Call of Death: Checkout 6 Famous Boxing Stars Who Died Fighting in the Ring (Photos)

LAS VEGAS - SEPTEMBER 17: Jesus Chavez (L) lands a left hook against Leavander Johnson during the IBF Lightweight World Title Bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 17, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chavez defeated Johnson by TKO in the 11th round. Credit: Getty Images

It is very usual that a boxer will get injuries during his game. It’s a part of the game.

Each and every boxer gets several injuries but some of them become very serious. Even they have suffered for that injury over a long period. But although very rare still many famous boxers have died in the ring.

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According to the statistics approx 500 boxers died in the ring till now since the rule Marquis of Queensberry was introduced in the year 1884. Just imagine about the number and how pathetic about the boxers who donated their life for the sake of game.

Here we will be naming few of these boxers who donated their life in boxing.

List of Boxers who have Died in the Ring:

1. Brad Rone:

Brad Rone being knocked out

This incident occurred on 2003 when Brad Rone competed with Billy Zumburn. At the end of the first round Billy gave several punches to Rone and after that as Rone was walking towards the corner he fell down and expired.

2. Leavander Johnson:

Leavander Johnson takes a punch

An American boxing champion Leavander Johnson died in his dressing room slight after the boxing match in 2005. His match was against Mexican fighter Jesus Chavez. The match was cancelled early by the referee after Leavander got a bunch of punches from the opponent.

3. Benjamin Flores:

Benjamin Flores

Flores was a professional Mexican boxer. In 2009, in a match with Al Seeger he died due to massive brain injury. He was taken from the ring in a stretcher. The match continued till the eighth round.

4. Becky Zerlentes:

Becky Zerlentes

Here it is quite different as Becky was a female boxer and she was amateur. She was also a martial artist. In 2005, she was knocked down by Heather Schmitz, where she fell unconscious in the ring and fell down and never woke up. Probably she is the first female boxer to die in the ring.

5. Kim Duk-Koo:

Kim Duk-Koo takes a beating

Kim was a South Korean boxer who died in the World championship boxing match against Ray Mancini. After his death some rules were changed by the World Boxing Federation specially the rounds were reduced to 12 from 15.

6. Frankey Campbell:


Frankey Campbell

He was a heavyweight boxer and Italian-American in nature. He was killed by a future heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer in the ring on 1930 in San Francisco. The match continued till the fifth round.

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