True Life Story! Meet The Half-Human & Half-Alligator Found In Florida Swamp

Meet Mr. Jake, a half-man, half-alligator hybrid, he was reportedly found in a Florida swamp.

But reports of these creature was actually date back to the 1700s, in fact the Weekly World News ran a feature on them back in 1993.

He was acquired by the Marshes for $750 in 1967 from an antique store.

Mr. Jake currently resides in a museum in Washington for curious onlookers.

The periodical subsequently reported on his escape from captivity, killing of a Miami man, and giving birth.

Jake has acquired quite a following in Northwestern popular culture. Bumper stickers featuring the oddity can be commonly seen throughout Washington and Oregon. Also, there is a Jake the Alligator Man Festival held to celebrate his annual 75th birthday. See more photo below;

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Drama as Notorious Car Thief Unable To Walk After He Was Caught and His Charm Was Stripped off in Surulere Area of Lagos

According to a social media user who shared it, the thief was was caught and str1pped of all the charms he was wearing which apparently, make him not to move hisleg.


This incident happened today after the man was caught when he was trying to steal a car on Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos. Watch the video below:


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Heartbreaking Photos Of The Young Nigerian Army Killed By Boko Haram Today

Boko Haram terrorists have killed a young Nigerian army Lieutenant in an attack in Magumeri town in Magumeri LGA of Borno State on Wednesday evening.

According to Saharareporters, It was gathered that the militants ambushed Lieutenant AC Oguntoye and his colleagues on their way to Gubio from a shooting range competition in Monguno
The officers were pinned down by terrorists in Magumeri where they razed down houses, including a police station in the town. The militants rode into the area in 10 utility vehicles, shooting and attacking military formations.

A press release from the Nigerian police stated that a police Sergeant Haliru Aliyu was also killed in the attack, while another sustained leg injury from gunshots. A spokesperson to the Nigerian army later said the insurgents who were being shielded by members of the Magumeri community have been subdued.

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Young University Girls Will Not Leave My Husband Alone – 41-year-old Married Woman Cries Out

According to a married woman , her husband has become bored with her s1xually, since he always desires extreme s1xual acts from her which the younger girls have been ever prepared to offer him.

This, she stated in her letter sent to a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin in response to the story of one woman whose husband seems to be getting excessive s*x from young university girls.

Read both stories below:

The second woman’s story below:

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Heartbreaking as Man Died After He Jumps Into River to Retrieve a Boy’s Dead Body

A man heroically rushed into a dam to retrieve the body of a drowned boy on Saturday but ended up being swallowed by the water as well.

According to Daily Sun SA, the police in Ivory Park, east of Joburg are investigating the drowning of two people in a dam in Claysville extension 45 on Saturday afternoon.

Captain Bernard Matimulane said the first victim, a 16-year-old boy, was swimming with his friends when he drowned.

“His terrified friends ran to tell his parents, who rushed to the dam. The parents and other bystanders started searching for the boy in the spot where his friends told them he had last been seen.”

Matimulane said that during the search, a resident went into the water but also ended up drowning. He was in his early 20s and his body was retrieved by paramedics.

Ivory Park police commander Brigadier David Ngcobo appealed to residents to be careful around rivers, streams and dams.

He also advised people to get help from trained professionals during emergencies, saying the second drowning could have been avoided if residents had waited for the police diving squad.

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Relax & Be Serviced: Why Having S1x in a Hotel is the Sweetest!

One of the most thrills for anyone is to be catered to, to have things at your beck and call and it almost requires nothing without having to worry about anything. All you have to is to make a call, and anything you want is given to you.

It’s easy to understand why hotel s*x feels so good, you get to do nothing but call room service even better, you don’t have to make the bed when you’re done, it’s now someone else’s problem, not yours, as reported by Danielle de la Bastide.

While we all know this, scientists researched why it feels that good to put facts to what we all know. Amy Muise, a psychologist from York University in Toronto has said that vacations are healthy in a relationship, it promotes a new sort of freedom that can lead to some experimentation and remove usual inhibition in the bedroom.

Doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring quite easily. Being away from your traditional setting can help to see things in a new light especially when it comes to s*x.

You and your partner should leave the bed at times, and head for the table or the staircase and get creative. Amy asserts that self-expansion is critical to our overall health.

“Often it is about doing things outside the bedroom that enhance desire and closeness ― which tends to lead to a greater likelihood of (and better) s*x,” she said.

Going somewhere new to experience entirely different sort of arrangement can help bring more interesting ideas to the bedroom, and this also pushes the idea for self-expansion. This is very beneficial for the couple.

Another major reason why s*x at the hotel is great is because you can look like an escape, your mind takes a trip away from the familiar to the unfamiliar. No normal life challenge staring you in the office like other days, like work challenges and things.

The vacation nature of it kicks in, and you don’t have to worry about the kids, you’re alone with the most important person in your life. What could go wrong?

Credits: Hot Pulse

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Aero Contractors Sacks 900 Workers in Nigeria

Aero Contractors Airline, which is under the management of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), has sacked about 900 workers representing 60 per cent.

Letters of redundancy were issued to the affected employees during the week.

Media Consultant to the 58 year-old airline, Mr Simon Tumba, who confirmed the development in a statement issued on Thursday in Lagos, said the workers would be paid their pension and gratuity.

Aero as at last September had about 1,500 workers on its payroll before it suspended flights. AMCON had taken it over in 2013.

Tumba said the airline had been grappling with huge and unrealistic personnel cost as well as other operational challenges, worsened by lack of enough aircraft to keep all the workers meaningfully engaged.

“The issuance of notification of redundancy is a business decision that will ensure Aero’s survival.

“The current situation where over a thousand people are basically not engaged due to lack of serviceable aircraft is not sustainable for the airline.

“The huge monthly salary associated with a bloated workforce will eventually kill the airline, which is not the intention of the current government,” he said.

According to him, Aero Contractors currently has aircraft-to-employee ratio of 1:500, which analysts believe is perhaps the worst in the history of global airline industry.

Tumba said government’s intervention in Aero was to save it from total collapse. Therefore, he said, all steps such as this (issuance of redundancy letters) to ensure its survival must be put into effect to save the airline.

”This decision will immediately reduce the whopping operational cost, which has been stifling Aero; enable the management bring in more aircraft through savings from overheads and pay for C-checks.

“It will also enable Aero have a more manageable and committed workforce in line with international best practices of 50 to 60 personnel to one aircraft unlike what obtains in Aero at the moment.”

He, however, added that those in Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and other essential staff in critical departments would not be affected.

Tumba said Capt. Ado Sanusi, the Chief Executive Officer of Aero, had also assured the workers that they stand a chance of being recalled as soon as the airline increases the number of aircraft in its fleet in the near future.

One of the redundancy letters made available to NAN read:, “Following the operational challenges of Aero culminating in loss of business opportunities that adversely affected company finances vis-à-vis operations, we are constrained to place you under redundancy pending a possible future review.

“This decision was communicated to the unions where their understanding was solicited in view of prevailing operational difficulties.

“Whilst Aero appreciates your contribution to the company and continues to regard you as worthy ambassadors, we solicit your understanding as we struggle to stabilise operations and rebuild the company.”

However, the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE) and the Air Transport Senior Staff Services Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) , have kicked against the move by the airline.

Mr Frances Akinjole, General Secretary, ATSSSAN, told NAN that a notification had been sent by the unions to the affected workers not to accept the “purported letter of redundancy “.

“We are totally against it because in the first place, our members are still being owed salaries and we have not even negotiated the redundancy package.

“If they go ahead with this move then the unions are prepared to face them headlong,” he said.

According to Wikipedia, Aero Contractors was founded in 1959 and officially registered in Nigeria in 1960. At that time, it was a wholly owned by Schreiner Airways B.V. of the Netherlands.

It became a company with initially 40 per cent Nigerian holding in 1973 and subsequently 60% in 1976, anticipating the requirements of the Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Decree of 1977, also known as the indigenisation decree.

In January 2004, Schreiner Airways was bought by CHC Helicopter (CHC), which acquired a 40% holding in Aero, while the 60% majority share remained within the Ibru family.

On 1 July 2010, CHC sold its interests in Aero for the consideration of 1 Nigerian naira, when Aero became wholly owned by the Ibru family.

In March 2013, industrial action grounded flights for 18 days, in a dispute over outsourcing and reduction in staff numbers. The strike, from 13–28 March, grounded Aero’s active fleet of nine aircraft, and was reported to have cost the airline at least N10bn in ticket sales

After financial intervention, the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), an arm of the Federal Government of Nigeria, held 60% of Aero, and in August 2013 AMCON took over the management of the carrier.

Hugh Fraser was named as CEO then.

The current CEO is now Captain Ado Sanusi, who himself replaced Captain Fola Akinkuotu, now managing director of Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.


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How Magu Can Remain as Acting EFCC Chairman Even After His Rejection

Constitutional lawyers have given basis why and how Ibrahim Magu can remain acting as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) even after he was rejected for the second time by the Senate, Leadership reports reveals.

They spoke against the backdrop of yesterday’s rejection of Magu as the substantive chairman of EFCC by the Senate for a second time, following the Department of State Services (DSS) insistence that he was not fit to head the country’s anti-graft agency.

The DSS had in a third report it submitted to the Senate on Tuesday referred the lawmakers in the Red Chamber to an earlier report dated October 3, 2016 it sent to them, in which it stated that Magu failed integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption war of the current government.

Consequently, Magu was rejected by a majority of the Senate membership after some members of the upper chamber and the acting EFCC chairman traded hard tackles and insults in the course of his screening yesterday.

But some senior lawyers who spoke to LEADERSHIP yesterday maintained that Magu could be EFCC’s chairman in acting capacity, his rejection by the lawmakers notwithstanding.

While some of them insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari has constitutional power to re-present his nomination a third time to the senate for confirmation as substantive chairman of EFCC or allow him to remain as acting chairman pending his appointment, others however contended that it would amount to constitutional breach on the part of the president.

Lagos lawyer and human rights activist, Chief Femi Falana (SAN) specifically said the rejection of Magu by the senate was the height of official ridicule of the president’s office, just as it was illegal and a contravention of the Rules of the Senate which states that matters that are sub judice should not be discussed by the lawmakers.

Noting that Buhari could still resubmit his name for the third time because there are precedents to multiple representation of nomination by past presidents to the Senate, he recalled that ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo forwarded nomination of former Education Minister, Babalola Aborishade, to the senate several times until he was eventually confirmed.

Falana said, “The rejection of the nomination of Mr. Ibrahim Magu as the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) this afternoon by the Senate on the basis of a security report compiled by the State Security Service is the height of official ridicule of the office of the President. It is high time the State Security Service was restrained by President Buhari from sabotaging the fight against corruption by the federal government

“With respect to the Senate, the confirmation hearing hurriedly conducted today is illegal in every material particular. The participation of many senators who are either under investigation or being prosecuted by the EFCC has vitiated the entire proceedings of the Senate on grounds of conflict of interest. It is also a contravention of the Rules of the Senate which stipulates that matters which are sub judice shall not be discussed by the Senate” Falana added.

He, however, noted that notwithstanding the rejection of the nomination of Magu by the Senate there were still options open to President Buhari that are clear and straight forward.

Listing the options, the learned silk said, “Mr. Magu’s nomination may be re-presented to the Senate if and when the Federal Government decides to put its house in order. Alternatively, the President may allow Mr. Magu to remain the Acting Chairman of the EFCC since he was appointed in that capacity pursuant to section 171 of the Constitution.

“But if the President is not satisfied with Mr. Magu’s performance he is at liberty to appoint another person whose nomination will be forwarded to the Senate in accordance with section 2 (3) of the EFCC Act, 2004.

“In the light of the foregoing, President Buhari is enjoined to ensure that the fight against corruption is not derailed by highly placed corrupt elements who have enlisted the support of fifth columnists and reactionary forces in the government”.

In the same vein, chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), insisted that as long Magu is the choice of the president to head the commission, the lawmakers have no legal justification to dictate to him who to appoint.

According to him, no law in the country prevents Magu from doing the job in acting capacity, especially when the president has the power to appoint whosoever he feels like in an acting capacity.

The professor of law said, “They have no right under the constitution to tell the president the name of who he should submit. If that is who the President wants, that is the name he would submit.

“Their role is confirmation and not nomination or presentation. There is no law stopping Magu from acting in the position because the president has the power to appoint whosoever he wants in an acting capacity and there is no limitation of his powers in that regard.

“The worst the Senate can do is what they have done, they can not dictate that the President should submit another name. In my opinion, that rejection is perverse because you can’t reject someone who has an outstanding records of integrity, honesty and achievements.

“So, that rejection is transparently contrary to the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians. They know that he is an honest man and he has done excellently well in the fight against corruption, so the decision is perverse”, Sagay further maintained.

Another constitutional lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN) argued, however, that President Buhari can no longer represent Magu’s name because of the serious moral burden, ethical challenges and legal impediments imposed on him with this second definitive rejection.

Ozekhome, who cited sections 2(1) and 2(3) of the EFCC Act, insisted that Magu ceases to be the executive chairman of the commission, because having left his ‘acting’ position during his proposal to the Senate, he had also lost his ‘acting’ capacity.

He said, “Representing his name will raise more questions than answers as to why the insistence on one man. This is unlike the first instance when Senate merely turned him down without any screening.

“That it was done shortly after the celebrated arrival of President Buhari from his medical vacation makes it more interesting and more significant as it underlines the independence of the Legislature”.

On his part, another learned silk, Seyi Sowemimo (SAN), argued that Magu can not continue to function in the position of an acting chairman in the face of his rejection by the Senate because that position ought to be a temporary one.

“I think since he has been rejected the second time, the presidency will be in a fix. This is because the Senate is an institution on its own and its confirmation is required. Now, that they are rejecting the man for the second time, I think that is where the matter should end. If his rejection is based on the DSS security report, it means it is not something the president can override”, he stated.

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Serious Drama as Man End 15 Years Marriage Because His Wife Forgot His 45th Birthday

The man who lives at Cowdray Park in Zimbabwe ended his marriage of 15 years and sent his wife packing just because she forgot his 45th birthday.

According to B-Metro, Sharon Moyo (40) learnt the hard way not to take things for granted when her husband Hope Gumbo (45) angrily told her to leave their matrimonial home to live with her friends.

What ticked Gumbo off was that his wife ALWAYS remembered other people’s birthdays but his.

“I’m devastated, I have been married to her for 15 years but in those 15 years we have stayed together she has never remembered my birthday but I always remember hers and I even spoil her on her birthday,” he said.

That worried him enough to keep a close eye on her “birthday” problem.

“I have been watching her for sometime, she remembers her male friends’ birthdays but when it comes to mine she totally forgets and doesn’t care. I don’t know whether she forgets or she does that deliberately to piss me off,” said a devastated Gumbo.

However, Moyo has a different opinion concerning Gumbo sending her packing because of a birthday issue.

“I don’t think a man can end a 15-year marriage over a petty issue like this one. I suspect that he has a girlfriend somewhere because how can he send me packing for forgetting his birthday,” Moyo argued.

Gumbo said what made him angry was that after reminding her that it was his birthday she refused to spend the day with him celebrating.

“At first I thought maybe she had forgotten that it was my birthday but when I reminded her that it was, she refused to go out with me saying that buying a cake and having fast foods was wasting money. Clearly I am not important in her life so she should go to those people she thinks their birthdays are worth celebrating,” Gumbo added.

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Man R*pes Cousin’s 10-year-old Daughter in Lagos

An Ogudu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Thursday, sentenced a 20-year-old factory worker, Friday Solomon, to 10 years imprisonment for defiling his cousin’s 10-year-old daughter.

The Magistrate, Mrs O. Sule-Amzat, who pronounced judgment after the accused pleaded guilty to the two-count of defilement and sexual assault, said that the sentence was without an option of fine.

At his arraignment on Feb. 23, the prosecutor, Lucy Ihiehie, had told the court that Solomon committed the offences on Feb. 18 in Ketu area of Lagos state.

The prosecutor said a neighbour living in the compound who the girl reported her ordeal to after the incident apprehended Solomon.

Ihiehie said that the victim’s mother received a phone call at about 4.30 p.m., asking her to rush home quickly, indicating that someone had raped her daughter.

She said, “When the complainant got there, she started crying when she saw her daughter bleeding from her private part.

“The little girl told her mother that Solomon, a cousin of her deceased father came to the house when she was doing her homework with her siblings and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

“She said that when she started shouting, the accused covered her mouth with his hands and when he was done, she saw blood flowing from her private part and reported to their neighbour.”

Ihiehie said that the mother of the defiled child and the neighbour later reported the incident at the Ketu Police Station.

The prosecutor said that the offences contravened Sections 137 and 260 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

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