My Father Ordered Me to Finger My Sister to Death – 7-year-old Boy Confess

A 37-year-oldman who has been accused of attempting to sodomise his stepson reportedly ordered him to use his finger on her younger sister.


According SDE, Livingstone Eshikumo, a painter allegedly attempted to sodomise the seven-year-old boy on diverse dates between May 22 and 24 in Nairobi’s Muthaiga area. Eshikumo faces an alternative charge of indecently touching the minor without his consent.

According to the prosecution, the accused was left with the complainant and his four-year-old sister when his wife went to the hospital for delivery.

At night, the accused is said to have asked the minor to sleep naked, but the boy refused. He reportedly threatened to stab him with a knife he had in his hand.

Police said the accused tried to defile the boy who screamed until the accused stopped before instructing the minor to insert his fingers in his sister’s privates until she died since she was not his daughter.

When the mother returned from hospital and realised that all was not well, the accused allegedly kicked her out of the house together with her kids. She sought refuge at a neighbour’s where the complainant told him everything.

Eshikumo was arrested after the matter was reported to the police. He denied the charges and was released on a surety bond of Sh300,000.

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Tragedy as Three-year-old Girl Dies After Falling From 8th floor of Estate

A three-year-old girl died on the evening of October 31 after falling from the balcony of an eighth floor flat in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate, Kenya.

Standard Kenya reports, The girl’s father, Conrad Osiendu (pictured above consoling his distraught wife at a hospital in their neighbourhood), who was not home at the time of the accident, said “the mother had gone to the market in the morning leaving her in the care of her aunt.

The child walked out alone leaving her aunt in the house and tried looking down through the rail and fell.”
A witness, Lencer Akinyi, told The Nairobian the child was pronounced dead at Huruma Nursing Home where the officer in charge said, “We could do nothing to save her life, she fell from very high up and hit hard ground.”

Cases of children falling from flats are on the rise in Pipeline where high-rise residential buildings are mushrooming with alarming regularity.

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Shock as Popular Actor Died on Stage

A highly-talented Kenyan actor based in Hollywood died on Friday in an incident that has baffled many including his family.

According to The Kenyans, 43-year old Owiso Odera, who lived in Santa Monica, collapsed and died while rehearsing on stage in Kentucky, USA.

Mr Odera, whose biggest showing was in popular American series The Originals, had spent the last week acting on location in Washington DC in a new film Measure Plus Dido.

Speaking to the Standard on Sunday, Odera’s brother – Peter Oruko – divulged that the family was yet to come to terms with the sudden demise of their kin.

“We are devastated by his demise. It is like a bad dream. I haven’t come to terms with the news of his death,” said his youngest brother Peter Oruko. “This is unbearable.”

A distressed Oruko described his brother as a warm person who was in constant touch with the family, adding that “the last time we spoke he insisted that I join him down in Santa Monica to pursue my education.”

The deceased went to the US after completing his studies at St Mary’s School. He later got a scholarship to study at an Indiana College and proceeded to pursue a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the University of California San Diego.

While in the US, he joined a group of highly talented actors in Hollywood and Broadway among them award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

Odera is the son of prominent scholar Prof Odera Oruko and has been survived by his wife Nicole and siblings Roney, Sheilla, Sharon, Milly and Peter.

The cause of his death is yet to be established.

Here is a clip of Odera acting in The Originals as Papa Tunde.

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How My Pastor Bonked me For Healing – Yvonne Make Shocking Confession

All that Yvonne Smith form South Africa wanted was to be healed so she could get on with her life  and she found a man of God who promised to heal her.

But instead she claimed she paid with her veejay – and to top it off the pastor allegedly also conned her out of her money!

The 36-year-old from Orlando East, Soweto claimed the “healing” in exchange for veejay took place over a couple months.

Angry Yvonne said she wants to put a stop to pastors who take advantage of people like her.

Yvonne claimed after getting gatvol of the pastor’s demands she complained to his church council, who kicked him out for his misdeeds.

“I suffered a stroke last August.

“I was in and out of hospital but was not getting any better.

“I was invited to the church where the pastor concentrated on me and prayed for me.

“After I got better, the pastor started making sexual and financial demands.

“I could not face going back to the pain that I felt while I was sick, because I could tell he was powerful.

“He kept poking me for months until I said ‘enough’,” claimed Yvonne

Yvonne claimed the holy man milked her of more than R40 000.

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Drama as Woman Dies During 10 hour S3X Marathnon With Boyfriend

A man was charged with with murder after being accused of having S33X with his girlfriend until she died, according to police in Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

Police said that they have arrested 50-year-old Mashudhu Chauke, after he took Vi_agra and had S33X for many hours with 48-year-old Refilwe Zikalala.

According to the police investigations, Mashudhu and Refilwe were dating for several months. They both worked as street cleaners.

On Monday around 3:00 p.m., Mashudhu and Refilwe went to his apartment, where he took a S33Xual enhancement drug. The couple then had S33X for many hours.

At some point,Mashudhu noticed that Refilwe was unresponsive.

He looked down and saw a large amount of blood near her private parts. He called for help, but Refilwe could not be revived.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

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This Woman Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love..She is Older Than Me

I am 32 years old and my girlfriend is 31 years old. We’ve been together for 5 years and now live together in a nice house.

Sometime ago, I had serious medical problems and she gave me one of her kidneys to save my life.

However, things have been slowly fizzling out and I’ve been feeling like we don’t belong together for a few months now. I feel like if I don’t make a decision soon we will be married and I will feel this way forever.

But on the other hand, getting a kidney transplant has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I feel like staying together is the right thing to do even if I’m not in love anymore.

I’ll never be able to pay her back. I’m so torn and conflicted and feel like I have to make an impossible choice.

If I stay with her, I’ll always feel trapped and in a loveless relationship. If I break up with her, I’ll forever feel like an evil person for dumping someone who literally put their life on the line for me

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School Kids Caught Bonking in Public During School Trip

Two h_orny students out on a school trip in Durban, South Africa shocked fellow schoolmates when they started bo_nking at a bench in Durban’s Botanical Gardens where they had gone for an excursion.

The two, who are believed to be in grade 11 are said to have hooked up and do the did, prompting other students to records and cheer them on. It is also believed alcohol played a role in the delinquent behavior as one student said they had sneaked in some booze into their hotel at the beach front the night before.

One teacher who spoke to LiveMonitor said the two would face disciplinary action as soon as they go back to Mpumalanga where they are located.

“We came for a school trip for 5 days here in Durban and these kids have shamed us as a school. I can not believe what they did. To make matters worse, the girl in the video is the principal’s daughter”. Video of the scene started circulating in the school’s WhatsApp groups before being eventually leaked to the public at large.

The teacher also added that they would enforce more stringent measures for the duration of the trip to make sure something like this does not happen again

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14-year-old Girl Dies After Writing Exam..See Shocking Details

A 14-year-old student died after writing the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) on Wednesday.


The shocking incident happened after she finished sitting for her Mathematics and English papers on Tuesday in Samburu County area of Kenya.

According to The Kenyans, the little girl in Girgir Boarding Primary School, started complaining of stomach ache and began bleeding profusely before she was rushed to Archers Post Dispensary on Tuesday night.

Later, the incident intensified as she was transferred to Wamba Mission Hospital where she died on Wednesday morning after her parents were called.

Her death was confirmed by the Samburu County Police boss Mr Francis Kumut. Shockingly, the police boss disclosed that doctors suspected the girl had attempted an abortion before things took a tragic turn, adding that investigations had been launched into the incident.

“We received reports that the pupil was found bleeding heavily in the school’s dormitory by her matron. She was complaining of sharp stomach pains and was immediately taken to Archers Post Dispensary,” Mr Kumut told a local daily.

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I Caught My Husband On Top Of My Niece In Our Bed, I Divorced Him, He Married Her – Woman Narates

Grace Maina narrated how she caught her randy husband having s3x with her niece in their matrimonial bed.

She divorced him upon finding out that her niece was 4-month-old pregnant for her husband. A month after she left him, they got married. Read her full story below;i-caught-my-husband-on-top-of-my-niece-in-our-bed-i-divorced-him-he-married-her-woman-narates-1


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See What South African Women are now Doing to Make Their VEEJAY Beautiful

The things women do to look more attractive are utterly surprising and if you thought it is only about the face and physique, think again

Apparently more South African women are going for vagi_nal plumping which is medical procedure to make their vag_ina look youthful again

Normally, men do not mind how a woman’s ‘nunu’ looks like, they often appreciate how they were accommodated during a love-making session rather than the beauty of the vag_ina.

It, however, appears that some women are uncomfortable with how their outer lips (la_bia ma_jora) are hanging loosely especially after giving birth, deflating due to age or drastically losing weight.

Therefore, they go for a VEEJAY plumping which is a correctional procedure also known as Lab_ia Ma_jora enhancement which involves injecting fat from other parts of your body to the loose outer lips to return the vag_ina to its youthful looks (fat grafting).
A quick survey has revealed that women are actually doing it not only for their esteem but for the men in their lives.

“Men do not like seeing a dead cat and I would probably go for it if mine become loose,” a lady who requested not to be mentioned said.
“I would do it for my man because I do not see myself down there,” another one commented.
Doctors say that the advantage of this procedure is that nothing foreign is used to enhance the appearance and that the fat can stay for years to come.

If you are brave enough, below is a video that shows how this surgery is done:

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