Calabar Tragedy! “We Tried to Stop Our Husbands from Going to the Viewing Centre” – Mourning Wives Reveals

Two housewives on Saturday lamented that they did everything to prevent their husbands from going to the viewing centre to watch the return leg match of Europa League match between Manchester United and Anderlecht on the ill-fated day when they were electrocuted in Nyaghassang Community in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State

One of the women, Mrs. Elizabeth Alex Samuel, a mother of a year-old child, who is now a widow as a result of the incident said, if her late husband, Samuel, had taken to her constant advice, and warning, perhaps he wouldn’t have died at the viewing centre that fateful night.

The woman, who was in a sober mood when she narrated her ordeal, said after the incident happened, her husband was among those evacuated to the hospital, but she learnt the following day that he was among those who died.

Narrating her ordeal, Mrs. Samuel who was carrying her child said, “Every day I warned him not to watch football in that viewing centre. That night, he went to watch football. The next thing I heard shouting and they said people have died. I was waiting I did not see him. I heard they had rushed him to the hospital. I was crying throughout. It was yesterday (Friday) they came and told me that my husband was dead”.

On a similar note, another woman who gave her name as Mary Okon said her husband, Mr. Emmanuel Okon, lost his life to the incident. Mary said she tried to stop her late husband from going to the viewing centre that night because she wanted him to eat, and stay at home with the family.

She said her late husband, who was a Manchester United fan, left to watch the match despite her asking him to stay back, and eat the food she was preparing.

“I was boiling rice for him and then he decided to go and watch the match. I told him to stay back and eat but he said I should come and meet him when it was ready. When the incident happened I went there to look for him and when I found him he was not moving. There were bodies lying on the floor everywhere. I carried him with the help of his nephew, but he was not responding. His body was cold. With the help of a neighbour who is a taxi man, we carried him to the hospital where we were told he was dead,” she said, while sobbing.

Also speaking, Godswill Okon, a nephew to the late woman’s husband said: “That evening, me and my uncle were just joking about the match. He is a Man U fan and I am a Chelsea fan. So, we were playfully arguing, and I told him Man U will lose. He said no way that they would win. So, when it was time for the match, he called me to go with him and watch, but I felt somehow and decided not to go.

“Normally, I would have been there to watch the game, but I suddenly did not feel too well. People were even surprised that I did not go to watch. It was while we were at home that we heard the noise, and we went out; and I got there and saw my uncle dead. My uncle was a very loving and kind person. He was the one who was taking care of me. My school fees, accommodation, feeding, clothes, everything. I don’t know what I would do now that he is gone. Who would come to our help?”, he lamented.

Meanwhile, former Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa yesterday promised to build a standard viewing centre at Nyaghassang Community, Calabar Municipality in memory of people who died at the viewing centre in the community.

Ita-Giwa said she was making the promise on behalf of mothers of the Efik Kingdom, whom she led to visit the victims of the viewing centre tragedy. She put the blame of the incident on those she described as the political class, saying the sad event was an indictment on them.

“We as mothers of the Efik Kingdom feel the pains of the mothers, wives and children of those who died here. We are here to sympathise and commiserate with them. We appreciate the President for showing sympathy for what has happened. We are not going to stop there and let this slide. We are going to set up a help line with designated help lines to help victims of the incident.

“We will build a viewing centre to commemorate the people that died here. We call on football lovers, football stars, Manchester United to come and help government to alleviate the problems of the victims.

“What shocked me when I got here was the state of the place where people paid N50 to come and watch football. I am here as a mother but I would not also deny the fact the fact that I am a politician. So these are the kind of things I see as a politician that make me feel very guilty that the people are not living well in this country, because under normal circumstances these are some of the things a representative should provide. These are some of the things that keep the boys off crime.

“Nigerians are great football enthusiasts. We will try to forestall future occurrences to see the state of other viewing centres to prevent further loss of lives. As mothers, we will do our best to alleviate the pains of the people. We share the pains. We urge football lovers, don’t allow this make you lose your interest in football; don’t let it wane your passion for football,” Ita-Giwa said.

Responding, the secretary of the Nyaghassang Community, Iso Bassey Edim, thanked Ita-Giwa and the Efik mothers for the gesture. Edim said the community was working towards completing the exact figure of victims of the incident.

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Nigerian Men Should Go After Secondary School Girls – Secondary School Teacher Advises

An English teacher at the Federal Science and Technical College, Akwa, Immanuel Ifediata advise Nigerian men to leave Instagram slay queens alone as they are not loyal and go after secondary school students or those who just finished their WASSCE or NECO exams.

Immanuel wrote:

In this era of slay queens and Instagram celebs, it is very difficult to find a single, decent, beautiful, intelligent, and mature lady that is worth settling down with.

Almost every fine girl now has the ‘runs girl’ mentality. Gone are the days when ladies choose their partners based on prospects. Now, it’s based on wallet. Working class ladies too have also developed this ‘runs girl’ mentality that ‘my man must reward me financially’ as if relationship is an employment.

I tell you, if you need a girl who hasn’t yet been corrupted by the ‘runs girl’ mentality, you will have to keep an eye on senior secondary school girls. Once the girl you like finishes her WASSCE and NECO exams, propose to her.
These young ones are very loyal and naive.
Last week, one girl I like in the unity college where I teach approached me after their WASSCE exam and told me she was hungry.
So I told her to go to the tuck shop and take anything she wants to eat. I expected her to consume, at least, N500 but by the time I came to pay the bill, the sales girl said it’s N100. I burst into laughter.
Go and catch them young. Leave the old cargoes for those who willingly decide to be their maga.

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Early signs to confirm that you are pregnant before you miss your period

Pregnancy is a gift to the married couple. Couples would normally desire to have a child right after they get married since it will make them the feel satisfied once they bear a child.

Pregnancy test kits are the most convenient way to know whether or not the female is pregnant, it’s a little costly to some extent but the joy of seeing the two lines is unbearable.
However, expecting a baby isn’t always what you want to hear from your parents or our boyfriend. A lot of women today are afraid of bearing a child due to a financial crisis and the never ending responsibilities it will come with.

The mere thought of having a human inside of you for 9 months is fairly scary. For those who are not ready to have a baby, we can give you the signs and symptoms before you have to use a kit to confirm your pregnancy.

-Periods become late than usual. Although you need a month to know, you will have clues sinc you won’t be getting the usual symptoms you have before getting you period.

-Vomiting doesn’t happen only in the morning. The hormone levels will destabilize which causes you to have slower digestion, having the urge to puke at most times.
-The genitals feel a little swollen. It gets uncomfortable down there and you can’t do anything to relieve it.

-The breasts will swell too and might hurt if you don’t use underwire bras.

-Having cramps even though you’re far from your menstrual date. This will become quite often in the first few weeks.

-Going to the bathroom to urinate will surely happen a lot of times. Your uterus will start to expand and lower the capacity of your bladder to hold urine.
-Feeling of sleepiness anytime of the day. It seems like you need more rest since there are two people needing it now.

-Being hungry at the middle of the night. The unusual cravings will start from then on. You will also feel a lot more sensitive and irritated towards a lot of things.

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Shocking Reason Why Should Never Go To Bed With Wet Hair! MUST READ

The weather is sometimes unpredictable these days. And If in this weather, you consider of going to bed with wet hair, you must think twice.
The chance of catching cold when sleeping with wet hair depends on the temperature of the bedroom. The loss of heat energy is more if the temperature of the room is much less than the normal.

Common cold is caught by a virus and not by wet hair…

But some studies reveal that spending more time in a colder room with wet hair makes the body more susceptible to the virus. Thus, going to bed with wet hair must be avoided unless the room is warm and airy.

And if you are planning to go to bed with wet hair, we have some easy tricks to wake up with gorgeous hair in the morning!

1) Making waves

Flip your head upside down and create four loose and messy buns of twisted (but not tightly) hair and tie the buns individually. You’ll wake up with wonderful curls in the morning!

You can blow dry your hair for a while before tying them in a messy bun to create more curls.

2) Braiding

Braid your damp hair before going to bed to wake up with luscious locks in the morning. Don’t keep the braids too tight. Remove the braids in the morning, shake your head and let the braids open naturally.

3) The Scrunchie/Sock technique

If you are troubled by hair creasing in your sleep, loosely tie your hair above your head using a scrunchie and secure it in a bun. If you don’t find a scrunchie at that moment, use a sock by cutting its top and use it as a hair tie instead.

4) Plopping

This is a pretty easy technique for hair styling. Flip your wet hair and pile it on a thin cotton towel (cotton t-shirts give the best result) and wrap it tightly above your head. Fluff your hair in the morning after removing the towel and win the world!

5) Change your bedding

If you want to wake up with straight hair, use a silk bedding. The smooth fabric of the silk provides less friction to your hair and keeps it smooth and straight.
It’s time to flaunt your beautiful hair after a sound sleep!


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Buhari Orders The Immediate Suspension Of Amaechi, Others..Read Details

President Muhammadu Buhari, has ordered the 3-man Presidential Panel Probing Committee, headed by Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, to suspend all government officials, including Ministers, linked in both the Ikoyi loot and grass cutting scandal.

The Panel, comprising the National Security Adviser, NSA, Babagana Monguno, and the Attorney-General of the Federation, AGF, Abubakar Malami, is probing the allegations of violations of law and due process, made against the suspended SGF, in the award of contracts under the Presidential Initiative on the North-East, and the $43 Million recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in Ikoyi.

The Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, on Friday, had tendered bulky “evidential” documents, regarding the recovered fund.

Recall, that the Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi, had already been linked to the Ikoyi scandal, by the former Minister of Aviation, Fani-Kayode, and Lere Olayinka, Spokesman to the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose.
Already, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Babachir Lawal, and the Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency, Ayo Oke, had been suspended, as major actors in the alleged corruption episode.

The Panel, constituted on Wednesday, was given a 14-days deadline, to submit its report to Buhari.

The source said: “The President has authorised the panel to suspend all government officials linked to the two cases. He has asked the panel to do this, even before the conclusion of its assignment.

“The President has been informed of the involvement of other government officials in the two issues being investigated. More officials have been linked to these cases, and Mr President has given the panel the mandate to suspend more people.”

Another source hinted that President also instructed the Committee to do a thorough job.

He said though Buhari had confidence in the Panel’s members, he wanted them “to leave no stone unturned.”

The suspended SGF and the NIA Director-General on Wednesday, appeared before the Investigation Panel, hours after the Presidency announced their suspension.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, said in a statement, that the Panel “will conduct its work with utmost diligence, and without fear or favour.”

Source: post-nigeria

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JUST IN! Sen. Isiaka Adeleke’s Burial Postponed

The burial of Sen. Isiaka Adeleke, which was earlier scheduled for 4:00pm on Sunday, has been postponed.

Adeleke, a former civilian governor of Osun, died in the earlier hours of Sunday at Biket Hospital in Osogbo.

According to PM NEWS, Adeleke’s corpse, which was brought to his residence in Ede at 1:10 pm in preparation for the Islamic burial rites, was returned back to Ladoke Akintola Hospital in Osogbo for autopsy.

The News Agency of Nigeria learnt that the younger brother of the late politician, Deji, ordered for autopsy to be carried out to ascertain the cause of death.

Deji was also said to have directed that the burial ceremony be postponed till Monday.

Friends and sympathisers, who were waiting for the burial ceremony, were told around 5:30 pm that the event had been postponed.

A family source said the burial had been fixed for 10: am on Monday, pending the outcome of the autopsy.

Giving a picture of the developments leading to the demise of the late flamboyant politician, one of the domestic staff said that Adeleke had attended a meeting till around 2: am on Sunday before he went to bed.

The staff, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Adeleke also attended burial and wedding ceremonies in Guta and Iwo on Saturday.

The source further explained that early in the morning on Sunday, Adeleke complained of leg pain and his private doctor was called in to attend to him.

According to the staff, the doctor gave him an injection and he left, only to be called back after the senator complained of stomach ache.

” He was later rushed to Biket Hospital where he was finally confirmed dead,’’ the source said.

The news of the death had resulted in protests by youths in Ede, with many of them barricading the busy Osogbo-Ibadan road and setting bonfires which disrupted the free flow of traffic.

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Dead Bodies Everywhere! Fatal Accident Claims Several Lives in Anambra (Graphic Photos)

A Facebook user share a horrible photo from an accident scene that led to the death of his friend as well as several others.

it was gathered, the fatal accident took place at Orifite Ekwusigo Local Government Area in Anambra State.

The bodies of kids as well as adults where smashed in the road accident.

See more graphic photos below:

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Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar Undergoes a Successful Fibroid Removal Surgery in India (Photos)

Popular Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, has undergone a successful fibroid removal surgery in India.

She took to her Instagram page and shared a photo from the surgery and also wrote about the disease which almost ruined her life.

She wrote:
Removal of Fibroids

Myomectomy is an operation to remove fibroid tumours (myomas) from the uterus. This retains the uterus, and is an alternative treatment to hysterectomy.

It is sometimes a more difficult operation than hysterectomy but preserves reproductive choice for the patient.

Advantages of laparoscopic myomectomy

Small incisions and less scarring

Gentler handling of the body tissues and organs during the operation

Less postoperative pain

Less postoperative narcotic use for pain relief

Shorter hospitalisation

Faster overall recovery with an earlier return to normal activity

How does laparoscopic myomectomy work?

Preoperative preparation involves a shave and a small enema, and you will need to fast for six hours before the operation.

A general anaesthetic is administered.

The laparoscope and other instruments are introduced – see laparoscopic surgery for more details.

The fibroid is visualised. A cut is made in the uterus and the fibroid is freed from the uterine muscle.

The incision in the uterus is repaired with sutures.

The fibroid is removed, usually by cutting it up into small pieces to get it out of the small incisions.

The wounds are closed.

Recovery after fibroid removal

Immediate post-operative recovery involves an average of two days in hospital. A fifth of patients can go home late the next day after surgery, and about 80% patients are home in two days. Patients are welcome to rest in hospital for as long as they need to.

One in five patients will only need tablets and not injections for postoperative pain relief. If injections are required about two are needed on average. Patients will be given as much pain relief as they request to make sure they are comfortable.

A low-grade temperature is common in the first few days after surgery. The first few days at home should be taken very easily. The patient should have someone to help.

Plenty of rest and fluids are advisable. Exercise your calf muscles to prevent clots. Oral pain relief such as Panadeine or Panadol may be needed, especially at night.

Graded recovery over the next few weeks will occur. Gentle increasing exercise is helpful. Driving is permissible. Expect to tire easily.

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I Never Knew I Would Have This Kind of Life – Olajumoke Talk About Touching Life Story

Bread seller-turned-model, Olajumoke Orisaguna, shares her grass-to-grace story with Tofarati Ige of the Punch Newspaper.

What are your childhood experiences?

I remember mostly the birthdays and the Christmas periods. My mother made an effort to make them memorable for the family in her own way with the little that she had. It was fun growing up with my family even though we struggled as well. I also remember there were times we had to go hungry. However, I thank God for where I am now.

What were your childhood ambitions?

Growing up as a child, I wanted to get married early so that I could help my mother. I also fancied being an actress even though it seemed way out of my reach. Several times, I would imagine myself on TV screens.

What were your expectations when you initially moved to Lagos?

The plan for moving to Lagos was to work hard and take care of my children and also assist my family back home in Osun State. I had heard people describe Lagos as a land of opportunities, so I moved to Lagos in search of greener pastures for my family.

On the morning of the day you photobombed Tinie Tempah’s photo shoot, what were your original plans for that day?

My plan, as usual for the day, was to go out and sell all my bread and probably restock to sell some more.

Can you take us through what actually happened from the moment you walked into the photo session to the point where the picture became popular?

I was going about my business selling bread when I walked past the photo shoot and went my way; I didn’t regard it as anything extraordinary. Days later, as I was hawking on the street, I heard someone call out omo oni buredi (bread seller). I turned around quickly, hoping it was a customer who wanted to buy bread. The man who called me then told me that a woman had been looking for me and he directed me to TY Bello’s office. As I approached the office, millions of thoughts rushed through my mind because I wasn’t sure why a woman I didn’t know could be looking for me. A part of me was scared and another part of me hoped she would buy all my bread. I got to her office and she was so excited to see me. She told me she had been searching for me even as she gave me food and told me to feel at home. She spoke with me in my mother tongue and that put me at ease. She asked if I didn’t mind if she took pictures of me. I didn’t know why she wanted a picture of me but I told her she could. She then said I should discuss with my husband that she would like to help me build a career as a model. My husband was sceptical at first as he was concerned about my safety but he later gave his consent. She had my shoot for ThisDay Style magazine and that was how the journey began.

What was your reaction when you were first told to pose for pictures?

It was strange for me at first because I hardly took pictures before that time and I could not really understand the big deal about taking pictures.

Had people always been telling you before that you are photogenic?

I was not in many pictures before I met TY Bello, so I didn’t get many comments about being photogenic or not.

Do you still interact with your colleagues at the bakery?

Yes, I do so occasionally. We were friends back then and that has not changed. The difference now is that my new life comes with a lot of responsibilities and hard work necessary to build my career, so I don’t have a lot of time on my hands.

Can you tell us about all the brand ambassador deals you have?

I have a brand ambassador deal with Payporte as their 1k Store brand ambassador. I’m a brand ambassador for Shirley’s Confectioneries, and I have brand affiliation with Stanbic IBTC.

In what ways has Sujimoto assisted you?

Sujimoto gave me the house where my family lives now. He has been very supportive of me.

Sujimoto has been like a father to me. His impact on my life has been huge. He has been there to guide me and advise me. He is very approachable and he always creates time to give me audience despite his busy schedule.

Did you ever imagine that you would live this kind of life?

I never imagined I would live this kind of life at all. I mean, as a child, you could daydream once in a while but I never knew it will come to reality one day.

What talents and skills do you have?

I’m very good at acting and modelling is now part of me as well.

If you are to establish a company, what kind of business will you like to invest in?

Truthfully, I think I’ll go into confectioneries.

How well have your kids adjusted to your new life?

My kids have had no problem adjusting to this new life. In fact, they enjoy it.

Is Stanbic IBTC still paying your children’s school fees?

Yes, they are.

How has your fame impacted on your relationship with your husband?

My relationship with my husband has not changed; the fame has had nothing to do with my relationship with my husband. However, we have both had to make adjustments. Like every other relationship, we have our normal differences from time to time.

What job does your husband do now?

My husband’s life is private. He isn’t the one in the limelight.

What’s the most memorable thing that has happened to you since you became famous?

The scholarship given to my children by Stanbic IBTC and being able to earn enough money to take care of my family.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been to since you became popular?

The Cruise&CHillz boat party in October last year at Lekki, Lagos. It was so much fun and I met a lot of people.

What are your likes and dislikes?

My likes include honesty and humility. I dislike dishonesty, lies and pride

How do you relax?

I watch movies or I sleep. I feel there’s nothing as relaxing as a good sleep.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I like denims and short dresses. I think my style is a bit uptown but most importantly, I wear whatever I feel most comfortable in. I am still learning about fashion trends and getting better.

What is the most important lesson that your experience has taught you?

There’s no such thing as impossibility. It is very important to remain humble, work hard, be good and keep trusting in God.

What are the challenges that you currently face?

I have had to learn a lot at once, modelling for the runway and taking pictures, as well as new language acquisition. I have had to adjust to being comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to meet up with so many expectations given a very limited time.

What would you consider as your achievements since you became a popular person?

I participated in a personality building programme at Poise School and for me, that is a big deal. I have also met people I never thought I would meet in my life. I have been able to secure my children’s education; a privilege that I didn’t have at their age. I represent big brands now and I am currently studying and also learning a number of skills. I have a voice and a story that inspires people and most importantly, I have people who I do not know personally who love me and are very passionate about my success.

Do you have any substantial investment?

That is my personal life and I prefer not to discuss that here.

People are insinuating that you are now pompous and hard to reach, what do you have to say about that?

I am still Olajumoke. I know how I got to where I am now and I do not intend to forget my roots. The truth is that I now have a very challenging schedule and I have to manage that and maintain my home so I now have less time for myself. My management is keeping me really busy between my language lectures, modelling lectures, make-up classes with Zaron Cosmetics, ambassadorial duties and modelling jobs. I apologise to anyone who thinks I have an attitude but there’s a price to pay for upliftment and I can’t disappoint those who helped me get here and who are working hard to ensure that I am successful.

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See What Angry Residents Did to an Armed Robber Caught in Sapele (Photos)

The residents of Sapele in Delta state, caught an armed robber this Sunday morning while trying to rob.

He was beaten and humiliated by the angry residents. The mob made him pose with his locally made pistol after a car tyre was put on him.

It was not ascertained whether the suspect was handed over to the security operatives.

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