Shock as Top Civil Servant Commits Suicide

A top Zimbabwean civil servant and former State Procurement Board (SPB) chairperson Charles Tawonerera Kuwaza died early today in a case of suicide.

According to The Herald, Mr Kuwaza reportedly leapt to his death from the 9th floor of Club Chambers building in Harare. The incident has caused a serious stir in the area.
It is said he was collecting documents to help with his defence in a matter before the courts.
Kuwaza was facing five counts of corruption involving over $1 million and ZW$2,5 billion. He was freed on $2 000 bail on March 24.
Sources at the scene of the tragedy said the former SPB boss went to his office around 11am. His wife who had accompanied then remained in the vehicle.
When the wife made a follow up some 40 minutes later, Kuwaza’s lifeless body was found crushed on the tarmac.
Details to follow…
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Horror as Student Kills His Beautiful Girlfriend and Hides Her Body in a Fridge (Photos)

A 25-year-old college student has been arrested by police for allegedly strangled his lover, Irene Kananu and stuffed her body in a fridge.

According to The Star, Abdulkarim Njoroge was arrested on Tuesday in Mtwapa, Mombasa, after a two-week search following the murder of Irene Kananu on March 31 in Kiambu. The victim’s body was found n*ked with her head, inside the refrigerator while her legs and hips were sticking out.

Njoroge allegedly strangled the HR officer after a row at her house in Kahawa Wendani.

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Kananu was an employee of chemical giant Henkel in Industrial Area. The pair reportedly fought after Kananu learnt that Njoroge had made pregnant a neighbor, his secret lover, who lived in the same flats. They frequently argued over claims of infidelity.

Kananu’s sister Catherine Nduta reported her missing on April 3 at Githurai Kimbo police station. She said Kananu’s mobile phone had been switched off. Police opened investigations and two days later, investigators broke into Kananu’s house where they found her dead. There were no visible wounds but pathologists said she was strangled.

Yesterday, Ruiru police chief Isaac Thuranira confirmed the arrest but declined to comment. Neighbours told police Njoroge was a regular visitor at Kananu’s house. Police said Njoroge drove out of the compound in Kananu’s car on April 3 alone. It is alleged he withdrew Sh40,000 from Kananu’s M-Pesa account, and used it to fuel the car.

Police said they intend to charge him with murder and theft of a motor vehicle and cash.

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Zimbabwe Now Collect Goats For Payment of School Fee

The government of Zimababwe has assented to the payment of school fees by parents using livestock or labour for the schools.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora said over the weekend that school authorities should be flexible and not turn away pupils because their parents have no money to pay tuition fees.

“Our schools have to be flexible and ensure those who do not have money to pay fees can work. For example, if there is a builder in the community, he/she must be given that opportunity to work as a form of payment of tuition fees,” he told local newspaper Sunday Mail.

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This was further elaborated by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango who was quoted by the newspaper saying payment using livestock is reserved for rural areas while those in towns and cities can pay by working for the school.

This option raised divergent views from parents while the country’s teachers’ association called for a change in the policy.

“I do not think that it’s sustainable with regards to parents in urban areas … so many parents have outstanding balances. Therefore, I am trying to imagine those 1 000-plus parents coming to work at a school … Why spend time doing manual labour at a school when they can go there to look for a good job?” Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association secretary-general John Mlilo was quoted.

This development follows the recent tabling of a bill in parliament to direct banks to accept livestock as collateral for cash loans to informal businesses.

The Movable Property Security Interests bill, if passed, will allow livestock and household appliances to be acceptable as collateral after evaluation and registration by the central bank.

Cash shortages hit Zimbabwe last year after the government threatened to grab all foreign companies operating in the country under the Indigenisation and Empowerment Law.

Banks in Zimbabwe were compelled to reduce withdrawal bank limits for customers to as low as US$40 per day per individual.

This has led to hundreds of ordinary Zimbabweans sleeping outside banks daily to get the much need cash.

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I Do It Like a P0rnstar! – Popular Pastor Confess During S1X Chat

Apostle Trevor Mawoyo, of the Christ in Action International Ministries in Zimbabwe, who allegedly pestered a college student for s*x, has been publicly shamed.

According to H-Metro, the controversial Highfield Suburb-based Apostle, in leaked explicit messages, boasted of being great in bed saying he got the expertise from watching pornographic material.

“Do you watch porn movies, l bet you do coz l f**k like porn stars even better than them,” part of the chat reads.

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“Man of God? l will expose you of your evil deeds, shame on you,” the student in response replies.

Shockingly, a pastor from his church, Papa Trevor, who seem to be aware of the shameful deeds, has also has a leaked chat where he is apologizing to the student on behalf of the Apostle.

When contacted for comment yesterday, Apostle’s phone was answered by Pastor Trevor who said Mawoyo travelled, but he confirmed the messages to be true.

However he said the Whatsapp messages were not sentby Apostle but someone else who stole his phone.

“Yes we heard something like that, but Apostle’s phone was stolen some time ago so someone sent those messages to tarnish his image,” he said before hanging up.

Pastor Trevor phoned the publication 30 minutes later pretending to be evasive.

“We use three different mobile numbers together and Apostle’s one is not on Whatsapp. Its people who want to destroy his ministry who are sending those messages, but they will not prevail.

“On Facebook there were six fake accounts in his name with people sending nude stuff and explicit messages of which we have since managed to close four so far.

“Otherpeople are also alleging that Apostle is a Satanist due to his miracles, they claim he got juju from Mozambique of which he has never stepped his foot in that country,” said Pastor Trevor.

In an effort to bribe this reporter, he later sent buddie airtime with a text message written, “blessing iyo airtime reganditaureneweinzwekutivanhu ava varikuitas ei.”

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Evil Woman Hacks Her 1-year-old Nephew to Death, Seriously Injures Another

A one-year old boy was killed and his five year old brother hospitalized after their aunt attacked them with a machete in Nyamonema village, Kisii County, Kenya on Wednesday, April 12th.

According to Nairobi News, the woman attacked the two siblings as they played outside their grandmother’s house. She allegedly slashed the minors several times, killing the younger one on the spot and seriously injuring the older sibling.

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Ms Elizabeth Bosire, the children’s grandmother, told Nation that she had gone to pick tea at her farm when she was disturbed by the distress calls of her grandchildren.

“I heard my grandchildren crying while calling for me and immediately dropped my basket to run home and find out what the problem was. I was just on time to find my daughter-in-law hacking my grandson on the head with a machete,” a tearful Ms Bosire said.

She screamed in a bid to ward off the attack and the assailant then fled the scene, leaving her to attend to the child who was bleeding profusely.

“I screamed and pleaded with my daughter to stop killing my grandchildren. At that point, she stopped and ran off, allowing me to pick up my grandchild and try to assist him. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around his head in an effort to stop the bleeding, and started running towards the road as I called on neighbours to help us,” said Ms Bosire.

The grandmother, together with her daughter Ms Lydia Kemunto, carried the two boys to the main road in an attempt to get help from neighbours.

“Together, we ran to the road and screamed as we sought our neighbours’ assistance. They assisted us rush the children to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital,” said Msbo

Lydia Kemunto, the children’s mother, recounted the painful final moments of her son’s life.

“I was in the farm tending to my maize crop when I heard the screams of my nephews and nieces. On rushing home I found my son lying prostrate on the ground with several wounds on his head,” said Ms Kemunto.

She said she picked up her son and headed for the road in a desperate attempt to get him to hospital.

“On my way to the road, I saw my mother-in-law holding my younger son who had a large, gaping and bleeding wound at the back of his head. Despite my many attempts to get a response from him, he remained quiet. We managed to rush them to hospital where my son was pronounced dead on arrival,” she said.

The suspect’s husband, Mr Dennis Bosire, said he had left for work at a quarry when he was alerted by villagers of the machete attack at his home

“On arrival at my home, I found neighbours and relatives gathered with the children having been rushed to hospital. The news of my wife’s act has left me stunned. I am yet to believe that she would do such a thing,” said Mr Bosire.

The local community policing coordinator Mr James Nyaata, who confirmed the incident said he had received a call from area assistant chief Francis Masese that a woman had attacked her nephews and was still on the loose.

“Mr Masese told me the suspect had escaped from the scene of crime while wielding the murder weapon and was still a possible threat to other residents. I took a boda boda and headed towards Otamba village where she hails from. On the way, I found a crowd at a tea farm in Masongo village attacking her armed with sticks, stones and other crude weapons,” said Mr Nyaata.

He told Nation that he pleaded with the crowd in an effort to rescue her from their wrath.

“When they finally let her go, I notified officers from Itumbe Police Station who came and took her into custody. She was treated for minor injuries at Gucha Hospital and discharged before being returned to police cells,” Mr Nyaata said.

Speaking on phone, Kisii County Police commander Agnes Mudambi said police had arrested the suspect and she was assisting them with investigations.

Residents expressed their shock at the incident, terming it a tragedy that had never previously happened in the village.

“We are in shock. The assailant and her husband had a stormy relationship, characterized by frequent fights. She set her house on fire one time last year, and we only managed to put it out by luck,” said Mr John Ombati, a resident.

He alleged the suspect was known to be mentally challenged, a claim denied by community policing chief Mr Nyaata.

“I have always known the suspect to be of sound mind. Today’s incident is a big shock to all of us,” he said.

The body of the minor is at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital awaiting postmortem.

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Most Wanted Notorious Female Terror Suspect Found Dead in Kenya (Photo)

One of Kenya’s most wanted terror suspects Fatuma Mohamed Masou is dead.


According to Daily Nation Kenya, Fatuma Mohamed Masou had a Sh2 million bounty on her head, and was the wife of slain terrorist Kassim Omondi, who was killed by police during a raid in 2013.

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On the run since September last year, her body was found in Kedong, near Naivasha, more than a month ago, but the police officers who stumbled upon her remains did not immediately identify her.

Her family did not show up for the brief burial ceremony at the Naivasha Muslim cemetery, but instead asked well-wishers to inter her remains.

Police put a bounty on Ms Masou’s head after they accused her of hiding yet another terrorist, Ishmael Shosi, who was killed in September last year during a raid in Mombasa.

They believed she was armed, dangerous and closely linked to jihadist networks in Somalia and the region.

Although she was arrested soon after her husband’s death in 2013, she was released after denying before a magistrate that she had been found in possession of assorted firearms, including two hand grenades and a gun.

And then, about a month ago, police officers stumbled upon two bodies in a field in Kedong, Naivasha.

After fingerprint identification, it turned out that the two were some of Kenya’s most wanted fugitives, said local police boss Titus Mathuku.

The other was Farid Omar Awadh, also on the police wanted list.

A Naivasha-based Muslim preacher, Adam Ali Hassan, on Sunday said family members had positively identified the two bodies before they were buried at the Naivasha Muslim cemetery.

“The family of Awadh came and positively identified the body,” said Mr Hassan. “We also got in touch with the family of Masou and, after giving them her physical descriptions, they confirmed that she was the one. They have given us the go-ahead to bury her.”

As news of her death sunk in on Sunday, police officers said they were also holding two men suspected of being Al-Shabaab militants sent by the terrorist organisation to launch attacks in Kenya during the Easter season.

Juma Mwangoh Athman, 24, was arrested Friday evening at his house in Shika Adabu, Likoni, after a raid by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).

Two hand grenades, pouches of an AK-47 rifle, a jungle jacket, 10 rounds of ammunition and one pair of binoculars were found in the house.

Coast regional CID boss Pius Macharia said his officers had been monitoring the suspect for some time.

“We are now questioning him to establish whether he has been involved in other terror-related activities,” said Mr Macharia.

The other suspect, Stephen Wagechi, was nabbed while sneaking into Mandera from Bula Hawa in Somalia. He recently converted to Islam and assumed the name Mohammed.

According to a police report seen by the Nation, Wagechi was born in Thika and was converted to Islam in 2014 at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology by a Mr Yusuf, who was also a student at the campus. He is expected in court on Tuesday.

The arrests come a day after police released a list of nine suspected terrorists that they said may either have sneaked into Kenya from Somalia or are in the final stages of planning to do so.

They are Habib Karongo, alias Jureyj; Juma Were; Mohamed Tajir; Abdullahi Jarso Kotola; Gufu Tari Gufu; and Ahmed Said Omar.

Others are Abubakar Abdikadir Abubakar; Issa Abdalla Kauni; and Fuad Abubakar Manswab.

Manswab is a close associate of one of the Western world’s most wanted terror suspects, Samantha Lewthwaite, and has been on international and local police radar since 2011.

He was first arrested alongside British terror suspect Jermaine Grant in December 2011, the same night Lewthwaite escaped a police dragnet in Kisauni, Mombasa.

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Serious Drama as Woman Strips N1ked Inside Shrine to Confess of Killing Her Son-in-law (Photos)

A woman caused uproar in a community after stripping n*ked to confess of causing the death of her son-in-law before Prophet Madzibaba Masango in Rugare area of Zimbabwe.

After the death of her husband, Yvonne Chivambe, 28, was forced by her in-laws to consult Madzibaba Masango popularly known in Rugare for spiritual intervention.

According to H-metro, the incident took place at the prophet’s shrine after he warned the family that the person who caused the death would go mad in two days and Yvonne’s mother Sheila Chiswa, 51, secretly returned to Madzibaba and confessed before stripping naked as she underwent a cleansing ceremony.

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Madzibaba Masango confirmed conducting the cleansing ceremony saying Gogo Chiswa returned secretly after experiencing bad omen.

“I have powers to send back evil to its sender and this elderly woman secretly returned after experiencing visions of the late Brighton in her dreams and woke up feeling ill,” said Madzibaba Masango.

“Since she confessed, I helped her and during the cleansing ceremony she stripped naked and I believe the evil spirit that was on her was leaving,” he added.

Yvonne told H-Metro that her in-laws abandoned the distribution of the deceased’s estate according to custom blaming her, Gogo Chiswa and her pastor Josiah Tarukwasha over causing the death of the late Brighton.

Tarukwasha, a Full Gospel Church of God Mabelreign assembly pastor was embroiled in the witch-hunting ceremony which left the elderly woman stripping.

Pastor Tarukwasha and his wife Lillian dismissed Yvonne from church premises where she was a caretaker following the death of her husband Brighton Chamutsa accusing her of consulting Madzibaba Masango.

The pastor’s decision to oust Yvonne left her bitter.

“Pastor Tarukwasha and his wife failed to keep their faith in God by refusing to stand with my family in times of sorrow considering that me and my late husband were faithfully safeguarding church property for almost 14 years,” said Yvonne.
“My mother is a friend of the pastor’s wife and the pastor was aware that my mother was against my marriage to Brighton but they decided to evict and expel me from church over seeking the cause of my husband’s death.

“They could not afford time to pray for my husband after he suffered a terrible head ache during the days he spent in hospital because my mother wanted my husband dead.
“My husband was the one who was repairing all damages at the church premises as well as electrical challenges faced at the premises.

“Pastor and his wife forced me to look for alternative accommodation at a time when my in-laws were causing me untold suffering accusing my mother of causing Brighton’s death.

“Vanatezvara vakandimanikidza kuti ndigarwe nhaka vachiti mhosva ndeyamai vangu ndikaramba vakandiramwira zvose vachida kutora motokari mbiri dzakasara chete, it’s unfair.

“My children are asking me daily why the Pastor expelled us from church and it’s so disheartening.

“I am not sure if my mother is the one behind the death of my husband but her secret visit to Madzibaba raised more questions given that she stripped during the cleansing ceremony,” said Yvonne.

Contacted for comment, Pastor Tarukwasha confirmed expelling Yvonne and evicting her saying her issue was complicated.

“Is Yvonne the one who gave you the story, if so believe what she told you since she is the wife of the late Brighton who was accommodated at church premises,” said Pastor Tarukwasha.

“But mmmm where are you can we meet at a different place from your workplace for discussions,” said Pastor Tarukwasha.

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WICKED WORLD! Beautiful Girl R1ped and Killed 50-meters Away From Her Home (Photos)

The body of a teenager believed to have been raped, murdered and dumped close to her home has thrown entire Jamasi township into mourning.

This shocking incident happened in Ghana.
Sophia Amma Ibrahim, a hair braider apprentice, did not return home when she left for work on Good Friday morning at Jamasi near Ejisu.

Her lifeless half-nak3d body was later found about 50-meters away from her home in front of an uncompleted building faced upwards with her mouth foaming.

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Lying few meters from the body were her black shoes. Her underwear was also discovered inside the uncompleted house.
Residents who thronged the scene early Saturday morning after the elder sister had raised an alarm wept uncontrollably. They believe that the deceased was raped and murdered.

That suspicion is also shared by Ayishetu Ibrahim, her sister. Ayishetu first found the body of her sister after informing a cousin of the deceased’s failure to return home the previous night.

Where the girl’s body found

She told Nhyira FM that her sister was murdered somewhere by someone who knows her and the body was brought to the vicinity to cover up.

Her suspicion was, however, confirmed after some children playing on a refuse dump in a location within the Jamasi Township found Sophia’s purse which contained her Voter’s ID card.

Personnel from the regional Crime Scene team with the support of the Ejisu police led by District Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police Stephen Sarfo Tenkorang, were at the scene to begin investigations.

The scene was electrified with grief as residents upon seeing the lifeless body of Sophia popularly referred to as ‘strong woman’ being carried and zipped into a cadaver pouch.
DSP Tenkorang will not give further details except to say nobody has been arrested in connection with the suspected murder. Nhyira News sources say an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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Meet the Female Burglar Who Broke Into 29 Homes While She Was Heavily Pregnant (Photo)

An unrepentant female Zimbabwean burglar Emily Gwembe, who tasted freedom last year through Presidential pardon will return to prison after she was recently slapped with a 12-year jail term by a Mutare magistrate on 29 counts of unlawful entry.

According to The Manica Post, the jail bird gave detectives a hard time to document all her cases resulting in the police applying for a warrant for further detention which was duly granted.

Emily Gwembe (34) of House 4428 Area C, Dangamvura, Zimbabwe was convicted on her own guilty plea to all counts when she appeared before Mr Lazarus Murendo last Friday.

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She was being charged for contravening Section 131 (1) as read with Section 131 (2) (a) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act.

Surprisingly, she committed most of her crimes while heavily pregnant and when she was finally arrested and brought before the courts she had a two-week old baby. As soon as she got out of prison last year through the Presidential Amnesty, Gwembe got back to her old ways.

She duplicated keys to people’s houses and stole property in broad day light. Using the same modus operandi she pounced on many houses and in no time police in Mutare Urban District received overwhelming unlawful entry reports.

Gwembe, who was holding her baby in court, pleaded for forgiveness, saying she continued with her old habit in order to fend for her family.
Mr Murendo could have none of her pleas.

He said the suspect deserved nothing else but a custodial sentence as she had proved to be an unrepentant habitual criminal who committed a series of offences soon after being released from prison last year.

“The offences you committed are of a serious nature and cannot be forgiven that easily. You pounced on unsuspecting residents and stole their valuables.

“The only option is a custodial sentence as you still need to reform from your wayward ways. Your behaviour is not expected to be coming from a woman and therefore the need to warn other young ladies out there who might be seeing you as a role model,” said Mr Murendo.

Public prosecutor, Mr Fletcher Karombe, told the court that Gwembe stole property valued at more than $10 000 from 29 different houses in Dangamvura, Chikanga and Hob-house high density suburbs.

The court heard that sometime in August last year Pamela Matovanyika from Hob-house left home after locking doors to her house. The suspect came and used a duplicate key to open the main door. She gained entry and stole blankets, groceries and cash amounting to $1 210.

She disappeared without being noticed. At some instances she broke locked doors and windows using an iron bar.

“In September last year she used an iron bar to break into Tafadzwa Mandimutsira’s house in Hobhouse and stole property worth $400,” said Mr Karombe.

When asked how she executed the break-ins Gwembe said she would take time to observe her victim’s lifestyle and later steal their keys which she duplicated. With no one at home, she pounced and stole property.

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Drama as Security Guard is Caught Bonking With a Married Woman

A married Zimbabwean man from Kuwadzana, identified as a security guard was caught between the sheets with a married woman in Rugare on Wednesday morning.

According to H-Metro, the man, Innocent Gweso, 41, visited his married lover, Sunungurai Chavhunga, 34, and the two were caught by the latter’s husband Anyway Manjera, 38, following a tip off.

Innocent and Sunungurai have been in love for more than a year using the latter’s matrimonial bedroom to quench their sexual appetite, at least according to the two’s confession at the scene along Matumba Road in Rugare.

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Residents took turns to assault Innocent while others captured the drama forcing Innocent to attack Anyway who was detaining him as he called his in-laws.

“I was saved from further attacks by a member of the police neighborhood watch committee, Regis, popularly known as 04 from further beatings, they could have killed me,” said Innocent.

Innocent’s wife and children were called to the scene before he was taken to Warren Park police station over assault.

“Sunungurai asked me to pass through her house since we have been lovers for sometime unaware that her husband had been tipped by her neighbours. We were caught and could not finish the act.

“I am married with four kids but hey inotambika wangu tanga tane nguva tichidanana saka vanhu vanenge vachiona, I am trying to negotiate with Anyway so as to settle the issue.

“I have been attacked with iron bars and bricks forcing me to assault Anyway since I wanted to gain freedom from his packed bedroom,” said Innocent.

Sunungurai told H-Metro that she fell in love with Innocent after meeting him during the night following a quarrel with her husband.

“Innocent comforted me on the day my husband assaulted me during the night and from that day we have been seeing each other and he helps me financially.

“I love my husband and I regret my actions,” said Sunungurai.

Sungurai’s church members attended the scene and they called her names over her actions given her influence in women’s gatherings.

Anyway showed H-Metro injuries he sustained after he was attacked by Innocent saying he has forgiven Sunungurai since she is an orphan.

“My wife never thought that I was to return home and I forced the locked door open and caught them busy,” said Anyway.

“I shouted for help as Innocent became violent trying to escape and my neighbours came quickly and they assaulted him.

“Innocent got hold of my hand and strangled me and he got hold of an iron bar and attacked me as he tried to leave the room after he dressed up.

“After calling my in-laws they could not make it. My wife’s real parents are late and I do not see any reason to complicate her life by divorcing since we have two children together.

“Innocent must give me something like US$200 for being disrespectful and undressing me by having s*x with my wife,” said Anyway.

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