My Romance with Snakes – Nollywood Actress, Rukky Sanda Shares Experience

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Punch’s Sunday Scoop, popular Nollywood actress, opened up on her r0mance with snakes, lions and more, adding that she had an awesome time while holidaying in South Africa recently.

Rukky was seen as she boldly let a python move around her body. She also struck a pose with the snake on her neck.

The actress whose act of leaving a snake slithering across her body while she caressed it in a loving manner, left many of her fans wondering how she managed playing with the creatures, confessed her love for animals.

She said; “Playing with a python or lion is not a big deal. I have always loved animals and I like having them around me. I don’t see anything unusual about that.”

On whether she entertained any fear of being bitten by the reptile, she said; “What many people don’t know is that those animals were in a zoo and they have been tamed, so they didn’t pose any danger to me. I wasn’t the only one there as lots of other animal lovers were also present and they equally fooled around with the creatures.”

Dismissing insinuations by some of her fans who interpreted her nearness to the snakes to mean that she’s diabolical, she said; “Some people are boring and have a myopic attitude but I don’t worry myself about them. Since when did playing with a snake make one a witch? As an actress, what if I am required to play a role with snakes, am I supposed to turn it down? I don’t need to explain myself and my actions to anybody.”

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Senate Declares Magu Can No Longer Continue as EFCC Acting Chairman – Senate Declares

The Senate on Wednesday declared that its rejection of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, means that the anti-graft boss has lost his capacity to remain in office.

This was disclosed by the Senate spokesman, Abdulahi Sabi, after plenary on Wednesday afternoon.

He insisted that the report of the Department of State Services, DSS, was adopted by the Senate.

Sabi said no one who failed such integrity test would be confirmed by the Senate.

“The rejection of Magu by the Senate signifies that he cannot continue in acting capacity.‎

“We did not confirm him. He failed the integrity test”, he said.

Sabi said some senators who were backing Magu’s confirmation backed out because of his poor performance during plenary.

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#BBNaija! I Will Kill My Husband If He Beats Me – Former BBNaija Housemate, Ese Open Up

The Fake Big Brother Naija housemate, Eriata Ese, who was evicted from the show few weeks back seriously warning to her future husband.

Ese took to Snapchat to warnned future husband that if he dares to beat her after marriage, she will kill him.

According to her, she believed God has blessed her with equal strength to face any man she will marry.

See details of her snap below:

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Shock as Married Woman Filmed Herself Having S2x With Pet Dog Then Send Video To Her Husband (Photo)

A woman identified as Amanda McClammy pay for her criminal act after her husband found out and later told the cops she filmed herself having s*x with their pet dog, a Labrador.

Amanda McClammy,

Amanda McClammy, 32, is said to have sent her husband a vile video of herself having intercourse with the loveable family pooch while he was away, Sun UK reports.

“Amanda is clearly seen committing the act of bestiality,” police files say.

Her husband told officers about the footage when they were called to a domestic row between in Tempe, Arizona, USA where the woman worked.

She was arrested at work and reportedly admitted recording herself having intercourse with the dog.

The suspect then sent it by text to her husband when he was out of state.

She has been charged with one count of bestiality.

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#BBNaija! Thin Tall Tony rejects N1Million offer to withdraw from house

During Thin Tall Tony’s Diary Session, Biggie offered him N1m to voluntarily withdraw from the show and he rejected the offer as he says he’s confident he will win the show.


Thin tall tony is among those nominated for possible eviction, alongside Tboss, Efe, and Debbie Rise.

Watch  the video below

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CCTV Camera Exposed a Pervert Having S1x with a Motorcycle (Photos)

CCTV from near a university in Chonburi catches a man making a slit in a motorcycle seat then getting out his “John Thomas” to have s*x with the vehicle.

The five minute clip first shows him touring the bike park of the student quarters. He caresses several bikes then finds one he fancies.

He makes a slit like a vaginal opening in the front of the seat then gets out his member to mount it by facing backwards towards the rear of the bike.

Then, in the middle of his urgent coupling and much to the amusement of several giggling women who are reviewing the footage, he lights a cigarette.

After having his way with the vehicle for about two minutes he appears to be disturbed, does up his zipper and leaves the scene.

Apparently Monday morning’s incident is the second time he has felt the need to enjoy a “ride on a motorcycle”.

He did it before on February 27th and some pictures of the slits he made in two bikes were posted on Facebook along with a suggestion that it took place in Soi Seaside.

The footage from CCTV was on the page of Piyarat Manomaihatatip and was reported by Manager.

Source: Manager Online

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Why Sambo Dasuki is Still in Detention – Ibrahim Magu

Sambo Dasuki is being detained in line with the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015, which gives the prosecution the powers to apply to the court for extension of detention period, according to a statement made by Ibrahim Magu during his controversial screening by the Senate today, 15th of March, 2017.

“At times in the course of interrogation, some facts do come up that would require further investigation. We don’t detain people unnecessarily” Mr. Magu stated.

He further state that the EFCC will focus on prevention of corruption and that there was need for the understanding that “change must begin with us”.

Magu who was later rejected by the senate said there is a link between corruption and the country’s present economic challenges.

He reiterated that the EFCC is determined to ensure an enabling environment and that the judiciary is key to the fight against corruption.

He concluded that they must ensure the elimination of unnecessary bottlenecks in the trial of suspects.

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Mosque Used as Operational Base by Boko Haram Destroyed in Kogi (Photos)

According to the Senior Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Kogi State Petra Akinti Onyegbule, a mosque used by Boko Haram terrorists group as an operational base in Kogi state was today destroyed on the order of the state governor.

Onyegbule wrote:


Ahlul-Sunnah Mosque in Inike, Okene LGA which was taken over by members of the Boko Haram terrorist group. The Nigerian Army got Intel that members of BH used the mosque as operational base and came here in 2015. It was a battle. You can see signs of the gun duel on the building.

It still stood. Used for producing IEDs. Some of the fundamentalists still gathered here clandestinely in the name of Islam to plan and hatch evil.

GYB says no more…

It is coming down as I type.
#KogiMustBeSafe #GYBMeansBusiness #NoHidingPlaceForCriminals”

See more photo below:

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How Ritual Release Pretty Lady Five Days After Kidnap (Photo)

Suspected ritual killers have released a young lady, Maranatha Innocent, who was abducted along Katsina Ala Street, Makurdi, Benue State after spending five days in captivity.

She was coming from a bank where she had gone to make a transaction when she was abducted by three men in a car.

Maranatha’s cousin, Love, told Northern City News on Sunday that the former came back to the house five days after her disappearance but could not utter a word about her experience.

She said that after she was hospitalised, Maranatha informed the family that she was abducted by suspected ritual killers and kept in a house with two other female victims.

Love said , “Maranatha told us that she took an okada from the bank and when they got to a lonely spot along Katsina Ala Street, the Okada man said he wanted to urinate.

“ As she was waiting for him, a vehicle with three men pulled up and asked her for direction, but she lost consciousness as she attempted to speak and found herself in a room with two other girls who were similarly tied. ”

According to Love, Maranatha said a man who appeared to be the leader of the gang entered the room and selected the victim to be used for his rituals.

“ All this while, they were not eating, but on that particular day, a man came into the room with a staff and he just placed it above the head of a victim and the staff made a weird sound, but when it came to Maranatha’s turn, the staff just made a small sound and it kept shaking and shaking, so they slapped her and said she should be taken away, ” she narrated.

“She woke up to find herself at that same spot where they abducted her. She woke up to find herself lying on the ground and so she took a bike home, ” Love added.

She disclosed that the spot where her cousin was abducted was notorious for kidnapping, adding that a number of sympathisers phoned to inform her about the high incidence of abduction around the area.

Love said her cousin was molested, but noted that she was recuperating.

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Fanta & Sprite Safe for Consumption with Vitamin C – NBC Reacts to ‘Poisonous’ Court Ruling

Few days ago a Lagos High Court sitting at Igbosere ordered the National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to order the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Plc to put a written warning on Fanta and Sprite bottles stating that both soft drinks are poisonous when consumed along with Vitamin C.

The court also held that NAFDAC failed Nigerians by declaring, as fit for human consumption, products discovered by tests in the United Kingdom as turning poisonous when mixed with ascorbic acid (popularly known as Vitamin C).

Earlier today, the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) appealed the ruling, saying that the judgement was inaccurate and its products were safe.

Read NBC’s full statement below:

“Our attention has been drawn to media reports which contain misleading information on the safety of benzoic and ascorbic acids as ingredients in soft drinks, citing a Lagos High Court order.

“In the judgement delivered on February 15, 2017 in a suit involving Fijabi Adebo Holdings Limited & Dr. Emmanuel Fijabi Adebo v. Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC) & National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the Lagos High Court dismissed all claims against NBC and held that the company had not breached its duty of care to consumers and that there was no proven case of negligence against it.

“In the same judgement, the court directed NAFDAC to mandate NBC to include a warning on its bottles of Fanta and Sprite that its contents cannot be taken with Vitamin C as same become poisonous if taken with Vitamin C. This order was premised on the fact that the products contain the preservative, benzoic acid. NBC has since appealed this order.

“Whilst we do not wish to delve into the details of the case or the merits of the court order by this medium, we find it imperative in the interest of consumers and members of the public to make the following clarifications:

“In the subject case which dates back to 2007, the UK authorities confiscated a consignment of our products shipped to that country by the plaintiff because their benzoic acid levels were not within the UK national level, although well within the levels approved by both the national regulators for Nigeria and the international levels set by CODEX, the joint intergovernmental body responsible for harmonizing food standards globally.

“The UK standards limit benzoic acid in soft drinks to a maximum of 150 mg/kg. Both Fanta and Sprite have benzoic levels of 200 mg/kg which is lower than the Nigerian regulatory limit of 250 mg/kg when combined with ascorbic acid and 300 mg/kg without ascorbic acid and also lower than the 600 mg/kg international limit set by CODEX.

“Both benzoic acid and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are ingredients approved by international food safety regulators and used in many food and beverage products around the world.

“These two ingredients are also used in combination in some of these products within levels which may differ from one country to another as approved by the respective national food and drug regulators and in line with the range prescribed by CODEX,”

“The permissible ingredient levels set by countries for their food and beverage products are influenced by a number of factors such as climate, an example being the UK, a temperate region, requiring lower preservative levels unlike tropical countries.

“Given the fact that the benzoic and ascorbic acid levels in Fanta as well as the benzoic acid level in Sprite produced and sold by NBC in Nigeria are in compliance with the levels approved by all relevant national regulators and the international level set by CODEX, there is no truth in the report that these products would become poisonous if consumed alongside Vitamin C.

“The wrong perception emanating from the media reports that our Fanta and Sprite beverages which are fully compliant with all national and international food quality and safety standards are unsafe, simply because their levels of Benzoic acid were not within the UK standards, is not only unfounded but also undermines the entire food and beverage industry in Nigeria which is regulated by the same ingredient levels approved by NAFDAC and other regulatory bodies for the country.

“NBC hereby assures our consumers and members of the public of our unwavering commitment to product quality, safety and customer satisfaction.”

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