BEWARE! Top 6 People That are Likely to Kill you in Nigeria

1. Niger Delta Militants

While the Boko Haram sect has left some parts of the Northeast unsettled, militants within the the Southsouth region have given many within the Niger Delta region, cause to fear for their lives.

The militants are of the opinion that their fight is a right course to give back justice to the region, however, their actions have proven to a great extent to be detrimental to the Niger Delta people. This is because, when the Nigerian military comes raiding, it is not only the militants that get affected.

There have been several cases of the wrong persons being arrested or killed in the course of military actions against the militants. Also actions like blowing up gas lines and vandalizing oil pipelines, have also not been in favour of the people, as the source of livelihood is threatened, a situation which could further lead to the death of the

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