DEVIL Man Stabbed His 9-month-old Baby, Cut Her Throat and Dumped Body Outside his House (Photos)

The residents of Glen Norah A in the Harare area of Zimbabwe, were on Monday left in total shock after a 24-year-old man, Vincent Sakutukwa, stabbed his 9-month-old baby daughter to death during a scuffle with the mother.

According to a report by H-Metro, baby Tanatswa became the victim when the father missed his wife identified only as Memory and stabbed the baby.

It was gathered that the heartless man who went on to finish off the baby by cutting its throat and dumping the body outside the house after his wife escaped from the attack, disappeared from the scene only to be spotted somewhere else n*ked.

While speaking to a correspondent, one of the neighbours said that Vincent was spotted n*ked hiding at a hill near Mukivisi River after he hurled stones at neighbours who failed to apprehend him threatening to stab anyone who came close to him.

“He was spotted n*ked by someone who was coming from prayers and they clothed Vincent as he pretended to be insane,” said one of the neighbours.

“I want to believe that Vincent is not mentally challenged since he is studying towards a Diploma in Business Marketing but could have been attacked by evil spirits since his wife once mentioned that he would act like a baboon before the heinous act,” said the neighbour.

A family representative said; “We are still in shock that we cannot give a comment at the same time his wife is still mourning.”

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Commotion as Woman Gives Birth to Puppies in After Having S3X With Family Dog

A 24-year-old female tourist from Germany has reportedly given birth to a litter of German Shepherd puppies in Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province after being hospitalized with severe stomach pains.


According to, Doctors at a Western Cape private hospital in South Africa were surprised to see Kedder go into labor, as she didn’t know she was pregnant.

“It was even more of a shock when three tiny puppies came out instead of a baby,” said Dr. Brown of the Medical Center where Kedder gave birth to her ‘puppies’.

“To be honest, we didn’t know this was possible. It’s both a marvel of modern medicine and extremely disturbing at the same time.”

Kedder admits that while she was recently living at home, she would often have sex with the family dog, Jonsey, because she couldn’t find a date.

It all started when my parents moved to a new place while we were still based in Germany. I lost my job, and my boyfriend dumped me too,” said Kedder. “I didn’t have time to meet any new guys while I was applying for jobs, so I would sometimes have sex with Jonsey our dog, just to relieve myself of too much stress.

I don’t think it was wrong. He’s a big dog, and he wasn’t hurt by it. In fact, he really seemed to like it. I know I did. And besides, back in our country having sex with an animal is not a crime, and I don’t giving birth to an animal would either be a crime here provided the act wasn’t committed in this country,” she said.

According to Dr. Brown, Kedder’s birth is the first on record for an inter-species relationship.

“This opens up a lot of doors in science and medicine that we thought were closed,” said Dr. Brown.

“The fact that her eggs were able to be implanted by canine sperm, it’s just, well it’s just amazing. Still really, really gross, but definitely amazing.”

While it a crime to have sex with an animal in South Africa, however in Germany it is not a crime at all. A 2013 report from the Daily Mail News warned that bestiality brothels are spreading throughout Germany. The sam way you hire a prostitute here, is the same way you hire any animal for sex in German.

People are calling it a “lifestyle choice” when wanting to commit to having relations with animals. The bestiality brothels are referred to as “erotic zoos.”

Bestiality brothels are raging through Germany because of a law that makes animal x-rated films illegal, but sex with animals is still okay.

In one case, a German farmer noticed that his flock of sheep started to shy away from human contact. So he added cameras and found that during the evenings, men were sneaking onto his land to have sex with his animals.

– CrazyNews

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Drama as 2 Lovebirds Are Allegedly Caught Having S1x Inside Ladies Toilet at a Popular Movie House

Two lovebirds were yesterday allegedly caught by security personnel having s*x in one of the toilets at the popular Eastgate movie house in Harare, Zimbabwe.


According to H-Metro, the couple, only identified as Lora and Nox, were said to have decided to quench their s*xual appetite at Eastgate along Robert Mugabe Way, in the ladies toilet.

Nox and his lover denied using the ladies toilet as their love nest despite being caught by the security personnel.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene, the two were still detained and being quizzed by the security personnel on what they were doing in the toilet.

“I talked to the girl, but she denied the act saying she is on her menstrual period and had gone to change her pads in the ladies room. She said her boyfriend had gone to buy her pads and brought them, but decided to wait for her while she changed. I called a female employee so that she could go and check if she was telling the truth, but she (Lora) refused.”

Lora was heard begging the security personnel to let her go saying: “Please, can you let me go because you have already humiliated me. If I don’t get home in time my mother would be hospitalized because of her ill-health. It is now late and she is expecting me home. Please I am begging you. I have to go home,” she said. Nox on the other hand, could not shed more light on what had transpired, but said nothing happened while they were inside.

“This guy is overzealous and I don’t know why he is behaving in that manner because nothing happened. He even beat me so that I could admit, but all I can say is that nothing happened,” he said.

When H-Metro left, the two were being taken to police by one of the security personnel.

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Pastor’s S2k Tape With Church Member Leaks as He Took ‘Do33y’ To A Whole New Level

This pastor obviously couldn’t resist the desires of his flesh and his sekz tape which he apparently shot himself has been leaked on the internet.

From what Ijozi gather, the man is a pastor in the US was exposed by one Facebook user known as Bidlin Bessard.

Bidlin Bessard leak the video of the pastor with teenage church member enagaging in s3k act.

According to the person who made the leak, the mother of the girl who was smashed in the video fainted after seeing the video of their church pastor smashing their daughter..

We also learned that the video was recorded by another church member who was in the room—Perhaps pastor was having a thr33some!

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Commotion as Women Go Mad, Stripped Publicly After Bathing in Juju Water (Photo)

Two Zimbabwean women from Bulawayo spent a night at Hillside Police Station after they went berserk and walked around completely n*ked following a ritual.

According to The Chronicle, residents had to call the police after they failed to control the two women who started behaving bizarrely, with their children also n*ked after they reportedly bathed with water mixed with herbs sought from a traditional healer.

The two, whose names could not be established yesterday, were arrested on Monday.

They reportedly sought services of the traditional healer after they suspected that their father-in-law was s*xually abusing them using mubobobo.

Mubobobo is said to be a supernatural way that enables a man to have s*x with a woman from a distance without her consent or knowledge.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident, saying the women have since been released.

“We received a report of two women who were arrested for public indecency. They spent a night in the cells and were released the following morning,” said Insp Simango.

Sources at Hillside Police Station said after they got back to their senses the women who are married to brothers, told police officers that they used herbs sought from a traditional healer to stop their father-in-law from abusing them.

“The women are married and their husbands are out of the country. They decided to consult a traditional healer after they suspected that their father-in-law was s*xually abusing them using mubobobo.

“I think there was something wrong with the herbs they were given by the traditional healer. They started behaving in a strange manner and walked around n*ked together with their children,” said a witness who declined to be named.

He said neighbours had to call the police after they failed to control them.

He said a report was made to the police who took the women to Hillside Police Station.

A dramatic video circulating on social media shows police officers struggling to apprehend the two as they resisted arrest.

Their four n*ked children screamed in terror as their mothers were being arrested. One of the women shouted at the police officers.

Scores of people took time to film the dramatic scene while others watched in disbelief.

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Married Doctor & Student Nurse Fired After Their S3x Video Leak

Thulasizwe Hospital in South africa has reportedly dismissed a medical doctor and a student nurse after a video of them having se_x which recently leaked is said to have had a negative impact on the reputation of Thulasizwe Hospital.

According to Live Monitor, Thabang Tshabalala and Kozondu Zulu are seeking the review of their charges and their subsequent dismissal from practicing medicine.

The two were accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship sometime in 2016.

They were each charged on September 1 , 2016 with a single count of contradicting the National Health Act. They were both dismissed from the hospital last week.

Thabang was a reputable medical doctor while Kozondu was a student nurse based at the same hospital

In their amended notice of motion lodged through their attorney, Malcolm Gobhoza of Lunga Attorneys and filed on September, 2, 2016 the couple is challenging the policy that was used to dismiss them from employment.

According to the couple they recorded themselves for fun and they never intended to leak the controversial video.”This is strictly a private video it only leaked 2 weeks after my laptop was stolen” claimed the disgruntled medical doctor.

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Land of The Dead Bodies! UN Discovers 17 Mass Graves in Congo

United Nations investigators have discovered 17 mass grave sites in central Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing the total to 40 documented in an area where the army has clashed with a local militia, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

The sites were reportedly dug by Congolese soldiers after fighting with the Kamuina Nsapu militia in Kasai Central province in late March, a UN statement said.

“At least 74 people, including 30 children, were reported to have been killed by soldiers as a result of these clashes,” Reuters quoted UN as saying in the statement.

A government spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The government has previously denied that soldiers have used disproportionate force against militia members and said the militia had dug the graves.

The Kamuina Nsapu uprising has become the most serious threat to President Joseph Kabila, whose decision to stay in power after his mandate ran out in December stoked lawlessness in the vast central African nation.

More than 400 people have been killed in fighting in Kasai Central since last August, when Congolese forces killed the tribal militia’s leader, Kamuina Nsapu, escalating the conflict.


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Shameful Act! Beautiful Married Nurse Caught Cheating on Her Husband (Photos)

Two Harare Central Hospital married nurses’ having an illicit affair have been exposed following recent discovery of WhatsApp love messages by the female nurse’s husband on Monday.

According to H-metro, Tsitsi Darare, 33, who made headlines in 2013 for cheating with a medical doctor, is at it again, this time with a married nurse Tafadzwa Jackson.

Their workplace romance came to light after Tsitsi’s husband, only identified as Baba Ruth caught her chatting with Jackson and grabbed the mobile phone and went through their conversations.

Baba Ruth disclosed to H-Metro that he has lost patience with Tsitsi forcing him to engage her parents over her behaviour given that she once cheated with a medical doctor in 2013.

“I want to believe that Tsitsi’s behaviour is almost similar to a whore because this is not her first time to cheat, she was published in newspapers in 2013 over cheating with a married doctor,” said Baba Ruth.

“She was chatting with Jackson while I was seated in the room, imagine, atotindivara nechipfambi yavanhundira mutsime inosvibisa panoiraramisa.

“When other nurses will be busy treating patients, Tsitsi and Jackson will be busy salivating to have sex, that is what I read from their conversations, she asked him for time to have sex.

“I have lost patience with this woman and my worry is about our kids and I considered their fate when I decided to forgive Tsitsi on the first incident.

“Her parents were not home when I took my kids there to have a meeting because I discovered from the messages that Tsitsi’s young sister is aware of the illicit affair and Jackson visits their house.

“To make matters worse she pretends to be an ardent follower of Christianity and attends church services every week unaware that she is a whore who cannot get sexual satisfaction from one man,” he said in the company of his two kids.

He showed H-Metro more photographs of Tsitsi partying with men in Chitungwiza.
Contacted for comment, Tsitsi denied cheating with Jackson despite the messages caught blaming Baba Ruth for cheating first.

“I sent love messages to Jackson I work with not that I am in love with him, ini ndikati kwamuri I love you does that mean we are in love,” said Tsitsi.

“He confronted me over the messages and I explained to him that I am not in love with Jackson but he failed to understand it.

“As for the photographs he showed you those are my classmates and we were having fun not that there is one I am in an affair with.

“Please do not publish that story. It is better for me to bring another story of my husband cheating with a lady because he wants to fix me,” said Tsitsi.

Tsitsi’s mother Mai Darare confirmed the mishap urging Baba Ruth to resolve his differences with Tsitsi amicably.

“Tsitsi’s husband came here but could not see me since I was attending a funeral but I urge him to resolve his differences with Tsitsi amicably,” said Mai Darare.

“I heard that he has packed his belongings and left the house but he has to remember that tomorrow he will be together with his wife and kids,” she added.

Efforts to reach Jackson were fruitless as his mobile went unanswered by the time of going to print.

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Horror as 44 Passengers Perished as Bus Falls Into River (Photo)

No fewer than 44 people were killed when a passenger bus fell into a river in India’s northern mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday.


The bus rolled off the road and fell 500 metres into the Tons river in the Nerwa region, local police officer Narender Singh said.

“Forty-four people including at least 10 women and children died in the bus crash that occurred around noon,” Singh said from the site of the accident.

Police and local agencies reached the scene and were carrying out rescue operations.

Officials said the death toll was likely to go up as bodies were still being extricated from the river. Local media reported that there were a total of 56 passengers in the bus headed to the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand.

India has the highest number of traffic fatalities in the world. An average of 135,000 people die on the country’s roads each year, according to government data.

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Shock as Man Suddenly Disappears After Cooking for His Son and Nephew

A South African family were left in shock of their life after their father suddenly went missing.

According to Daily Sun SA, the man identified as Butiki Sepitla (57) surprised his son and nephew by preparing a meal for them – something he never did.

He even set the table and gave them cold drinks. But then he disappeared before giving them the food.

Morena Sepitla (26), his son, said they eventually went to the kitchen because Butiki had been gone for a long time.

When they couldn’t find him there, they assumed he must have gone to the shop. So they dished up for themselves.

“When it got dark we started to look for him but he was nowhere to be found,” said Morena. “The next day I kept some of the food he had cooked, hoping he would be back.”

Ditaba Sepitla (35), Butiki’s nephew, said his uncle seemed happy before he disappeared.

“If he had problems, he was hiding them well.”

He said they have looked for him in hospitals and mortuaries but he is nowhere to be found.

“We have asked the local radio station to ask people to help us look for him. We have even searched in homeless shelters,” Ditaba said.

His sister Moliehi Manyasha (60) said they have buried three people in their family who suffered from depression.

“I’m afraid of losing my brother, too.”

She appealed to SunReaders for help.

“I know many people read Daily Sun and they might have seen him. If he comes home I will force him to go for counselling because I believe he is depressed.”

Captain Michael Mbewe, Mamelodi East police spokesman, said a missing person’s case was opened and police are investigating.

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