Tonto Dikeh was Beaten and Abused by Her Husband – Nigerian Actress Ifeoma Okeke Confirmed

Nollywood actress and Purple Campaign founder, Ify Okeke who is very close to Tonto Dikeh has written an open letter addressing the drama surrounding Tonto’s marriage.

Okeke also confirmed that she has seen photos of domestic violence abuse Tonto had said was inflicted on her by the husband, Olakunle Churchill.

She wrote:


I am upset and tired of this Drama. @tontolet you know my stand in this whole issue, that’s why I am so upset with you & that isn’t gonna change but @bigchurchhaven I am more disappointed at you because I expected you to be more matured & try look for a way to make up with your WIFE as you just called her in the video. Both of you are just making others rich with your private life suddenly everyone is a blogger & has opinions. I want to address this issue because I was once battered & I lied to my friends & siblings even when my younger brother incidentally saw one I claimed I was at fault, I was depressed, I grew this big because I was never this big. I started drinking & hated men for everything.

I didn’t date for 5years before I could move on, this is part of the reason I started PURPLE CAMPAIGN. 1 Day in 2015, @tontolet me that I should come around that she was very sick. So I rushed to her house & I saw her very sick also noticed bruises I was shocked but a usual Ifeoma doesn’t ask questions that same day she showed me the Ring OLA gave her & gave me the good news of her pregnancy, I was so happy but while gisting I was checking her phone, an iPhone 6 gold.

I saw pictures of her Unclad self with bruises and I quickly asked “Booboo, I hope he doesn’t beat you? Or what’s with this picture?” Tonto replied “NOOOOO, I fell down the stairs because I was alone at home & very sick.” I didn’t believe her but I told her, please don’t take whatever you won’t take later now. I left home with the joy of her engagement & pregnancy. Now my point, OLA have you beaten TONTO before YES because she confirmed it,Tee can be called all sort of names but she’s a wonderful girl. Who I saw did a lot things to make you Happy & I remember the last time I saw you guys in Lagos, I knew something was wrong but usually she cover it.

When this whole drama started I begged Tee to hold on, I was angry she choose to talk but if I can preach to other to talk & get help why will I say no to someone i see as a kid sister? I really wanted things to change but with the rate this is happening I have chosen to break my silent and support my own. YOU GUYS NEED HELP, PLEASE GET “

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UPDATE: LASEMA Still Searching From The Body Medical Doctor Who Killed Himself By Jumping Into Lagoon in Lagos

The officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) have revealed that they are still searching for Allwell Orji who jumped into the Lagos Lagoon on Sunday.

The officials were joined in the search by local divers. Marine boats were seen patrolling about 10 miles radius from the suspected point of contact for a possible location, said LASWA’s Managing Director, Ms. Bisola Kamson in the afternoon on Monday.

According to The Nation, LASEMA’s General Manager, Adesina Tiamiyu who was at the scene said it would be wrong to assume if the doctor was dead or alive, adding that they would rather wait till he was found.

He said: “We are still searching for the body. We have expanded the search to go further than the point it happened. We have told local men around to watch out for any floating body and we have engaged local divers to look around for us. Patrol boats are in the water going round. We would continue to search for him.

“The family is traumatised at this point and unwilling to speak on the issue. I want us to respect their wishes please. We have established contact with the family and expressed government’s sincere wishes to them. We would also go back at a time they feel better because we would like to know what happen so that Lagosians and Nigerians can learn a lesson or two from it.

“It’s an unfortunate situation. But what do we do? The driver is with the police. The police would be more involved in the investigation. If we are able to pick one or two things, we would pass it across. I am not aware of any suicide note. His phone and car are with the police.”

Speaking further, emergency workers revealed that it would take at least 24 hours more for the body to float, adding that there was a possibility he might never be found.

According to them, the body could be stuck in the ground, if the part he landed was muddy. They also said there’s a possibility the water tide might have pushed him to another location.

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RIP! Young Beautiful Mother Died While Surgically Enlarging Her Butt0cks (Photo)

A mum Ranika Hall IS unhappy with her post-pregnancy body has died after undergoing the controversial Brazilian b1tt lift.

According to Daily Star UK, Ranika Hall dropped out of consciousness and stopped breathing during surgery.

In the Brazilian butt lift, fat is taken from the stomach or back and injected into the backside to make it bigger.

Health problems usually occur if the fat enters the blood stream and into the lungs, stopping the patient’s breathing.

Ranika, 25, was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead an hour later.

She had left her one-year-old daughter at home with her mum in Missouri before travelling to south Florida for the popular surgery.

Mum Nicole Hall said: “I tried to talk her out of it. I really did. Her sisters and brothers tried to talk her out of it.”

She added: “It’s hard for me to grasp a hold of it. Unbelievable, like it’s not true.”

Nicole also said that she was “looking for answers” on how it happened.

29-year-old Heather Meadows died at the same surgery while also undergoing a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Eres Plastic Surgery said the death is being investigated.

A statement released from the centre reads: “Dr. Daniel Calva and Eres Plastic Surgery express their deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of our patient who had recently undergone a cosmetic procedure at our center on Thursday evening.

“Dr. Daniel Calva and Eres Plastic Surgery are deeply saddened by what has occurred and offter their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

“Dr. Calva is a highly skilled and caring surgeon that is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to his patients.”

Plastic surgery patients are 20 times more likely to die from a Brazilian Butt Lift than any other procedure.

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I Can’t Get Over S1x with Him – Cheating Bride-to-be Talk About R0mance

An unnamed bride-to-be secretly quenched her s*xual fantasies by cheating on her long-term lover for the first time in her life and have been brainwashed by the explosive s*xual experience she had with a man some days to her marriage.

Read her story below:

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I Am a Virgin and I Walk Around N1ked at Home – Actress Seyi Hunter

Nollywood actress and CEO, Hunters Media International, Seyi Hunter Seyi Hunter is one enterprising entertainer the movie industry is yet to tap into.

In this interview with TheNewsGuru she opens up on her passion for acting, why she is still a virgin, sex before marriage amongst other issues.

So what have you been up to career-wise?

Okay, I took a short break from acting so as to focus on our beauty pageant Miss Bikini, now I’m back fully to acting.

What do you miss about acting?

I miss the passion. The fact that I have to be someone else. I also miss moving from one location to another. Acting gives me a different kind of thrill. I miss that.
Don’t you think the break you took affected your acting career?

The break I took never affected my acting career. Besides, some people are still where I left them.Some have gone far of course. But I believe that whatever happens in life has already been written before we were born. Life is a script and we’re the actors. I wasn’t 100percent off the scene. I still produced and acted a movie that went to the cinema titled “Gone Grey” .I was also featured in three movies. I also produced a Yoruba movie titled “AJO” which will be out soon.

You played the role of a naughty and spoilt damsel in Indecent Assault. Does the role depict the real Seyi Hunter?

The role I played in Indecent Assault is far from who I am. The girl in the movie is wild, naughty, greedy, heartless and spoilt. I’m the opposite of all

Are Nigerian men scared to marry virgins?

I don’t know, but from my experience they do not like inexperienced girls, girls who haven’t had s*x before.Some say it’s like buying black market.

When you are alone at home what do you like to wear?

I don’t wear anything when I am alone at home.I like to be free

What part of your body gets you the most attention?

My boobs gets me the most attention, they are firm and ripe. I’m blessed with great boobs and I have very cute nose

Have you ever been complimented on your b00bs?

Yes I get that a lot of time,especially when I go braless sometimes.It’s a compliment and I love genuine compliment

Has anyone made an attempt to touch?

No, it has never happened. I don’t go braless to where I will meet such people.

In an interview, you once said you know nothing about s1x. Are you truly a v1rgin?

I’m still a v1rgin. I am keeping myself for the right person. There’s no dignity in sleeping around

So how do you cope with s*xual urge? Do you use intimacy gadgets?

How can you be hot, when you don’t even know what being hot is? It’s like asking a blind person the color of your shirt. I think you have to experience it to know how it feels. I have never experienced s*xual urge. I don’t watch erotic movies or read erotic books. I stay away from anything that might trigger it.

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Drama as Residents Beat a Randy Lade After Being Caught in Hot R0mance with Married Man (Photos)

A  lady was caught red-handed was beating and shamed by local residents after she was caught in hot r0mance with a married man.

According to H-Metro, the woman, who was only identified as Shy, was found kissing the married man identified as Ba Praise, in Harare’s high density suburb of Kuwadzana in Zimbabwe.

Shy was locked up in a cabin overnight as Mai Praise and her team of sympathisers intended to interrogate her the next day.

The relationship between the two is suspected to have been ongoing for at least a year according to Ba Praise’s wife.

“Last year in June she told me she stayed with her aunt in Chitungwiza whilst in Hatcliff and when I asked her she told me the same statement.
“Now she is lying but takamubata red-handed apa, nemurume vachikissana ipapa; nyaya iyi haisi yanhasi tatorara naye,” one Mai Shalo said in a conversation that was recorded.

Shy maintained that she was not the same woman being referred to arguing that she had just recently met the woman’s husband.

“I am not the one they once saw,” she said prompting interjections by the other women on the coincidence of names and places of residence.

A source said the two lovers had once been spotted walking along Samora Machel Avenue close to the wife’s workplace prior to the incident and Mai Praise said that she had been insulted by Shy before in a phone call.

Ba Praise is said to have promised to marry the other woman and had approached her aunt in regards to the arrangements.

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I’m Not the Doctor Who Jumped into Lagos Lagoon – Port Harourt-based Nurse Speaks (Photo)

A Port Harourt-based nurse, Oji Allwell, who shares almost the same name with a Lagos-based doctor, Allwell Orji who jumped into the lagoon on Sunday has made a clarification after his photos were mistaken for that of the doctor.

Oji who is a nurse said that he is very much alive and was not the doctor who took his own life. He assured his family and friends that all is well with him after uploading a video on Facebook.

He said, “Good afternoon my beloved friends and well-wishers. My name is Oji Allwell, I am a nurse. I am making this online video in regards to the news that has been trending online about me being a medical doctor who jumped into the lagoon.”

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My Husband Beats Me for Not Bearing a Male Child

A wife, Sayo Akomolafe, on Monday told Ikole-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti State that her husband beats her constantly for not having a male child.

She pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage to her husband Segun Akomolafe due to neglect, lack of care and constant beating.

She said trouble started when her husband discovered that she was pregnant with a girl-child for the fifth time.

The plaintiff said her husband, who never beat her before, used her as punching bag because she could not give him a baby boy.

“I gave birth to my first child 13 years ago, but my husband started neglecting me and the children when I gave birth to the fifth girl-child.

“As a result, he married two other women and ever since they arrived, I have no peace again in the house,” she said.

She said the two wives also gave birth to female children.

Sayo added that she later gave birth to the sixth child – a boy- for the same man.

The defendant, a welder; denied constantly beating her, saying that trouble started when his wife discovered that he married other women.

The three-member panel of the court headed by Mrs Yemisi Ojo, however, told the husband that the chromosome released by man is what determines the sex of a child.

Ojo also ruled that the aggrieved parties and their families should go back home to deliberate on how to take care of the six children.

“The court is disposed to settlement outside court and this case being a fresh matter, parties are given the opportunity to deliberate on how take care of the children,” she said.

The court ordered that the defendant must not beat his wife again and adjourned the case till May 8, for report of settlement.


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Beating is What Makes Relationship Stronger – Nigerian Facebook Queen Campaigns for Masochist

A Nigerian female Facebook user identified as Lopex Morrissa Escandell who termed herself as ‘The most beautiful queen on Facebook’, took ot her Facebook page ot admitted being a masochist, adding that the beating by a man to his lover is what what makes love and relationship so sweet.

She wrote;

“I love beating. Infact beating is my medicine. If bae doesn’t beat me a day, I will be so nervous throughout that day. Beating a day makes relationship grow stronger. We call it love beating.

“Before you come here talking trash… it your beating ?”

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See the Mother of the Medical Doctor Who Killed Himself on Third Mainland Bridge (Photo)

The woman in black skirt (pictured above)  is the mother of the medical doctor who jumped from the Third Mainland Bridge into the lagoon yesterday.

The womanwas eventually called to the scene of the incident yesterday.

The man had reportedly asked his driver to stop on the bridge when they got there. He then opened the door of his Nissan X-trail SUV and jumped into the Lagoon.

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