The Enchanting Story of Professor Peller, Nigeria’s Most Famous Magician

It was one surreal day, around 4:00 pm or so, and I was out on our street for a reason I can’t really remember now, I was pretty young then. Then as I got to the maisuya end of our busy street, I noticed this huge and electrified crowd thronging after a slowly-moving convoy. At the center was a white limousine and from the sun roof, was a man full of charming smiles, waving to the frenzied crowd, he looked very smart, handsome and he was also wearing white, all white, the hat too was white.

It was quite a dazzling spectacle. The limo was headed towards the city stadium where he had a show. I had just set my eyes on Africa’s greatest magician, ‘Professor Peller’. And Abiyamo would never see him again. But for a young African child who was also seeing a limousine for the very first time or so, it was truly a magical moment for me. He performed and left my state leaving incredible tales of outstanding feats. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a piece on Nigeria’s most famous magician, Professor Peller. For about thirty years, Peller held the world’s most populous black nation spellbound with millions gasping at the whisk of his wand. I hope you find this magical.

He was born in 1941 at Iseyin, Oyo State and he was named Moshood Folorunsho Abiola. He would later pick on the stage name of ‘Professor Peller’, an appellation that has stuck to him like a second skin.

When Professor Peller was alive, he was the most brilliant magician in all of Africa. I am not too sure if the record has been broken. Even in death, Peller remains the greatest of all. He performed not only before princes but also held kings spellbound with his magic. Here is how Femi Oyebode, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Birmingham described Peller and one of his shows in 1972 at the George V Stadium in Lagos (that is the old name of the Onikan Stadium):

My last ever visit to the stadium was to see Professor Peller, a magician, and said to be a member of the Magic Circle take on the last of our traditional magicians whose name now escapes me (itself a significant fact). Professor Peller was dressed in black tails, a top hat, a wand in one hand, black shoes and well-cut hair. He was a perfect picture of debonair gentleman and was assisted by an attractive young woman. He flicked his white handkerchief and a white dove flew out. He pulled at his cuff links and flowers bloomed under his command. He was confident, majestic. He was suave and graceful. He levitated his assistant.

He cut her in two without drawing blood. He locked her in a cupboard, chained up several times over yet she disappeared! It was a masterly performance. The crowd clapped, hooped. We were seduced against our better judgment. We wished desperately that the traditional magician would enthrall and endear us to his magic, the mysteries of African magic. We were disappointed or shall I say that I was disappointed. When he came on stage dressed only in a loincloth of indeterminate color, you could hear the audience gasp aloud.

Was this African magic? This crude, little thin man who seemed recently woken from the dead? He swallowed a stone and turned his backside to us, slipping his loincloth to one side and excreted the stone. Awfulness and shame. He submitted his abdomen to a sharp sword to be sliced open. But by now, the absence of razzmatazz and of finesse had turned us against him. The crowd poured through the gates. That was how disgusted we were. You can say that at George V stadium, in early adulthood I lost two of my childhood dreams.

A master at his craft and a consummate entertainer, he cast a most powerful spell on the following African leaders, right in their presidential palaces:
-The late President Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo (Eyadema later died after spending 38 years in power, he was the longest-serving ruler in Africa when he died in 2005 (see his picture below). His son, Faure, is currently the President of Togo).

-The late President Samuel Kanyon Doe of Liberia (see picture below). There is an interesting story behind his performance for the late strongman of Monrovia. There was a time Peller had a performance in Liberia in the 1970s and the crowd was just too massive. The Liberian government drafted security forces to the venue of the act to control the surging crowd. One of those responsible for maintaining security that day at Peller’s performance was a young man called Samuel Doe. So when Doe became President, he summoned Peller, Nigeria’s finest magician to come perform for him. Such was the stellar performance of Peller. Doe said he was busy controlling the surging crowd and he could not witness the even properly as at that time when he was a junior soldier.

-The former President of Benin Republic, Mathieu Kerekou was also one of those who patronized Peller

Apart from the Presidents mentioned above, Peller also reigned supreme in Nigeria. It was like there was no other conjurer in the land. Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the late Premier of the Western Region was one of those he used to entertain regularly.

-Peller was a prolific magician with many shows, some of which were the Invisible General, the Escaping Box, Changing Dresses and the Zigzag. One thing with Peller’s performances is that they were executed with maximum finesse and excellence. He was thorough and professional. Perhaps, if not for death, he might have even eclipsed David Copperfield of the USA in fame. Copperfield is presently the greatest magician on earth and the first person to make one billion dollars from magic.

-While growing up, he was nicknamed Moshood Olori Pupa (Moshood the Red-Headed Boy).

-One of his classical performances included putting his wife in a ‘magical coffin’ and severing the same coffin into two halves with a ‘magic coffin’.

When Peller was performing, there was really no Internet as we have it today, so it was quite easy to fool people in their millions. Now, YouTube is
spoiling the show for many magicians except the most ingenious of them. Here are few more magic clips on YouTube just to let you know they do not conjure any evil spirit or demon, it is nothing but sheer trickery.

He was described as a very romantic man. His most prominent wife, Alhaja Silifat, fell in love with him while she was still in the secondary school. She confessed that she had always admired him and his performances even before then and each time she watched him perform, her heart fluttered with affection for the fine magician with tribal marks.

In 1967, Iseyin Grammar School in Oyo State became the place where Peller planted the seed of love even if he was there to perform but was carried away by the ravishing young beauty in the crowd called Silifat. Hear her: “I am sure he musthave been attracted to me because of my beauty. So, he just whispered to me: ‘Baby, you are beautiful.’ And I said, ‘Thank you.’ He didn’t ask me out that day. For quite a long time, we were friends.” For a couple of years more, they continued dating and Lady Peller said after two years, she said yes to his advances. They got married in 1971 and they already had a child by then.

For a man who was a showstopper at any events, it is no surprise that not a few women fell for the enchanting spell of Nigeria’s most famous magician. He was a man of many women and married many of them. However, the best known of these ladies, with whom he performed his magic tricks is Alhaja Silifat Adeboyin Peller (see picture). The whole of Nigeria knew her as Lady Peller and she is most famous for the act in which she was ‘sliced’ into pieces by Peller and had a hard time putting her back. Now 66 years of age with her husband gone and not remarrying, she is tending to her grandchildren while reminiscing over the glittering wonders of an empire of magic that once held sway. Lady Peller was born in Kishi, Oyo State where her father was the Chief Imam and had five children for him, while also raising many other step-children.

However, unknown to many, their rosy marriage later had a deep crack to the extent that they were not staying together anymore. When Peller was killed at his Onipanu residence, he was in Lagos State for a function while Lady Peller was living at the GRA, Ikeja. Although they were not officially separated as they still saw regularly, Peller checked on her in Ikeja but met her absence. As at that time, they had already reconciled and were even planning on coming back together before Peller was prematurely silenced by the assassin’s bullets.

Peller left a message for her to check on him as he was not feeling well and was rushed to Ibadan for treatment. Lady Peller was furious as to why he was taken to Ibadan since they had family doctors at the Ajayi Memorial Hospital and the EKO Hospital in Lagos but upon getting to Ibadan, she was simply told that Peller was dead. She fainted immediately only to wake up to a bucket of water and intense fanning by family members. She said: “It was a great shock and I had never seen that kind of things. I don’t ever wish to go through that kind of thing again.” While he was alive, he also taught her some magic and ensured she got some training in Michigan, USA. Little wonder they always performed together and as far as she is concerned, her religion is not against the brand of magic she performed with her late husband because according to her, ‘it was not fetish’. She still remembers the very good old days and says she will not remarry and will still marry him over and over again, rounding off: They only want to enjoy what Professor Peller was enjoying for several years. But they can’t have it.”

No. I will not call magic a lie but I will describe it as a well-oiled pack of grandiose dramatization, outright deception, fantastic misdirection and uncanny slyness. There is nothing spiritual about magic, it is nothing but an agglomeration of well-practised tricks. However, if done well, an excellent magician can actually ‘create something out of nothing’ or make the ‘possible from the impossible’ (even if that will look like he or she is going against the established laws of Newtonian physics, it is all an illusion) in a very fluid and convincing manner (in that case, I will call many Nigerian politicians magicians). So what happened that fateful day when Professor Peller allegedly ‘sliced’ his wife into two but could not put her back together and she almost ‘died’?

It was at the National Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos and the Lagos State Governor, Alhaji Lateef Jakande was present at the occasion to represent Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The event started as planned but then the Peller team decided to throw in a suspense-filled event, as their usual practice when they have events following one another every evening. The essence was to create so much suspense so that they will draw in even more crowd by the next day. So for day one, the idea was to create an illusion that he ran into trouble while sawing his wife in half. But then, the next step involved ‘reviving’ her. After the ‘cutting’, which was obviously done with a lot of dramatic effects, the crowd went into a frenzy and began to shout ‘We want Lady Peller!’, ‘Give us Lady Peller!’.

Later in 2012, the 66-year-old Lady Peller was interviewed and asked about the incident and she insisted that Peller actually cut her into two and she even sustained some light injuries. If you really want to clear your mind on this, just watch the video below. Even in hemicorporectomy in surgery where the entire half of a human is severed, survival rate is very low. Enjoy this video and see how magicians ‘cut’ people into halves:

He was a wonderful father and some of his children are as follows:


-SABURI (aka Pastor Kayode Abiola): Now a pastor, he was born in October 1960 and practised magic like his late father. He gained some degree of prominence before squandering the profits on women, cars and ultimately, drugs. Peller tried his best to assist Kayode when he was alive, he fought with him, took him to court, all to no avail. He later became a changed man after the demise of his father and the dwindling of his own magic firm, which he named Fantastic Young Peller.

-NIKE: Probably the most well-known of the Peller children, Nike Peller is a popular face in the Nigerian movie industry where she featured in many Yoruba flicks. On the 20th of November, 2010, she was made a traditional chief and was conferred upon the title ‘Yeye Agbasaga’ (the Custodian and Promoter of Culture) of Erin Osun, near Osogbo, Osun State.

-SAHEED (aka Zeeto): A lawyer (he practised in England) and also keen on sustaining the magic world created by their late father. In July 2013, he made his sister, Nike, disappear and reappear before an audience in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. See the video here:

-SHINA: Handsome and suave, he is always in the news for his partying lifestyle, love for cars and not too long ago, for allegedly shooting a man in a club over an argument.

Yes, Peller was assassinated. It was on fateful day on the 2nd of August 1997. Interestingly, he was killed the same day that Fela Anikulapo-Ransome Kuti also died. Peller was attacked at his residence in while observing his evening prayers at Onipanu, Lagos State and he was fatally shot by unknown gunmen. Nigeria and all kinds of unsolved murders, brutal killings and blood-curdling assassinations.

-He bore the same names (Moshood Abiola) with another popular Nigerian and winner of the 1993 presidential elections, Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola.

-Professor Peller was a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, an association for some of the very best of magicians on earth. Here is the Magician’s Oath: “As a magician I promise never to reveal the secret of any illusion to a non-magician, unless that one swears to uphold the Magician’s Oath in turn. I promise never to perform any illusion for any non-magician without first practicing the effect until I can perform it well enough to maintain the illusion of magic.”

-Right from their childhood, Peller and Baba Sala, popular Nigerian comedian, were best of friends. While making his movies, Baba Sala would include some of Peller’s magical performances.

-During the reign of Peller as the most powerful and influential magician that ever walked the Nigerian soil, there was this tale of bitter and intense rivalry with another magician and herbal medical practitioner from Osun State named Aladokun. Their rivalry was not just superficial, it also had traces of a clash of principles. Aladokun represented the typical African traditional magic while Peller was carrying the flag of the ‘foreign’ and Orient-trained magician. The intense competition brought about by their fights led to even more spectacular displays of magic and illusions. At the end, Peller prevailed, just like Tesla over Edison in the War of the Currents. His wife also stated that the rumour that Peller was once swallowed by Aladokun was false.

-Peller was good friends with the late Obafemi Awolowo, his son, Wole and Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, all of whom enjoyed his shows and gave him tremendous support.

-Professor’s Peller house at the junction of No. 11 Bode Thomas Road and Abe Street in Onipanu, Lagos now belongs to a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). When the house was put up for sale, many of the prospective buyers ran away when they learnt it belonged to the late magician. Nigerians are funny sha…lol! When he was alive, his house was a well-known destination and schoolchildren thronged to see the massive picture he put in front of the house, it was Peller in all the glory of the paraphernalia of his magic.

-Although he is the undisputed legend of magic in Nigeria, Professor Peller was said to be a devout Muslim who did not miss any of his Islamic obligations. Here is what his widow said in an interview with the Nigerian Compass in April 2012: “The Professor Peller you knew in public was not the same Eerson at home, especially whenever e was praying. On Fridays, all he enjoyed doing was praising God. He never missednis five daily prayers. Whenever he wanted to pray, he would just wear either an agbada or jalabia and nothing else. Whenever he was praying, he was always very serious, showing utmost piety. In fact, before he got married to me, he told me that he never observed his Subhi prayer at home; he would always go to the mosque wherever he was. At least, we livea together for about 27 years, and I don’t know of any day he missed his five daily prayers. “Oh, yes! If he was not praying, they wouldn’t kill him like that. Ask anybody, if he was not praying, he wouldn’t have been killed just like that. No, no!” She also said that Peller made a mistake when he revealed in an interview with journalists that the only time he was without any magic was when he was praying. His widow believe that his enemies exploited this.

-An extremely confident man, Peller told the African Guardian (Guardian Magazines) in an interview in 1988, that ‘there is nothing like failure. I am the last of the world’s great magicians’.

Without a doubt, the late Peller popularized the art of magic in Nigeria and polished it to such an extent that not even his children have been able to duplicate. He unarguably remains Nigeria’s greatest magician. After conquering Nigeria with his conjuring skills, he went international and received global acclaim. Mention the name Peller and the next thing that comes to mind is magic. But when he died that fateful 2nd of August, it seemed magic in Nigeria died with him. Will there arise another conjurer even far more impressive than Peller in the land? Time will tell.

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#BBNaija! Efe wins Ultimate Head of House

Efe is one blessed lucky chap… He has won tonight’s game – The Ultimate Head of House after escaping eviction tonight where he had a solid lead against the other housemates. (See here)

Efe had 51.97% votes.. and that’s one SOLID LEAD.

Recall, Ebuka mentioned during the live eviction show about the Ultimate Head of House Game.. Which is the last Head of House game as the show will be coming to an end in 3 weeks.

The housemates were all asked to burst open some baloons that had some letter, and they had to spell out the word Head of House. EFe was the First to do this.

We don’t know what this means, we don’t know what winning this game means, but we suspect the winner, Efe will be the head of house till the end of the game.

Recall, Ebuka also mentioned something about having an automatic spot in the finals?

Well we can’t wait to know what this means for Efe. Biggie will be revealing this tomorrow.

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Woman Stung To Death By Bees While Doing This (Photos)

The old lady was out collecting firewood when she accidentally disturbed a beehive. The bees repeatedly sting the old lady for 30 minutes.


By the time rescuers cleared the bees and reached the old woman her whole body was covered by stings.“I was walking past the area when I heard someone screaming for help.

I ran to see what was going on and saw an elderly woman frantically trying to fight off hundreds of bees,” said a witness. It was horrific.
It was like the worst nightmare you could possibly have. I just couldn’t get close to her because they were furious and far too many.”The daughter said: “Despite her age she was still very strong and able to look after herself. We’re not sure how or why it happened, but somehow she must have stumbled on a hive and upset the bees.

Our family is devastated by the painful and frightening way our mum died. She was well-loved in the area and didn’t deserve such a horrific end.”see her photos below:

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Photos From The First Ever African Gay Wedding (Photos)

According to a Facebook user this Sierra Leonean Gay lovers just got married.


The photos have since gone viral and left millions of Africans with their Jaws Dropped.
Apart from the fact that the couple look Malnourished.See more photo below:

-Atleast love won

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Tragedy as Pregnant Mother Hangs Herself While Her Family Was Downstairs Celebrating Birthday (Photos)

A mum-of-seven took her own life while her family sat downstairs celebrating a birthday, an inquest has heard.

According to Metro UK, Carla Murtagh, from Shard End, was found hanged at home by her husband Matthew just weeks after finding out she was pregnant with her eighth child.

The 34-year-old had booked an appointment to terminate the baby but later changed her mind and decided to keep the baby.

Yet just nine days later, the full-time-mum, who had a history of depression, took her own life.

Birmingham Coroner’s Court heard how Carla, 34, was rushed to Heartlands Hospital by paramedics, and A&E staff attempted to resuscitate her.

Doctors performed an emergency caesarian on the mum, who was 25 weeks pregnant at the time, but the baby was stillborn.

A short time later, Carla was pronounced dead by medics.

The inquest heard how she and Matthew already had seven children, aged between 14 months and 15 years.

They had been ‘shocked’ to find Carla was pregnant again in August 2016.

Matthew said: ‘We were shocked because it wasn’t planned. She considered having an abortion because we already had so many children. She was upset, and we were discussing how we were going to have another baby.’

Carla, who suffered with conditions including depression, consulted her GP at the end of August about her pregnancy and told him she wanted an abortion.

After being referred to the BPAS termination service, she was only able to get appointments in Liverpool or Doncaster.

But on October 28, Carla was visited by midwife Donna Grey, who was able to arrange an appointment for her at a Marie Stopes clinic in Birmingham.
She told the hearing: ‘When I went to her home that day she was very upset. She wanted a termination. She was very unsure about her dates of the pregnancy.

‘I spoke to Marie Stopes and they could offer her an appointment. After the consultation, she said, “Thank you. You’ve given me what I’ve been asking for, for a long time.”‘

But when the midwife saw Carla again on November 4, two days before her death, she found she had missed the appointment after deciding to have the baby after all.

‘She told me they’d had a family discussion and decided to keep the baby,’ Ms Grey said. ‘She seemed happy, and wanted to get an appointment for a scan.’

On the day of her death husband Matthew described how she had woken up in a ‘bad mood’, but had otherwise seemed fine.

Carla had started to cook a meal as the family was celebrating a birthday that day.

He had left the house with two of their children to buy a birthday cake from the supermarket.

When they returned, he said Carla had gone upstairs and was ‘acting quiet’.

‘She went upstairs and told me that she wanted to be left alone,’ he said. ‘I went downstairs to dish up the dinner and went up to get her.’

He found his wife hanged in the bedroom and called for help. He attempted CPR as paramedics arrived, and Carla was taken by ambulance to Heartlands Hospital.

A post-mortem examination later revealed the mum-of-seven had alcohol, cannabis and antidepressant fluoxetine in her blood, a combination that could result in Central Nervous System Depression.

Following Carla’s death, the local Clinical Commissioning Group launched an investigation into her care, but no failures were found on the part of her GP or midwives.

Giving a verdict of suicide, Coroner Louise Hunt said: ‘This is a tragedy, and for the family I am so very sorry. It is very sad and you have had to sit through some difficult evidence.

‘In time I hope you can remember the Carla you all loved and not in the sad way that she lost her life.’

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How Man Forced Partner to Perform S1x Acts on Her 9-year-old Son

A man who forced his partner to perform s*x acts on her nine-year-old son has been jailed indefinitely.


According to Metro UK reports, The convicted paedophile, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also threatened the woman with a pitch fork because he was ‘dissatisfied’ with her performance.

He was first jailed for 16 years in 2001 but was due to be released before a supreme court judge in Australia this week upheld a decision that would see him remain in prison indefinitely.

Judge Bruce McPherson told the court how ‘in his 20 years’ he had not seen a case ‘in which the conduct of the accused was worse than this’.

The hearing heard how he forced his partner to perform the indecent acts as he filmed with the aim of setting up a pornography business, reports the Brisbane Times.

He also forced her into group s*x and also abused her young son himself.

He also beat the woman so badly it left her with brain damage, face fractures and badly damaged left ear.

The man was convicted of indecently dealing with and maintaining a s*xual relationship with a child as well as assault occasioning bodily harm.

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Tragedy as Medical Doctor Parks His Car and Commit Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge (Photo)

A medical doctor has jumped off to his death on Third Mainland Bridge today in Lagos.

According to an account by News Guru, the man reportedly asked his driver to stop on the bridge.

Then he opened the door of his Nissan X-trail SUV and jumped into the Lagoon.

An Instagram user who witnessed the shocking moment said the unidentified medical doctor got out of his car and jumped into the Lagoon. she wrote below:

“I witnessed the worst thing ever today!! The owner of this particular car jumped into the lagoon right in front of me!!! I saw him get out of his car, then jumped, I was directly behind him, I parked and ran as fast as my legs could carry me but it was too late.

I wish he had waited a little longer, I wish I was able to stop him, I wish I was about to hold his hands, I wish he could tell me what the problem was!!!!! Depression is real…… I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’m still in shock, I couldn’t control my tears. I ran after him I tried to save him I called for help. Suicide is not the answer!!!!! It’s a pity a problem shared isn’t a problem solved anymore it’s a problem gossiped about…… we now live in a world where negativity is like 90%.

I really wish I was able to save him. Loads of people stopped because they saw me acting like a crazy woman, the ambulance was present, the fishermen were trying to help but it was too late!!!!! He left a note on his personalized Dr’s notepad with his house address. May God help his family though this difficult time. Please, let’s be our brothers keeps. Let’s genuinely love and help one another. Life is short. We are here for just a little time. Let’s spend that time spreading love and being kind to one another!”

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Pastor Land in Trouble for R1ping Church Member

Senior resident magistrate Daniel Musonda yesterday found Revival for all Nations Church pastor James Thewo, 28, of house number 31 Congo Way in Kitwe’s Riverside residential area, guilty of rape.


The court was convinced that on June last year, Thewo had unlawful carnal knowledge of the woman without her consent.

In his judgement, magistrate Musonda said there was overwhelming evidence from the State witnesses that the sexual intercourse between the ‘man of God’ and the named woman was not consensual.

“I am satisfied that the sexual intercourse was not consensual. I have more than enough evidence from independent witnesses to support the complainant’s testimony

“The prosecution has, therefore, managed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, and I find the accused guilty of rape, and I convict him accordingly,” Mr Musonda said.

He told Thewo the offence carries a minimum sentence of 15 years, which is beyond the jurisdiction of a subordinate court.

During trial, the woman testified that on the material day, she was attending interdenominational prayers and that the accused was the one conducting the prayers.

She narrated that after the prayers ended, Thewo got her phone and saved his phone number and asked her to call him as he had a vision from God about her.

“The following day around 05:00 hours, Thewo called me saying he had another vision about me and that I should go to his house where he could tell me in the presence of other church members about the vision he had about me,” she said.

The victim told the court that she went to the pastor’s house but did not find any other church member apart from him.

“I waited for other members but they never came. The pastor then locked the door and twisted my hand and tore the pants and cycling trunks I was wearing and had s*x with me,” she said.

The court heard that after the rape ordeal, Thewo got a knife and cafemol (a pain killer) and threatened to kill the woman if she refused taking it.

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Buhari Will Resign, Governors Will Gang Up Against Him – Pastor Makes Shocking Prophecy

Primate Ayodele Elijah,Founder and General Overseer of the INRI Evangelical and Spiritual Church, has delivered his prophecy for the second quarter of the year.

According to Daily Post reports  Ayodele, declared that President Muhammadu Buhari, will face serious political challenges, adding that the President will resign due to his health condition. He also said that some Governors will gang up against the President.

Ayodele,however, lamented that his prophecies have not been given needed attention in the country.

He said he had prophesied the rejection of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, the death of General Samuel Ogbemudia and that of General Adeyinka Adebayo, but his words were not taken seriously.

He warned that the Federal Government should be wary of its declaration that the Boko Haram attacks had been reduced, saying the proscribed terror group, would launch other attacks in a new fashion.

He also said the economy would improve between May and July this year.

He made the revelation in a chat with Tribune on Sunday.

Primate Ayodele said, “It is sad that we are not taken seriously when we warned earlier in newspapers and other media outlets. When a nation ignores God’s warning, certain things happen.

“I warned Nigeria of certain occurrences as published in the Daily Champion of December 30, 2015. In my book Warning to the Nations 2016/2017, I said there would be a new CAF president. I also warned of Magu’s rejection.

“It is on page 186 of the book. I also warned of the deaths of General Samuel Ogbemudia and General Adeyinka Adebayo.

“In the same vein, President Muhammadu Buhari still needs prayers because he may likely resign midway as a result of his health condition, unless prayers are intensified.

“Buhari will face political challenges. Some unexpected people will be removed from his cabinet. Some governors will gang up against him. In APC, there will be wrangling before and after the party convention.

“The crisis in the PDP will break it. Some northern governors will run into crisis that may jeopardise their political calculations. The economy will improve between May and July. Government should reform CBN and NNPC.

“The perpetrators of herdsmen killings will be exposed. Our security outfits should be alert as Boko Haram would devise new dimensions of attacks. There will be an increase in petrol product, as the price of petrol may change.

“Flour will be scarce. Charcoal will be expensive at the middle of the year. I see division in the National Assembly.

“The fight against corruption by the EFCC should be sustained but the former governor of Adamawa State, Mr James Ngilari, should be pardoned so that his political career will not be ruined,” he stated.

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Thin Tall Tony has been evicted from Big Brother Naija

Thin Tall Tony  has been evicted from the on-going Big Brother Naija reality show.

He was up for nomination this week alongside 3 other housemates: Tboss, Debbie-Rise, and Efe.

TTT now joins other housemates like Miyonse, Soma, Coco Ice, Gifty, Uriel and Kemen who have all been evicted from the show.

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