9 most mysterious musicians of all time – N0.1 was a devil worshiper & all his songs were about satan


There are musicians out there, who, aside from immense talent, charisma, and a huge fan following, have a certain… mystery to them. People say some the legendary musicians cheated death, made a deal with the Devil, or were parts of conspiracies that remain unsolved to this day. Let’s try to figure out who are these 9 most mysterious musicians of all time!

9. Ghost

Ghost is a Swedish occult rock band, whose song lyrics often praise Satan, and have a hellish vibe in general. But that’s nothing special. The reason why they’re on this list is that all 6 members remain completely anonymous to this day! They’re sort of like Gorillaz but much more messed up. The 6 of them are known as “nameless ghouls”, so there’s that.

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