WOMEN BEWARE! Coffee Might Be Shrinking Your Br3asts- Studies Reveals

In October of 2008, The Telegraph came out with an article claiming that drinking coffee could affect br3ast size.

They said that those who drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day may notice a little shrinking in their br3asts.

According to the article, researchers invited 300 women to participate in a study linking a woman’s caffeine intake to her br3ast size.

The results were reportedly published in a British cancer journal. Based on the study, researchers discovered that taking in at least 3 cups of coffee a day could lead to a smaller br3ast size.

They said it was all thanks to this gene mutation that about half of the women tested carried. This gene is apparently responsible for the supposed link between caffeine and br3ast size.

According to Helena Jernstrom of Sweden’s Lund University, “Drinking coffee can have a major effect on br3ast size.”

However, she also added the following:

“Coffee-drinking women do not have to worry their br3asts will shrink to nothing overnight.”

“They will get smaller, but the br3asts aren’t just going to disappear.”

“However, anyone who thinks they can tell which women are coffee drinkers just from their bra measurements will be disappointed”

“The problem is that there are two measures for a bra, the cup size and the girth, so you wouldn’t be able to tell.”

The article from The Telegraph also claimed the following, however:

“Drinking caffeine regularly appeared to reduce the risk of br3ast cancer among the volunteers, who had been specifically selected from families at high risk of contracting the disease.”

So based on the sources, coffee intake may have an effect on br3ast size but it apparently has its own set of positive effects too.

What do you think, girls? Share your thoughts on this in the comments section!

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‘Being Ramsey Nouah’s ‘Wife’ Is A Big Deal To Me’ – Actress, Ameh Lucy Gush Out

The fast rising actress took to Instagram to narrate how happy she feels to not just be working alongside Ramsey Nouah.


She shared the photo above and wrote:

“This picture made me realize yet again, that everything happens in God’s time and when God wills it. I knew at some point in my career, I would work with Ramsey Noah but I never thought it would be soon, I didn’t only work with him, I was privileged to be on the film he directed, I was blessed to work alongside him, not just alongside him but to play the role of his wife, God is indeed faithful, this is a big deal to me especially growing up watching his movies, and not forgetting that his one of the Actors who made my passion for my career grow n still growing. It was an honor sir, God bless you n keep been simple n You. Thanks to those who made it happen, my Oga @chrisodeh Tuale. @kosibrown n my God almighty.”

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Is Your Blood Type O? You Should Avoid Doing This To Save Your Life

If you have blood type O, you seemingly already know that you have the unique property of being universal donor — You can give blood in all groups (A, B, AB and O) — but can receive blood type only from those who has the same blood type as you.

However is not your only specificity; some components of your blood type gives you a truly unique and different from the other persons.

Blood type O: almost perfect health
It is true that compared to other blood types, you are more sensitive to certain diseases such as gastric ulcers and thyroid gland disorders which often results in problems such as water retention and obesity.

However, you generally escape to pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, memory disorders, and cancer. According to the researchers, the blood group O protects against pancreatic cancer because the immune system of this group can better detect and “destroy” cancer cells than group A or B.

Blood type O: a warrior character

However, you are a born leader. You waste a lot of energy and when you set a goal you do not stop once it reaches. These great points make you an excellent person and indispensable in the eyes of those around you.

In Japan, this blood group has long been associated with a exceptional personality. One might even ask you what blood group you belong in a job interview! You are often described as someone organized, responsible, committed, focused, conscientious and pragmatic. You are deemed to be a logical person with perfect qualities to be an exceptional leader. The popular belief is that this is because your ancestors were hunters who were to observe and evaluate their environment to survive.

Blood type O: hyperactivity and impulsivity

You are probably hyperactive and impulsive when you are under pressure and can quickly get angry in such cases. When this excessive sensibility is combined with a way of harmful food and living, as well as a nearly sedentary pace than you are more prone to suffer from metabolic syndrome.

This is usually manifested by insulin resistance, slower thyroid activity and an increased risk of weight gain. Also, as you have a higher rate of stomach acids than other blood types, you have a weak stomach and a tendency to easily develop ulcers.

Blood type O: how to take care of yourself?

If you are blood type O, it is best to avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption. The latter can be particularly dangerous for you, because it increases the adrenaline levels which are already naturally high among people in your group.

You should also regularly do sports at least 3 or 4 times a week.

Avoid cereals and dairy products because you have trouble digesting and rather prefer animal proteins and vegetables.

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Stop Eating This Food, Infectious Worms Might Occur Inside The Body

Dangerous Worms Might Happen Inside The Body By Eating This Kind Of Food

Most people were not informed of the food they eat every day, we must stop consuming this kind of food because infectious worms may occur inside the body.

Many people were eating various types of food every day, without being aware of its impact on our body’s health. This specific type of worm can be usually found in meats such as beef and pork. This worms can badly affect our body’s health.
When these worms enter the body, they were spreading throughout the entire body. They can move through our brain, eyes, tissues, and in any parts of our body. Aside from being scary, it can also cause several types of diseases.
A patient in Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge was complaining of severe headaches. After a few days, the patient returned to the hospital complaining of new symptoms such as weakness, headaches, and even seizures.

The patient told the doctors in the hospital that he had recently visited South Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand, which were the countries reported having the most cases of a parasite called “Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei.” So he was diagnosed with infection sparganosis.
The team of doctors immediately remove the dangerous worms through a surgical operation, which was the only way to treat the infection. This infection was called “Taeniasis” which was caused by Asian, pork, and beef tapeworms.

People can get infected by these tapeworms by consuming under-cooked meat from infected pork or beef. These worms can also enter the body through direct contact with swine or human feces.

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Drama as Christian Husband Drags Wife to Sharia Court for ‘Praying Too Much’ (Photos)

A human rights lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye has shared the story of a Christian woman whose husband took to a Sharia court for ‘praying too much’ and being dutiful to her Christian obligations.

Ugwuonye wrote:

“Chinyere is a nice, lovely lady, a B.Sc. degree holder. She is calm and gentle and beautiful in many ways. She is a mother of 4 children and 4 months pregnant with the 5th.

She is a strong christian and active member of her church. Her husband is neither here nor there. He is a Christian, but everything he does seems to come right from the devil’s warehouse. He beats his wife at random and then heads to church to pray.

Like some Nigerian men, he manipulates all the gods. When he likes, he is a traditionalist relying on the customs of his people. At other times, he is a Christian quoting from the bible, particular the part that keeps women submissive. And finally, when neither the customs nor the Bible could help him, he ran to the Sharia.

This lady met with me today in Abuja in preparation for her ordeal in the Sharia Court next week. The man is actually asking the Sharia to assist him in getting separation from his wife for 6 months. Since she is 4-months pregnant, we seem to understand what he wants. He does’t want to be bothered with her pregnancy headaches or costs. He wants to receive the baby only after he has confirmed it is a boy.

The lady gave me a list of woes she has encountered in the hands of this man. The latest is the fact that despite her Christian faith, the man secretly converted her to Islam.

I had a number of options and suggestion to make to this woman. I wanted to advise her to divorce the man outright rather than face the Sharia. But I remembered that many of the people in this group have insisted that God hates divorce. By implication, they are of the view that this woman should rather go with her husband to their new religion rather than divorce him. (By the way, all those in this group who insist that God hates it for this woman to divorce this man, raise your hands because I am about to advise her to divorce him).

Anyway, all effort is being made to protect this woman against all odds. Her greatest concern is her children. She doesn’t want to be separated from her children. She has suffered so much in the hands of this man that she doesn’t care about him any more. It is just her children. So, we are going to make sure that whatever happens, she will be with her children.

You can see me in the pictures with the lady.”

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Real Identity of Woman Claiming to be Apostle Suleman’s Second Ex-lover Revealed (Photos+Video)

The Facebook account of the second lady who claimed to have been in a sexual relationship with Suleman Johnson, the embattled overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, has been deactivated for violating the medium’s policies which included nudity, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

The lady, who identified herself as Queen Esther, said she began a relationship with Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) in 2013 before a “catastrophic break-up” a year later.

Ms. Esther’s claims came two days after a Canada-based singer, Stephanie Otobo, told journalists of her alleged amorous affair with Mr. Suleman.

The preacher denies all the allegations.

On Sunday, he barred members of his congregation from further publicly commenting on the incident.

‘It wasn’t me’

After Ms. Esther’s claims on Sunday was published, the lady contacted this newspaper to query why it would report that she had no evidence against Mr. Suleman.

She requested that a follow-up story be published to reflect that she has evidence of their affair, a request that was turned down.

“I saw all that was written on the internet, although it is a true story, of which it’s the reality of what is going on now in my life,” Ms. Esther said on telephone on Monday.

“If my family were going about bringing out such stories, you should have at least waited before publishing it. Because this is going to attract all kinds of assault to me right now. And going to say that there’s no evidence….it’s just too much.”

A top official of the Kaduna State government had confirmed that it received an e-mail from Ms. Esther seeking its protection against Mr. Suleman and “his team of magicians.”
Following a request to Ms. Esther to authenticate the e-mail to the Kaduna State government, an e-mail was received on Sunday stating that she did, indeed, wrote to the government seeking its protection.

But Ms. Esther said on Monday that she didn’t send any of the e-mails. “The email sent to you, it wasn’t really me that wrote it, it’s my cousin,” she said.

“I want to ask you for a favour. I’m actually sick and all that began from the whole story you have heard. It’s my cousin and my uncle that went about doing all that and it’s just as the whole thing is out that I’m now told. And I want to take it up from here.

“It wasn’t me that wrote to the Kaduna State government…I’m telling you honestly, this issue has been dragging since 2014, between me and my family and Apostle Suleman and his family since 2014. The reason why I think they were so frustrated to go to this extent, writing these things is because all their pleas to Apostle Suleman to release me from his bondage has fallen on deaf ears.

“It is evident that all that I’m suffering now started from the time he …. and his threat messages are in my phone. He threatened that I will die…I don’t know who he’s talking bout that will die, but he actually sent all those threat messages to my phone.

“What did I do to Apostle Suleman? That I said I don’t want to be in the church again.That being in the church is risky to me and besides whatever relationship that existed between him and I wasn’t really…I didn’t go into it out of… all because I had a problem and he took advantage of that.

“So what I’m trying to say is that whatever you have put out there, you have to go back and put that there is evidence to prove that he actually threatened me and from the day he threatened me, all these I’m suffering began.”

PREMIUM TIMES requested Ms. Esther to produce any voice recording or text message from Mr. Suleman, but she insisted a story stating that she had evidence be published first.

“You need to do whatever you have to do to make anybody who’s trying to criticise this story to understand that I’m the one involved and I have evidence.

“If they have come out to publish something without my consent, I’m the one who have to defend it all and at least I can offer and provide evidence that this man actually threatened me. If he doesn’t want to heal me I don’t know what wrong I did to him.

“He has to be able to tell the whole world why he said I will die. What I did in 2014 other than say I don’t want to continue in this relationship and that I want to leave the church. I don’t think that’s a crime.”

On why her uncle and cousin are using her e-mail account, Ms. Esther said they know everything about her because they had been taking care of her since her illness.

“The evidence is in the text message. Johnson Suleman is too smart to call me on phone to say all those things because he knows his voice can be recorded. But since the evidence he wrote it in a text message and sent to me, times without number, I can only quote from the text message, sent directly from his number.”

Two hours after a request for a text message evidence, Ms. Esther called back to say, “The text messages are on my old phone and we have taken it to a repairer,” a contradiction of her earlier e-mail claim that the messages disappeared mysteriously.

“We are going to court on the matter and we’ll provide our evidence in court,” she said.

Finding Queen Esther

On Sunday, Ms. Esther had turned down a request to produce her photograph – or her real identity – saying she wanted to first get the support of the Kaduna State government, to protect her from possible attacks from Mr. Suleman.

On Monday, a caller who claimed to be Ms. Esther’s cousin, called to lambast PREMIUM TIMES over its report on the incident.

“You people have made a mess of the case we are even trying to package out,” said the cousin who didn’t reveal her name.

“Even if the Kaduna State government said they are not getting involved in the matter, why did you have to write it in the whole thing? Why not put the whole story out and exempt the government?

“Obviously, we forwarded a message to PREMIUM TIMES, why do you people have to take it to the public that the state government is getting involved or not getting involved? Why not just write the story and exempt the government? Now you are making it look as if the government has a hand in the story.”

Although the two callers’ voices – Ms. Esther’s and her cousin – sounded alike, PREMIUM TIMES could not verify if they were the same person.

But a Facebook search with the latter’s phone number threw up an account linked to the former’s e-mail address.

And the Facebook account’s owner, with profile name YahwehYesha Ace, was repeatedly referred to as ‘Queen’ or Evangelist Queen by her friends.

Her Facebook URL suggested she was formerly known as Evangelist Queen before changed her name to YahwehYesha Ace on the social media platform.

She described herself as an evangelist/preacher at Omega Love Ministry.

If the owner of the account was sick, it didn’t reflect in her wall posts – between November and December last year she mounted a vigorous campaign for Donald Trump in the run-up to the US presidential election, mocked Mr. Suleman for his false prediction of the election’s outcome, and warned people to stay away from MMM.
In fact, on December 31, 2016, she wrote, “Naturally I am so full of sunshine that the whole darkness in the world can’t keep me gloomy or moody for at least five minutes.”

Further investigation showed that Ms. Esther’s other phone number is linked to an account that had been disabled by Facebook because she “created or posted something that violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

According to Facebook, acts not allowed on the medium include

– Uploading content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity
– Sending messages containing sexually explicit language
– Repeatedly sending friend requests or messages to people who don’t know you.

It is unclear which of the rules Ms. Esther violated.

A check on Truecaller showed that while Ms. Esther’s number showed her name as ‘Esther Ehel,’ that of her so-called cousin’s revealed ‘Queen Owerri.’

When confronted Ms. Esther with its findings so far, she threatened to sue the website if those details and her photographs were made public.

She also swore never to talk to this medium again.

But she later sent a text message, saying, “I am a very busy lady. I have my image to protect as a servant of God. I can’t be embroiled in Johnson’s mess. He was wicked to me. I left the battle for Yahweh since then.”

In an e-mail sent by her uncle, he said the lady’s ailing condition is the reason she was not making public appearances.

“My niece didn’t receive any dime on her sick bed to come and blackmail apostle, but since her pleas to apostle’s father to talk his son into releasing her from his bondage, the press and the public has become her last resort,” he said, using the same e-mail address.

“Very soon we shall invite all the Christian religious bodies into this matter. This is reality, but apostle has proven arrogant and stubborn over the issue of restoring my niece.

“Now we have no option to than to begin this fight for her life this way, if he still continues to deny, we would have to take a trip to the courts for redress, for we have the evidence to prove that she was a member of his church, and her current ailment began immediately she ended their relationship, left the church and received threats to her life and success from Apostle Johnson Suleman.”

Source: Premium Times

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373 Illegal Pharmacies, Patent Drug Stores Shut Down in Ogun

No fewer than 373 pharmacies and patent drug stores have been sealed by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria in Ogun State for various offences.

The Director, Inspection and Monitoring of PCN, Mrs Anthonia Aruya, revealed this on Friday in Abeokuta, while briefing journalists about the activities of the council.

She said 15 pharmacies and 358 patent drug stores were affected, while giving the breakdown. She said their offences ranged from operating without registration with the council, failure to renew premises licence, dispensing ethical products without the supervision of a pharmacist, and poor sanitary conditions among others.

Aruya said the action became necessary to save the public from purchasing drugs from unregistered outlets.

She said, “The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria cannot guarantee that such drugs retain same integrity as specified by the manufacturers since they have not submitted to regulation that ensures maintenance of minimum standards for handling such products.”

Aruyo added that PCN enforcement teams had visited 44 pharmacies and 391 patent medicine stores across Ogun State.

She said the teams discovered that so many pharmacies and patent stores commenced operations without fulfilling minimum requirements for registration, while others failed to renew their licences.

Aruya said such exercise had been carried out in other 15 states of the federation. She said, “The PCN enforcement teams have been in Ogun state from the beginning of the week. What we observed in Ogun state is that so many premises commenced operations without fulfilling minimum requirements for registration while others failed to renew their licence to operate such shops.

“Some of these premises store products in an environment where quality, safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products cannot be guaranteed.

“This exposes the public to serious danger. Others do not have the requisite knowledge of know-how to handle the highly ethical drugs in their facilities.

“This exercise is part of efforts by the PCN to reverse this ugly trend and improve on the level of pharmaceutical service delivery to the people in the state.”

Aruya urged members of the public to ensure they purchased medicines from registered pharmacies and simple household remedies from licensed patent stores.

She warned people to desist from starting pharmaceutical business without proper documentation with the PCN.

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See The World’s Most Expensive Burger Sells For N4.5 million in Dubai

The world’s most expensive burger has been sold at auction to raise money for a cancer charity.


The $10000 Burgerstack was sold during the Pink Caravan’s Pink Bite breast cancer charity event, which raised Dh108,755 in total for the cause.

The auction took place at Galeries Lafayette, Le Gourmet in Dubai Mall with a host of the country’s government officials and public figures taking part.

“I have been an ambassador of Pink Caravan since the very beginning and I am extremely honoured to be here today,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development.
“Two years ago we broke the world record by selling one burger for US$7,000 (Dh25,700), and this year we wanted to top that.”
“Of course, all proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and free detection at an earlier stage.” The event brought together seven of emirate’s top chefs and Pink Caravan ambassadors who collectively created innovative, pink-themed dishes at their live stations inspired by Emirati cuisine.”
During the hour-long auction, all ambassadors tried to sell their dishes at the highest price.

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Tragedy as secondary school student allegedly commits suicide with poison after girlfriend dumps him(Graphic Photo)

Shock as a secondary school student has ended his life in a terrible manner after allegedly drinking poison because his girlfriend left him.


The tragic incident happened this afternoon at the Kwabre Senior High School in Ghana.

According to LIS, the teenager drank the poison immediately after getting a call from the girlfriend that their relationship was over.

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How I Made My Best Friend Have S1x With My Dad to Extract Money from Him – Young Lady Confesses

The young lady shared her story on break_or_makeup, according to her, she has a dad who never gives her any money even though he has enough. So she decided to get the money by any means possible.

She revealed that she connected her best friend with her dad, since the man loves women. She arranged with the friend to get 50/50 of whatever she gets from her dad. That way, she would make the money she wants. Read her full story below;

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