Mercy Johnson, 62 Others Get Political Appointments in Kogi State

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has approved the appointment of 63 aides to various offices in his administration.

A statement on Tuesday by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Mrs. Ayoade Folashade Arike, in Lokoja, said the appointments were effective from 1st of April, 2017. Mercy Johnson was appointed SSA to the Governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture.

The rationale for the additional appointees at the state level, the statement explained, is to “plug identified gaps in service delivery, fill key positions with the right people and to broaden inclusiveness in governance by bringing people from more communities on board.”

It said in addition to the 54 Senior Special Assistants appointed, nine Special Assistants to the Governor as Federal Constituency Supervisors for the GYB Connect Programme has also been approved.

The statement said the appointment is to recognise and encourage outstanding contributions to the New Direction Agenda.

It added that the nine Special Assistants will also act as direct liaisons between the present administration and the Local Government Ward Coordinators of the GYB Connect Programme.

The newly appointed Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) and their Local Government Areas (LGAs) are are:

1. Hon. Abdullahi Bello – SSA to the Governor on Political Matters, Kogi Central (Adavi LGA)

2. Hajia Ladi Mariam Ibrahim – SSA to the Governor on Land Matters (Adavi LGA)

3. Sandra Musa – SSA to the Governor on Women and Children Development (Ajaokuta LGA)

4. Abdulraheem Baba Aliyu – SSA to the Governor on Security and Intelligence, Kogi Central (Ajaokuta)

5. Abdusalam Yahaya – SSA to the Governor on Political Matters, Kogi East (Ankpa LGA)

6. Amodu Hassan – SSA to the Governor on Persons with Disabilities (Ankpa LGA)

7. Abubakar Muhammed Muktar – SSA to the Governor on Youth Empowerment, Kogi East (Ankpa LGA)

8. Ibrahim Tahiti – SSA to the Governor on Security and Intelligence, Kogi East (Ankpa LGA)

9. Abdullahi Br. Musa – SSA to the Governor on Civil Service and Labour Relations (Bassa LGA)

10. Tukura Grace – SSA to the Governor on Primary Healthcare Institutions (Bassa LGA)

11. Omonu Joshua – SSA to the Governor on Student Affairs (Dekina LGA)

12. Isiaka Nuhu – SSA to the Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Kogi East (Dekina LGA)

13. Mariam Ibrahim – SSA to the Governor on Tourism (Dekina LGA)

14. Yakubu Ocholi – SSA to the Governor on Emergency (Dekina LGA)

15. David Adutu – Management SSA to the Governor on Informal and Vocational Education (Ibaji LGA)

16. Achuba Anthony – SSA to the Governor on Special Duties (Ibaji LGA)

17. Ibrahim Odoma – SSA to the Governor on Housing and Estate (Idah LGA)

18. Dan Achema – SSA to the Governor on Mineral Resources (Idah LGA)

19. Benjamin Amodu – SSA to the Governor on Rural/Urban Infrastructural Development/Project Monitoring (Igalamela-Odolu LGA)

20. Jibril Usman Courage – SSA to the Governor on Education, Primaru Schools (Igalamela-Odolu LGA)

21. Faleke Sunday Idowu – SSA to the Governor on Administration, Strategy and Planning (Ijumu LGA)

22. Emmanuel Obadunmi – SSA to the Governor on Internally-Generated Revenue (Ijumu LGA)

23. Segun Olobatoke – SSA to the Governor on Sports (Kabba-Bunu LGA)

24. Olakunle Jagun – SSA to the Governor on Security and Intelligence (Kabba-Bunu LGA)

25. Shaban Ohinoyi Shuaibu – SSA to the Governor on Secondary Healthcare Institutions (Kogi LGA)

26. Shuaibu Musa – SSA to the Governor on Sanitation and Environment (Kogi LGA)

27. Nda Aaron Alhassan – SSA to the Governor on Mobilisation (Lokoja LGA)

28. Abdulmalik Suleiman – SSA to the Governor on Youth Empowerment (Lokoja LGA)

29. Mahmud Alfa Mekudi – SSA to the Governor on Tertiary Healthcare Institutions (Lokoja LGA)

30. Ali Mamud – SSA to the Governor on Cultural Integration (Lokoja LGA)

31. Ishola David Sunday – SSA to the Governor on Political Matters, Kogi West (Mopa-Amuro)

32. Mayowa Alaiyemola – SSA to the Governor on Water Resources (Mopa-Amuro)

33. Ismaila Idis – SSA to the Governor on Agriculture Matters (Ofu LGA)

34. Prince Okoliko Opaluwa – SSA to the Governor on Federal Agencies Matters (Ofu LGA)

35. Obin Aimila – SSA to the Governor on Special Duties (Ogori-Magongo LGA)

36. Raymond Ekundayo – SSA to the Governor on Youth Empowerment, Kogi Central (Ogori-Magongo LGA)

37. Akoh Jacobs Peter – SSA to the Governor on Commerce and Investment, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Olamaboro LGA)

38. Dan Ogbole – SSA to the Governor on Sustainable Development Goals (Olamaboro LGA)

39. Barr. Shadrack Omeiza Emmanuel – SSA to the Governor on Legal Matters (Okehi LGA)

40. Mercy Johnson – SSA to the Governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture (Okehi LGA)

41. Ismaila Umar – SSA to the Governor on Information Communication Technology (Okene LGA)

42. Salihu Ibrahim – SSA to the Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Kogi Central (Okene LGA)

43. Alabi Shuaibu Ojo – SSA to the Governor on Transport and Logistics (Okene LGA)

44. Idis A. Rasaq – SSA to the Governor on Rural/Urban Development/Project Monitoring, Kogi Central (Okene LGA)

45. Malik Isa Teina – SSA to the Governor on Power (Okene LGA)

46. Atuluku Victor Levi – SSA to the Governor on Media Matters (Omala LGA)

47. Halima G. Abuh – SSA to the Governor on Tertiary Education (Omala LGA)

48. Aiyelabowo Adebanji – SSA to the Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Kogi West (Yagba-East LGA)

49. Liadi Fisayo – SSA to the Governor on Special Duties (Yagba-East LGA)

50. Adebayo Toba Emmanuel – SSA to the Governor on Rural/Urban Development/Project Monitoring, Kogi West (Yagba-West LGA)

51. Orebiyi Taiwo Emmanuel – SSA to the Governor on Pension Matters (Yagba-West LGA)

52. Kelvin Uzochukwu – SSA to the Governor on non-Indigene Affairs (Non-Indigene)

53. Dele Adeyanju Iselewa – SSA to the Governor on Secondary Education Institutions (Special Consideration/Obajana)

54. Maj. Idogah Solomon Rtd. – SSA to the Governor on Security and Intelligence, State (Olamaboro)

The Special Assistants on GYB Connect Programme are as follows:

1. Mutari Salihu Bajeh – Adavi-Okehi Federal Constituency

2. Samuel Bello – Ajaokuta Federal Constituency

3. Hon Idis Musa – Ankpa Federal Constituency

4. Sulieman Bashir Lawal – Idah Federal Constituency

5. Alhaji Akpa Jibril Omale – Dekina Federal Constituency

6. Sulieman Bababgo – Lokoja-Koto Federal Constituency

7. Sarki Adams – Okene-Ogori Federal Constituency

8. Arokoyo Julius Ojo – Kabba/Bunu-Ijumu Federal Constituency

9. Florence Adeniyi – Yagba-Mopa Federal Constituency

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EFCC Names All Beneficiaries of $115million Looted by Former Minister Diezani

A Federal High Court in Lagos has fixed March 23 to rule on the admissibility of a list of beneficiaries of funds in the ongoing trial of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dele Belgore charged with money laundering.

Belgore is charged alongside a former Minister of National Planning, Prof. Abubakar Sulaiman and a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who is said to be at large.

They were first arraigned in February but were subsequently re-arraigned on March 13, following the amendment of the charges to include the name of Allison-Madueke.

They had pleaded not guilty to the charges and were allowed to continue on their earlier bail terms. At the last adjourned date, March 13, a first prosecution witness, Mr Timothy Olaobaju, was led in evidence by the prosecutor, Mr Rotimi Oyedepo.

He had told the court that Belgore and Sulaiman were among the beneficiaries of the sum of 115 million dollars deposited in the account of Allison-Madueke.

The witness told the court that Belgore and Sulaiman jointly received N450million on March 27, 2015.

When trial resumed on Tuesday, the prosecution sought to tender in evidence, a document containing a comprehensive list of beneficiaries of Diezani’s funds in the 36 states of the federation.

This move by prosecution was however opposed by Sulaiman’s counsel, Mr Olatunji Ayanlaja (SAN), who argued that the document did not comply with the provisions of Section 84 of the Evidence Act.

He urged the court to reject same.

In response, the prosecution maintained that the document had substantially satisfied the conditions spelt out in Section 84 of the Evidence Act, and urged the court to admit it.

After entertaining arguments from both parties, Justice Aikawa deferred his ruling till March 23.

Meanwhile, the defence counsel commenced cross-examination of the first prosecution witness.

Under cross-examination by Belgore’s lawyer, Chief Ebun Shofunde (SAN), the witness said that the N450million received by Belgore and Sulaiman was brought in a bullion van from the CBN.

On the denomination of the currencies, the witness replied, “I can’t remember vividly but I remember there were N1, 000 and N500 bills.’’

He said that the money was offloaded from the bullion van into the bank’s loading bay where it was manually counted.

When Shofunde suggested to him that it took two days to count the money, the witness disagreed, saying as a professional banker “I can count N1 billion in 20 minutes.”

The witness said that although the bank was ready to deliver the money to Belgore and Sulaiman on March 26, 2015 when it arrived from the CBN, the process was delayed by failure of Sulaiman to release his Identification Card.

He added that the transaction was captured on the CCTV camera mounted in the bank.

Shofunde said, “I suggest to you that none of the defendants collected one kobo out of the N450 million,” the witness answered, “that is not true”.

Shofunde suggested to him that it was different individuals that came to the bank on March 27, 2015 to sign and collect portions of the N450million, the witness also retorted: “That is not true”.

In the charge, Sulaiman, a professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Abuja, and Belgore, a former governorship aspirant in Kwara, were accused of conspiracy to commit the offence on March 27, 2015.

They were accused of making cash transaction of N450 million on March 27, 2015 without going through any financial institution.

The EFCC claimed that the accused paid N50million to one Sheriff Shagaya. The EFCC said the cash sum was above the lawful threshold permitted by the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act.

The court will again resume proceedings on March 23.


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I’m tempted to forward our video to his wife – Runs girl reveals

I am fed up to the teeth with my boyfriend’s unreasonable behaviour. I knew he was married when we met and all I wanted was a fair share of his time, not marriage.

Instead, all I get are snatched moments with him, all the time telling me he had to lie to his wife to be with me. This has really pissed me off.

He always tells me he loves me but I suspect he tells me that so as to get me into bed. Unknown to him, I once used my phone to record us having s1x.

If I forward this to his wife, she’s bound to hit the roof and maybe end the marriage. This way, he would have more time for me, or what do you think?

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Heartbreaking Story of a Couple Whose Baby Was Seized and Taken Away Because They Were Too Old

Are you ever too old to become a parent? Well, the Italian justice system seems to think so, and the tragic story of Gabriella and Luigi De Ambrosis, an elderly couple who had their natural daughter taken away and put up for adoption because they were deemed too old to take care of her is proof enough.

In 2009, 57-year-old Gabriella and 69-year-old Luigi, of Casale Monferrato, Italy, decided to have a baby, and traveled abroad to undergo an advanced in-vitro procedure. In May 2010, Gabriella gave birth to a healthy baby daughter, and the couple made national headlines.

They became known as the “grandparent parents”, and faced discrimination from people deeming them too old to take care of a baby. The two recall that, while they were still in the hospital after their daughter’s birth, someone alerted child services about their age and their ability to properly tend to the infant.

Luckily for them, there was no Italian law that prevented people over a certain age from having and raising children, so they were able to take the baby home and live a normal life. However, the joy of parenthood was short-lived, as in 2011, just 15 months after their daughter was born, the De Ambrosis were accused of “abandonment” for leaving the baby unsupervised for only a few minutes. What followed was a nightmare that continues to this day.

Gabriella and the baby

It all started one day, when Gabriella and Luigi left their daughter in the car seat of their car while they went inside the house to prepare her milk bottle. The car was parked right outside their home, so they kept an eye on her through the window the whole seven minutes it took to prepare the formula. That was apparently too long for an overzealous neighbor who must have called the police the moment he saw the couple go inside without the baby. Based on the neighbor’s testimony, the “grandparent parents” were charged with abandonment and soon appeared before a judge who declared the De Ambrosis unfit to take care of the baby, due to their age.

The elderly parents will never forget that moment in 2013, when the judge told them that their pregnancy was “the result of the distorted application of the enormous possibilities offered by progress in genetics” and that if the child remained in their care she would either wind up a young orphan, or be forced to take care of them due to their advanced age. But the humiliation was nothing compared to the pain of having their daughter removed from their custody and put up for adoption with a new family.

Gabriella and Luigi didn’t give up, but it would be another three years before their lawyer, Adriana Boscagli, managed to get the original court decision repealed and the charges of abandonment dropped. The favorable decision to Boscagli’s extraordinary appeal was read in June 2016, but it only gave the De Ambrosis the illusion that they would finally get their child back. It was a cruel hope that would once again be shattered by the justice system.

Put in the care of a foster family after the “abandonment” incident in 2011, Gabriella and Luigi’s daughter was declared adoptable in 2013, following the original court decision, and was officially adopted by her foster family. She had been living with her new parents for nearly five years when the sentence against the De Ambrosis was overturned, in June 2016, and judges ruled that removing the girl from the only family she had really ever known would be detrimental to her.

Gabriella and Luigi once again went to court to get back the child that had unjustly been taken away from them, but a few days ago, they received yet another blow.
The Court of Appeals confirmed the adoptability of the girl, claiming that the “umbilical cord” to her natural parents was severed too long ago and that to take her away from her adoptive family would only hurt and confuse the child. So despite being declared innocent of previous charges and perfectly fit to raise a child, they cannot get their daughter back.

This is not the end, as Gabriella and Luigi De Ambrosis now plan to challenge the recent court decision at the Supreme Court. They are hopeful that in the end they will get the chance to hold their daughter again and live as a normal family, but time is working against them. Luigi is now 75 years old and Gabriella is 63.

Their daughter will be turning 7 in two months, and every day that passes is another one of her childhood that they have missed. They hope that it’s not too late to make up for all this lost time.

Oliverio Ferraris, a psychologist at the University of Rome, has described the case of Gabriella and Luigi De Ambrosis as “the defeat of justice” at the hand of those who should be delivering it. Because courts took so long to decide on the case without taking into consideration the unique situation and the emotional stability of the child, “they screwed everything up”. Children become attached to their care-givers, and turning their whole world upside down opens up serious problems, but at the same time, one cannot help be sympathetic to the natural parents and the ordeal they are still going through.

Via: La Republica, Quotidiano, RAI News

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#BBNaija! “Send This Runz Girl Back To Her Private Jet Toasters” – Daughter of Nigeria Billionaire Blasts TBoss.

Makeup entrepreneur and daughter of billionaire businessman, Chief Izu Onwugbenu, Onyinye Chukwuogo,  took to her Instagram page  to blast Tboss for speaking her mind in the Big Brother Naija show.

Recall that after a heated argument between Tboss and housemate, Bisola , T-boss while conversing with fellow housemate, Efe, said that private jet owners have toasted her before and she’s in the BBN house trying to build relationships that will give her something worth more than cash.

Onyinye however attacked her for her honest conversation via Instagram, saying:
“Sick and tired of her trifling behind.. like she stays working my nerves… talking about owners of private jet are toasting her…. ok runz girl…wat else do we need to know … please can they send this shegoat back to her pj toasters…they clearly need her more than we do…hiss

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My Girlfriend Likes S1x Too Much – Young Man Cry For Help

It all started from just friends, to admirers and now we are dating. I have been with Joy for like a year now, we work around the same area, so it makes it easier for us to see daily. She comes to my office after work and i drop her at home on many occasions. Joy is the kind of girl that makes a man drool. her look, her physique, her smartness is just appealing. I always look forward to seeing her, she has a way of making me feel good.

She loves cuddling, we could cuddle for hours, make love and get intimate as we desire but she is never satisfied. i told her i’m actually not ready to have s1x with her but she sees it like i’m cheating. she initiates s1x with me most times and i just pull back. we fought on different occasions over this issue and it makes me wonder why she loves sex so much. As much as i love her, i don’t want her to think i’m taking advantage of her ad all, so i decided to take it slow.

I wouldn’t ever forget the night she slept over at my place. It was a Saturday evening, she made dinner and we were together in the lobby, i noticed all her gestures but i just ignored her. The next thing she was all over me, kissing me and touching me with great intensity, i tried pulling back but she was ready for me. it’s funny if i tell you she raped me. she had s1x with me that night, i don’t know how she did it, o don’t know maybe she drugged me, but i know i woke up different.

Since that night, i started craving for more of her, she made me miss her so much. We have s1x at intervals. there was no limitation to where we use. Most times, we make love in the kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, even in the car and she was still never satisfied, even if we go on for hours. She begs me for the most unrealistic styles during s1x and most times i just run and tell her to have a grip on herself.

Well, i’m sitting alone now, thinking of how i’ve let this girl have a grip on me, i always want more of her but i can’t just satisfy her. She is never tired. on many occasion, we go on for 3 hours and she still tells me its not enough, she’s making me weaker. I really don’t know how to handle this situation. I love having s1x with her so much, most times she sends her nude pictures to me even at work but i can’t tolerate her craving for long hours s1x. I feel she would kill me one day with s1x, help what should i do?


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El-Rufai Is Behind My S1x Scandal – Apostle Suleman Opens Up

Founder and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman has accused Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai of masterminding the recent s1x scandal.

This was contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday, the church, through its spokesman and Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, stated that facts and available intelligence incontrovertibly pointed to the Kaduna Governor as the mastermind of the allegations.

According to him, El-Rufai decided to sponsor the allegations as a strategy to silence Apostle Suleiman and to take revenge for the latter’s famed audacity of standing against the persecution and killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna.

“It is clear that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is the mastermind of these allegations. The masquerade has been unveiled and is now dancing naked in the market Square. We don’t need to look any further for the source of the smoke,” he stated.

Shaibu contended that apart from the initial suspicion by the church that the Kaduna Governor may be behind the evil plot, the latest so-called revelation by one Queen Esther, a supposed usher of the Omega Fire Ministries finally uncovered the lid as to who was sponsoring the myriad of allegations against the General Overseer.

“When Festus Keyamo in his first letter to our pastor made allusion to fulani herdsmen, we dismissed it as a coincidence. Then intelligence revealed that some persons are lodged in a hotel being trained on how to clone Apostle’s voice and crop videos.

“The first question that crossed our mind was who was paying the bills, especially the huge media blitz that has trailed the spurious allegations. We did not have to wait for long before El-Rufai exposed himself. Indeed, he could not wait for long before coming out of the closet”, he revealed.

The spokesman wondered why the said Queen Esther, who allegedly pleaded for the media not to reveal her real identity should give as condition that the Kaduna State Government must guarantee her safety if the governor had no hand in the plot.

“Why is the said Queen Esther asking for protection from the Kaduna State government. Is the government now the police or the Department of State Services (DSS)? Why did she not mention any other state? Is it not obvious that she is telling us what her sponsors are willing for Nigerians to know?” he asked.

Shaibu argued that it was more than a coincidence that these allegations are coming up no soon after the Senior Pastor had an altercation with the same Kaduna State Government over the persecution and killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna.

He therefore urged the security agencies, particularly the DSS to investigate El-Rufai’s involvement in the unfolding saga, particularly the possibility that he may be harbouring a private militia.

“Since the governor does not control the police or DSS, the likelihood is that the governor has a private militia. It is also possible that the so called fulani herdsmen on rampage in Southern Kaduna are part of his army. That is why El-Rufai was unsettled by the pastor’s stand against them,” he declared.

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Drama as Man Forced to Lick a Prostitute Bum After He Removed C0nd0m During S1x (Photos)

A married man from the Harare area of Zimbabwe, Ngonidzashe Mahati, was allegedly forced to lick the buttocks of a hooker for removing a condom during s1x.


The self-confessed commercial s*x worker identified only as Zelma, who put her bum in his face forcing him to lick her as punishment for removing a condom during a s*x encounter.

According to a report by H-Metro, the 24-year-old married man was taken to task as they left him n*ked while tossing him at Gal Court along Samora Machel Avenue in Zimbabwe on Sunday night.

A prostitute known as Amanda and her roommates; Eunice, Venencia and Zelma, were on their beds in the same room when the s*x session was cut short after Ngonidzashe removed the condom, and the ladies of the night then intervened.
While speaking to a correspondent, Amanda said; “This man removed the condom during s*x and threw it on the floor. I do not want to risk my life by engaging in unprotected s*x with my clients that is why we have a box full of condoms in this room. I can sue him for r*ping me if he wants me to take it further,” said Amanda.

Ngonidzashe confirmed having unprotected s*x with Amanda saying the condom went missing during s*x only to find it on the floor. “I usually hook up with this lady for s*x but today I do not know what actually happened I only discovered that the condom was no longer there after s*x,” said Ngonidzashe.
“These women abused me. I was alone and n*ked I had no power to escape in a locked room and I tried to buy freedom by giving Amanda another US$5 on top of US$3 I had agreed with her for s*x.

“It never worked and the four of them started playing around with my private parts and making fun of me. I am not a police officer but a shopkeeper, I lied to them to gain freedom. They could have attacked me these ladies, they are dangerous.

“My wife is home and I regret my actions brother, do not publish this story my brother we are all men and we need to protect each other from these ladies of the night. I used to read about how they attack men in newspapers but today I have experienced it,” said Ngonidzashe.

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Watch as Boko Haram’s Killed Three Alleged FG Spies in Video

A new propaganda video released by the Abubakar Shekau faction of Nigeria-based Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram.


In the video xclusively obtained by SaharaReporters which was rendered in Hausa and Arabic, showing Islamic priests, government officials and world leaders including a footage showing President Muhammad Buhari, Donald Trump, former US President Barack Obama and several European leaders.
The scary part of the video was the summary execution of three persons reportedly recruited by Nigeria’s Directorate of Military Intelligence to infiltrate the group. The persons were gruesomely executed at the end of the 7-minute video.

Watch the video below, Viewer’s discretion is highly advised;


Culled from: Tori News

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President Buhari Receives CBN Governor, Godwin Emiefele at His Office (Photo)

President, Muhammadu Buhari on Tueday paid host to Central Bank Governor Emiefele at the state house, Abuja.

The President Media aide Femi Adesina attached Emiefele’s visit to a ‘briefing’ from the CBN governor.

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