust are the cornerstones of a healthy relationship.

4. The little things matter.

We notice pretty much everything you do. Opening a door, being kind to the waiter, a sweet good morning text–we notice it all. Keep on doing those little acts of kindness, and if we have an argument, the positives will help us forgive the negatives.

5. Tease…lightly.

Most women think it’s flirty and sweet when you poke a little fun at us, but if you overdo it, you will piss us off. And if you do go too far with the teasing and we tell you, please apologize. A sincere apology is one of the sexiest things a guy can do for a woman.

6. Take care of your appearance.

Most women put a lot of effort into their looks. We get expensive haircuts, put on makeup, and buy nice clothes and lingerie to feel good about ourselves and to look good for our guy. We love it when you put effort into your appearance, too. When you put in the energy to dress in your personal style, stay well groomed (and go lightly on the after-shave), we appreciate you for it. And if you’re clueless about fashion, why don’t you let us take you shopping? It would be a fun date night, and those new clothes might just turn us on…

7. Romance us.

It’s not classy to ask us about making love on a first date or speak about your “equipment” and how we’ll be pleased with what we find down there. We appreciate a little romance. And when I say romance, I’m not talking about expensive dinners on a yacht. I’m talking about getting to know a woman’s mind and spirit–and then her body. We’ll more readily trust your intentions if we feel seen and heard. When we feel appreciated and cherished, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find between the sheets.

8. Take responsibility.

Occasionally, we do things that hurt one another in relationships. It’s inevitable. When feelings are hurt, we both need to take responsibility for our contribution. So, please take ownership for your share. Don’t say, “you’re too sensitive” or “you’re too critical.” If you’ve done something wrong, be open to discussing it. We’ll do the same. Let’s talk about the issues that come up and take responsibility for the emotions we feel – the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

9. Just listen, no fixing.

Most women like to talk…a lot. We talk about our feelings, our friends, our day. Mostly, we talk about that stuff with our girlfriends. But sometimes, we like to share it all with you. We don’t always need a solution. Sometimes, we want you to just listen to us. Please don’t roll your eyes or interrupt. Please don’t offer your advice if we don’t ask for it. We know you want to help, but sometimes, just being a sounding board is enough. In return, we’ll listen to you with the same respect.

10. We want to be cared for.

The bad boy may be alluring to some women, but ultimately we want a good man. We want to be cared for, cherished, and loved. If you do the dishes for us, don’t do it just to get laid. Do it because you want to make us happy and support us. We know the difference, and it means the world to us to have your support. We’ll do the same for you.

– Yoanswers

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Ladies, Don’t Deceive Yourself! 8 Signs That You Will Make a Bad Wife One Day

Marriage is not only a commitment, it’s a haven where the essence of love is in self-giving.

Some women have dreamed of being married since the age of baby dolls and pigtails, so once they begin dating, every guy becomes a potential Prince Charming.

As romantic as the notion of marriage may be, most people don’t stop to think if they are actually “marriage material.” Many think that simply because you fall in love and date for a year or two, marriage is the natural next step – but it’s not for everyone.

If you DO decide that marriage is in your future, make sure you’re honest with yourself about what you bring to the table. After all, you can’t attract a man who possesses the traits of a good husband if you don’t display those traits yourself (and of course the same applies to men).

If you’re unsure, these signs may indicate that you may not make a good wife – and have some work to do on yourself before you walk the aisle.

1.You’re Selfish

Marriage is not only a commitment, it’s a haven where the essence of love is in self-giving. This is not to suggest that you should lose yourself in your spouse, which can also be detrimental to a marriage. It simply means that if you’re only thinking about yourself, your spouse becomes an object – not a partner – and mutual love cannot grow. If you want him to cater to you constantly without reciprocating, you’re not good when it comes to compromise, and you don’t want to share him with family or friends, chances are your selfishness will eventually alienate and suffocate him. Most selfish people use their partner’s love against them and hold their partners accountable for their own happiness. If you don’t remember that you give up the “I’s” for a “we”, you’ll be putting an unrealistic expectation on your future husband to hold down the marriage on his own.

2.You’re Extremely Jealous

If you’re a jealous person by nature, this won’t change once he puts a ring on it – it’ll only make it worse. We’ve all been a little jealous from time to time, and some may argue that a healthy level of jealousy is actually good for a relationship. However, extreme jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and professing your love before God and 100 guests in a white gown won’t change feelings of low self-esteem or inadequacy. Now that he’s not just your boyfriend, but your husband, your possessiveness will increase tenfold and you’ll feel threatened by every woman he comes in contact with if you don’t get a handle on your jealousy issues. Be honest with yourself and get help if needed.

3.You’re a Party Girl

Most men wouldn’t take too kindly to their wife dropping it like it’s hot in the club every night. There’s nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, but when you have a man at home who wants to spend quality time with you, it’s not a good look. Going out with your girls from time to time is great, and he should get out with the fellas as well. No one is suggesting that you cut off the rest of the world where you have no outlet. However, the type of outlet and frequency should not compromise the amount of time you spend with each other. He may feel that stepping out to a club every weekend instead of spending time at home is disrespectful and that he isn’t a priority. In marriage, you need to find a balance between being together and being out with others. If you haven’t gotten your partying ways out of your system, you may want to give marriage a second thought.

4.You Do Not Like (His) Children

There is nothing wrong with not liking or wanting children – it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t automatically exclude you from being seen as wifey material. However, you have to keep in mind that if you’re dating a man who wants children, or who has children already, and you don’t like children (or HIS children), then it won’t matter how much you love HIM…it’ll never work. He’ll resent you, and you’ll be miserable. Children are a commitment all on their own aside from marriage, so if you both aren’t united on this front, the marriage will eventually collapse. If he already has children, he may be looking to you to be a mother-figure to his kids – and if you don’t like children, no matter how good of a woman you are, if he can’t see you as a mother, he will never see you as a wife.

5.You’re Materialistic

Not only do some women dream of getting married, some dream of marrying a wealthy man – someone to take care of them. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable in a relationship, if you ONLY marry for money, you may be in for a rude awakening. Marriage is supposed to last in good times and bad, in sickness and in health and for richer OR poorer. Some women only focus on the “richer” part. People who are materialistic tend to be narcissistic and concerned with impressing people rather than focusing on their partner. And if your spouse suddenly loses his job, the stock market crashes or is unable to maintain your extravagant lifestyle, he may be afraid that you’ll move on to the next man with deeper pockets. He needs to know that you’ll be around when times get tough, not just when the money is flowing. If you can’t support your man through difficult financial times then you shouldn’t be walking down the aisle. Get you some business and maintain yourself…or marry a man whose money is so long, you won’t have to worry about the “poorer” part of your vows.


Let’s face it, you know if you’re a cheater or not. This is not to say that once a cheater, always a cheater – but most people who are repeatedly unfaithful in relationships don’t change unless they truly are ready and they want to. If you WANT to, then great – you can change and be a great wife to a wonderful man. But if you haven’t finished sowing your royal oats, then don’t bring anyone else into your mess. Remain single until you can remain faithful.

7.Non-S*xual, Low Libido

Making love isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s important, and anyone who says differently is either a virgin or is lying. Marriage is made up of love, respect, commitment…and making love, and if your libidos don’t match or your se_x drive is non-existent, chances are you probably won’t even make it past the courting stage to a proposal unless you both have taken a vow of celibacy until then. Most couples relate to each other through intimacy, so if you rarely want to make love, your partner may feel disconnected, and he will eventually look for that connection elsewhere. If you feel that your se_x drive is abnormally low, check with your physician to make sure you are healthy – both mentally and physically so that you can work this out before entertaining the thought of eventually becoming a wife. The main idea is here is not to imply that being a good wife lies between your legs, but instead to consider real life circumstances when choosing a life partner.

8.You haven’t “found” yourself

Sometimes, the breaking point of a marriage comes at the hands of one person’s realization that they need to find themselves. When someone gets married too young or for the wrong reasons, they feel unfulfilled and feel the itch to do things that they should’ve done before they got married. If you haven’t invested in yourself and given yourself time to grow, don’t jump into marriage.

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9 Reasons It’s So Hard to Find a GOOD Man

why is it so damn hard to find an awesome guy who’s going to treat you right and not bail the first time temptation comes his way? Here are nine reasons.

Although I would never knock hooking up, it has replaced dating and even relationships. Men don’t want to be with one woman only, if they have an entire buffet at their disposal.

While it’s good to have options, it can be bad when there are too many options. At any given moment a guy can sit down at a dating app and immediately have endless options of women from which to choose. Because of that, it’s hard for them to give one woman a shot for more than a hot minute.

It’s a sad thought, but in a world with so many options, people can become immersed in the idea that something better might be just around the corner. Because that’s the case, it’s hard to find a man who wants to commit when they’re thinking that the next woman they meet could be perfect ― whatever perfect is.

Once upon a time, people couldn’t wait to get married. Although it was likely due to the fact that they would finally be able to do the deed the reality is that these days people are in no rush to get married, so therefore, they’re in no rush to get into a relationship or settle down. And if a guy’s friends aren’t married, he sure as won’t be the first one to do it.

In comparison to the past few decades, women are more independent than ever. This success and power, for some reason, can be intimidating for some men who, perhaps, realize that they’ll never be the “man” his female partner is.

How can anyone possibly find a good man or anyone at all when we live in a world where technology rules and our most intimate relationships are with our iPhones? We can’t.

A man-child is a just modern day term for a man who suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome: He does not want to grow up. If he grows up, he’d have to become responsible, get his stuff together, and even maybe find a girl and fall in love. Too many men just don’t want to do that.

No one is immune to having a rocky past, and sometimes that past can interfere with how that person moves forward ― if they move forward at all. Messy baggage can keep even the great guys in hiding for a long time.

We live in a world where being scared of commitment has simply become the norm. If a man doesn’t want to commit, people are rarely surprised. Since that’s the case, they’ll just keep on skipping out on commitment and sticking to hookup culture, because it’s so accepted.

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