8 Types Of VeeJay Discharge That All Ladies Must Know and What They Reveal About Your Health Here!

No one knows a woman’s body quite like a woman herself.

She usually knows exactly what’s going on with her body at all times – from hormonal changes, mood swings to every lump and slight pain that goes on inside.

Despite this intimate knowledge, some women know very little about what goes on in their private areas.

They tend to be easily embarrassed when their private part’s health is concerned. Even a trip to the gynecologist is an uncomfortable thought for some ladies.

Don’t stress about it ladies.

All women should be informed about what goes on inside their bodies. Even one trip to the gynecologist every year might save you further complications.

Read on if you want to learn more about your body’s health or answers about discharge “down there”.

8 Types of Discharge

1. Slippery and clear

– Sign of ovulation (Body is looking to get pregnant)
– Natural lubricant during arousal
– Good indicator to use protection and other contraceptives

2. Cloudy White
– Normal for some women to have a cloudier colored discharge compared to number one
– If the discharge looks different and you’re feeling something out of the ordinary, like itching and soreness, then it’s a possible sign of infection
– Possible sign of early pregnancy

3. Thick and Foamy
– Sign of yeast infection
– Common ailment among many women
– Easily treated with over-the-counter medication

4. Yellowish Green Color
– Sign of infection
– Possible signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Venereal Diseases (VD) like trichomoniasis and gonorrhea. (Make sure you inform any intimate partners you may have recently had.)
– Schedule a doctor’s appointment when this occurs.

5. Bloody or Brown Color
– Most often menstrual spotting
– Brownish color often means older menstrual blood left over from most recent flow
– If you no longer get a period or don’t normally discharge spots then seek a doctor’s advice. (Possible sign of cervical or ovarian cancer)

6. Bad Smelling
– Often times sweat gets trapped in the groin and produces body odor
– If the discharge itself is smelly then it might be sign of a yeast or bacterial infection

7. Gray or Black Color
– Schedule a doctor’s appointment when this occurs
– Possible old menstrual blood like brown color
– Most common reason for black discharge is foreign objects in the private area. Go to a doctor and get a checkup to avoid toxic shock syndrome.

8. Pinkish Tint
– Most often means you’re bleeding, but only slightly
– Often seen after sex or sexual activity due to the friction involved.
– Early Sign of Pregnancy (Implantation)

Source: LittleThings