How Islamic Cleric Bought Three year-old Boy with N500 and Used Him for Money Rituals – Mother Narrates a Terrifying Story (Photos)

A devastated mother has narrated how a 15-year-old boy was paid N500 by an Islamic cleric to abduct her three-year-old son for money rituals at the White Sand area of Ijegun, Lagos State.

The woman identified as Mrs. Chinasa Okereke revealed that the teenager, Simon, their next door neighbour, was able to lure her son, Chiagozie, away from home because the victim knew and trusted him.

The little boy killed by the Alfa

Simon during interrogation, confessed to police that an Alfa in the community, Kazim (surname withheld), told him to get a three-year-old child. Simon also confessed that after he took Chiagozie to the Alfa, he was given N500 for his pains.

According to Vanguard, when the three-year-old was finally located by detectives from Isheri Police Station, he was already dead. A big stone was found beside his head and a red cloth tied around his neck.

Okereke, who broke down and wept yesterday at her home while speaking with our correspondent, said she was not just grieving for her son, but now scared after three men on motorcycle came to threaten her and her husband, Augustine Okereke. Recalling how Chiagozie was kidnapped and killed, Okereke said that it happened on Tuesday.

The mother of four, who lives in a multi-room building, said that her oldest child was 10, the second eight, the third was the deceased while the fourth was just nine-monthold. The oldest child was not around when Chiagozie was taken.

She explained that on that fateful Tuesday, she brought the children to the front of the house because she wanted to bathe them. Leaving the eight-yearold and Chiagozie outside, she briefly stepped into her apartment to get a wrapper to strap the nine-month-old to her back. When she came out, Chiagozie was nowhere to be found.
When she asked her eight-year-old daughter the whereabouts of her little brother, the girl said that Simon took him away. She said: “When my daughter told me that Simon took Chiagozie, I immediately rushed to their house, but his guardians said they had been looking for him.

When it was getting late, we went to the police station to tell them that Simon took our son and that we couldn’t find him.” Police took over the case and soon located and arrested Simon. He was taken to the station.

Singing like a bird, he revealed how the Alfa came to pick him and Chiagozie with a car. When detectives asked questions around the community, they were told by some residents that they saw the Alfa driving off with Simon and Chiagozie.

The Alfa after he was caught by the police

The young suspect led police to the scene where the Alfa took him and Chiagozie. Chiagozie’s body was found on the ground. Asked how Chiagozie was killed, Simon said that he saw when the Alfa lifted Chiagozie midair and made some incantations before dropping him to the ground. The state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, alleged that the Alfa used the deceased for ritual.

He added that the Alfa and Simon had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos, for further investigations. He said: “Parents should be proactive and know the kind of people they leave their kids with. Parents and guardians shouldn’t allow the economic situation in the country to affect their vigilance and care towards their kids.”

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Horror as 20 People Died After a Mysterious Tree Fell on Them at a Popular Waterfall in Ghana

At least a total of 20 people have died and many have been injured after a large tree fell on them at a popular waterfall spot in the Kintampo area of Ghana, BBC Africa reports.

The victims were swimming during a storm when the tree which had seemingly been brought down by the storm, caused the tragic accident, emergency officials said.

Ghana National Fire Service spokesman, Prince Billy Anaglate said the incident happened at the Kintampo waterfalls in the Brong-Ahafo region.

A combined team of police and fire service personnel attended the accident site, in a bid to rescue those trapped by the tree.

“A huge tree fell at the top when the rains began and crashed the revellers,” an eyewitness told Ghana’s Starr News.

“Most of them are students of the Wenchi Senior High School. Others are tourists. We are trying to save those who are trapped by cutting the trees with chainsaws.”

Fire Service spokesman Mr Anaglate said that 18 students had died at the scene, while two others died in hospital.

He said 11 people were receiving treatment, including one of the school administrators in charge of the trip.

Other reports put the number of injured at over 20. They are being treated at the Kintampo Municipal hospital.

“We extend our condolences to the families of the dead and pray for the injured,” Ghana’s tourism minister Catherine Abelema Afeku said in a statement.

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President Buhari Pictured with His Children in His Office (Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari was pictured with his son, Yusuf Buhari and daughters at the State House, Abuja.

Yusuf who recently finished his university education in the United Kingdom appealed to the heart of Nigerians when his picture surfaced in the year, 2015.

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Why Niger Delta Will Vote PMB For Second Term in 2019 – Jonathan’s Kinsman

Chief Richard Kpodoh, a kinsman of former President Goodluck Jonathan, over the weekend slammed the Bayelsa State native over claim that People’s Democratic Party will return to Presidency in 2019, saying the PMB has exposed the six years of PDP lies under the last administration and ready to vote massive for PMB re-election in 2019.

Chief Richard Kpodoh said the recent clamp down by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on those he reffered to as “Jonathan boys” in Bayelsa and other parts of the country have shown that the former President presided over the worst administration in the history of the country.

Kpodoh, who specifically described the period of Jonathan’s Presidency as the years of holocaust, said the former president short changed the people of the region in his six years in power with the PDP and enriched scores of his boys from Ogbia communities at the detriment of the needed infrastructural development of the entire people of the region.

Kpodoh, who was a former Bayelsa State Chairman of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (NPDP) and the interim Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) , said apart from short changing the region, Former President Jonathan enriched his boys to lord of the dominant ethnic Ijaw group in his home state, Bayelsa.

He said the former President selfishly empowered a few individuals from his Ogbia Local Government Area while sidelining people from other local councils.

Kpodoh in an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, said: “It was this same sleeky and selfish attitude that he (Jonathan) brought to bear on his six years leadership of the country which saw to the impoverishment of our Bayelsa and the Niger Delta People, except for a few of his Ogbia kinsmen including the Turners, the Eruanes, the Azibaolas and by extension, the Diezanis.

“For good six years, former President Jonathan, our own son presided over the helm of affairs in Nigeria and yet his own Bayelsa State, and the Niger Delta states which gave him all the support, are crying out for human and infrastructural development.

“This, in my opinion, is absolutely inexplicable and smacks off of his glaring wickedness even to his kits and kin”.

Kpodoh sympathised with Buhari for inheriting a battered country from Jonathan with a mandate to lay solid foundation for the country.

But he told Buhari: “I also know that the job of bringing Nigeria back to reckoning among the comity of states is not yours alone. But the Job is of God and you are his vessel to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians in spite of the desperation by ‘evil’ politicians to truncate the divine assignment through propaganda and misinformation.

“Or how do you describe the sponsored protest in Lagos calling for your resignation? These were evil doers at work I have closely followed your successes and difficulties in the ongoing fierce battle against corruption and corrupt persons.

“We are happy that stolen monies were recovered and guilty ones exposed. We are more elated by the recent successes recorded in the Niger Delta region, particularly with the funds recorded from the kinsmen of the past President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan”.

On the years of Jonathan’s presidency, he added: “Mr. President, the six years under Former President Goodluck Jonathan were years of holocaust for the people of Niger Delta.

“While the few known ‘Jonathan boys’ were made stupendously rich without known sources of livelihood, the majority of the Niger Delta people were subjected to sad ends along the uncompleted East-West road, poor power generation and installations of political power brokers without democratic values.

“Mr. President, I challenge Dr. Jonathan to point at one individual in BayelsaState and even in Ijaw land in particular, that he can boldly claim to haveempowered throughout his tenure outside his Ogbia enclave.

“This selfish tendency is not part of an Ijaw man, who today, is being recorded as having taken a slot at the Presidency and even being called names as his kinsmen. What an irony of fate!

“For instance, the cache of looted funds allegedly recovered from Mr. George Turner and Mr. Robert Azibaola by officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has put a question mark on the integrity of an average Ijaw man in the country.

“Does one even need to talk about the alleged huge financial transactions involving Mrs. Patience Jonathan?

“Mr. George Turner is a 34years old godson of Goodluck Jonathan, was a Presidential political appointee attached to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). The decision by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to uncovered N2 billion in his account shocked many in the State.

“Following the discovery, operatives of the EFCC arrested Turnah in Port Harcourt, Rivers State in connection with alleged possession of funds running into N2 billion, suspected to be funds siphoned from the NDDC while serving there as an adviser and a close associate to former President Jonathan”.

“Take a look at another case of Mr. Robert Azibaola, a cousin to former President Goodluck Jonathan.He is in court and under investigation for collecting over $40million that was paid to his company, OnePlus Holdings Limited. He and his wife, Stella are standing trial over alleged receipt of billions of naira from the arms funds from the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.”

“Under the Jonathan’s administration, there was affirmed impunity. The same Robert Azibola, owner of Kakatar Construction and Engineering Company, became a serial conduit pipe for monies on abandoned road projects in Abuja and different parts of the Niger Delta.”

“While he is under investigation, he merely rushed to commence work on the Apo-Karshi road, in the Nigeria’s capital. The road, which is worth N6.4billion and was designed to ease the gridlock at the AYA-Nyanya-Mararaba section of the Abuja-Keffi road that links the Abuja metropolis with some densely populated satellite towns including Karshi, and neighbouring Nasarawa State, was abandoned.”

“Robert Azibola, inspite of being from Ogbia stock of Bayelsa State, also provoked his people from the Okoroba community in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, to protest against his acts of abandoning road.There is one King A. J. Turner alias Obigbo Mikimiki who is one of the greatest benefactors of Dr. Jonathan’s largess by way of contracts and other forms of empowerment. Some of these contracts are yet to be executed, according to reports.”

“Besides the Turners, there is Dr. Azibabu Eruane whose sudden rapport with Dr. Jonathan as president has now remained questionable. Today, he prides himself a successful business man with copious diversification of companies and houses in Bayelsa, Abuja and Lagos”.

“Mr. President, Dr. A. Eruane is a medical doctor who was the State commissioner for Health under former Governor Timipre Sylva for about four years. Apart from the myriad of companies in his kitty, Dr. Eruane today boasts of fleet of helicopters, cars and planes. He is currently constructing a Modula private refinery in Bayelsa.”

“Your Excellency, before I am misunderstood, let me say that my comment is not out of envy or jealousy, but purely based on public interest and the untoward manner with which the former President exclusively deployed Nigeria’s wealth to the empowerment of his kinsmen only, leaving the rest Bayelsans to be wallowing in abject poverty. What an injustice‎”.

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How A Lawyer Was Brutalized By Soldiers in Delta State (Photos)

A lawyer and the National Coordinator, Conference for the Actualisation of Human Rights, Mr. Omes Ogedengbe has narrated how his friend Barr. Sunny Ekwe was brutalized by men of the Nigerian army in Ughelli, Delta state forcing him to sustain spinal cord injury.

Read the sad story below:

“Barr. Sunny Ekwe, An Ovorie Ethiope East LGA of Delta State based lawyer beaten by some 5 soldiers who left him to die after they fractured his spinal cord. Two of them arrested and still in the military custody of the 222 battalion Agarho Utor, Ughelli, delta state.

“On the 11th of March 2017 at about 7pm this lawyer went to visit a relative at the Okpara waterside when suddenly as he was about to leave a young boy demanded he should follow him to meet some other boys seated in a distance that was a bit dark.

“In the process of resisting the boy, the boy called the other four guys who descended on the lawyer and subjected him to the most crudest humiliation and brutality ever and only abandoned him to die in a close dried up drain.
“Because of the atrocities of the boys in the area no body in the community could intervene as they are young soldiers. The lawyer was rushed to the hospital at Isiokolo but referred to Orerokpe after he was revived. The police of Isiokolo made first failed attempt at arresting the boys but they resisted and the police chickened out claiming as military officers they must be dealt with by their command.

“It took the intervention of my humble self and a serving magistrate to prevail on the DPO who mobilised about 20 mobile police personel to the community and luckily the boys were at the verge of moving to their station and only two were apprehended as three had left before police arrival . They were arrested and formally handed over to the commanding officer of the 222 battalion where they have been in custody till date.

“They are persons who just returned from 9months military training. We salute the reawaken dogged Ness of the DPO and the forthright Ness of the commanding officer who have sent for the return of the fleeing officer. Truly they have realised this is a democracy where pen is mightier than the sword.”

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2017 Budget suffers major setback

Strong indications have emerged that the passage of the 2017 Appropriation Bill may suffer a major setback in the National Assembly as forty- four committees of the Senate are yet to defend their budget proposals before the Committee on Appropriations.

The committees that have not yet defended their 2017 budget before the Senator Danjuma Goje-led Committee on Appropriations are Airforce; Army; Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes; Capital Markets; Communications; Co-operation and Integration in Africa and NEPAD; Culture and Tourism; Defence; Downstream Petroleum sector and Ecology as well as Climate Change.

According to a Senate document obtained by Vanguard, other committees are Environment; Federal Capital Territory; Federal Roads Maintenance Agency; Finance; Foreign Affairs; Gas; Health; Housing; ICT and Cyber-Crimes; Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and Information and National Orientation.

Also yet to defend their budget proposals, are Industries; Land Transport; National Identity and National Population; National Planning; National Security and Intelligence; Navy; Niger Delta; Police Affairs; Power, Steel Development and Metallurgy and Poverty Alleviation and Social Welfare.

Other Committees include Public Accounts; Primary Health Care and Communicable Diseases; Science and Technology; Sustainable Development, SDGs; Solid Minerals; Special Duties; Sports and Youth Development; States and Local Governments; Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND; Petroleum Resources, Upstream; Water Resources; Women Affairs and Works.


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Identity of The Man Who Committed Suicide on 3rd Mainland Bridge Reveals

A medical doctor yesterday jumped off 3rd mainland bridge into the Lagoon leaving many passers-by including his driver in shock.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA) has partially revealed the Identity of the medical doctor who jumped off 3rd mainland bridge yesterday.

According to a statement released by LASEMA, they said they received a distress call about a man who parked his grey coloured Nissan SUV with registration number LND 476 EE at about 4.50 pm around Adekunle, inward 3rd Mainland bridge and jumped into the Lagos Lagoon.

Preliminary investigation at the scene revealed that the man named Allwell Orji who was said to be driven by his driver, suddenly ordered the driver to pull over, came down from his car and suddenly jumped into the water from the bridge.

The vehicle and the driver has been taken to Adeniji Adele Police Station for further investigation, while effort is on going to recover his body from the Lagoon.

The General Manager LASEMA Mr Adesina Tiamiyu said that proper investigation would be conducted on the incident by the appropriate authorities

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Ex-BBNaija Housemate, Uriel’s Brother Allegedly Comes Out as Gay in Instagram Post Gone Viral (Photos)

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Uriel Oputa’s brother who is currently based in London, United Kingdom, took to his Instagram page and allegedly confirmed that he is a homos*xual.

He later changed the caption after he was balst by the Instagram users but not before the eagle eye screen-shot it.

See his original post below:

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Horror! Man in Pain for 12 Hours After Getting His P3nis Stuck In a Ring (Photo)

According Metro UK reports, a man has battled for hours with the agony of having a ring around his manh00d.

The unlucky individual had a ring on his p*nis for 12 hours before it was removed.

He reportedly tried to remove the ring but had to turn to medical experts to have the thing taken off.

Fire and Rescue officers were called on Sunday in Penang, Malaysia according to a local paper.

Operations commander, Mohd Asrul Naim Abidin, said firemen successfully removed the ring in 10 minutes

It’s not as uncommon as it might seem.

In December, a Chinese man needed surgeons to saw a metal ring off of his family jewels after it became wedged when he used it for s*xual pleasure – but fell asleep.

The man purchased the ring from a s*x shop in Suqian City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province.

When he woke up the next day, he could not remove it so waited until 2am thinking the hospital would be emptier.

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Tragedy as LAUTECH Final Year Student Hangs Himself Inside Hostel

A final year student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Adesoji Adediran has committed suicide.

A Punch Metro reports that the 500-level student of Urban and Regional Planning Department hanged himself in the school’s hostel on Saturday.

It was gathered that his roommates, who had been away for a night study, returned in the morning to find his corpse dangling from the ceiling.

The school management was said to have been alerted, which informed policemen from the Owode division, who removed the remains.

The corpse was said to have been deposited in a mortuary for autopsy.

A classmate of the victim, who asked not to be identified, said Adediran’s remains were found around 5.30am.

He said, “He has two roommates. The roommates went for a night study on Friday. When they returned to the room on Saturday, they discovered that he had hanged himself with a cable. Nobody has an idea why he killed himself.”

A close friend of the victim, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, expressed surprise at Adediran’s death.

He said, “As his friend, what pained me most was that we still played together on Friday night. He never opened up to me. We asked him to go with us for the night study, but he said he preferred to stay behind. Around 5.30am when we returned, we found his corpse. He was almost done with his final year project and he never complained of anything. We are a clique and we eat together; it was all fun, until we found his corpse.”

He described the deceased as “funny and lively”, saying Adediran couldn’t have suffered from depression.

He said the police from the Owode division removed the corpse from the room.

It was learnt that the police took statements from the roommates, which were later withdrawn by the deceased’s parents, who insisted on not pursuing any case due to the nature of the death.

Punch Metro reports that the parents also objected to the idea of holding a candle-light procession in his honour, saying they wanted him to “rest in peace.”

This is just as tributes have continued pouring in from friends of the victim on Facebook.

A friend, who identified himself as Horlarholu Xarmoohel Cartel, said the late Adediran was a fan of the Chelsea Football Club.

He said, “Adesoji, can’t believe my eyes when I saw adieu in your name. I don’t know this is what you mean when you said, ‘I am not coming to class again,’ after we sat for a test last week. Haa! SOJ, the best Chelsea fan I ever knew; the best record keeper who doesn’t need Google before he tells you history of football. Already missing you bro, can’t get hold of myself since I heard about your death. I know God knows best.”

Another friend, Adepeju Babatudne, wrote, “Hmmm, I saw him and Tayo (bestie) beside my hostel cracking jokes with friends when we finished that test. I even accused him of not coming for the test, but he replied, ‘I came nah…’ I don’t even know what to write right now because I know what you passed through when we were in 200 level, but why now? Rest on dear.”

When contacted, an official of the school said the management was not aware of the incident.

He, however, promised to get back after contacting a director in the school. He had yet to do so as of press time.

The Oyo State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ajisebutu Adekunle, said, “The deceased committed suicide by hanging himself on the ceiling fan. He didn’t leave any suicide note. The case is under investigation. Meanwhile, the corpse has been deposited at LAUTECH morgue for autopsy.”

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