I Wish I was Bobrisky’s Bae – Pretty Mike Admits

Pretty Mike in a new interview with Saturday Beats opened up on his relationship with male barbie, Bobrisky.

When asked if he is the rumored bae of Bobrisky, Pretty Mike said:

“I wish I was Bobrisky’s bae. With the things he is putting out and the way he is spending and growing, honestly speaking I wish I was his bae . I keep telling people that which man in our society today would give you N8m just to play around. If that was me, I wish I had that capacity but I am not his bae. I am just a friend and I knew him when he started patronising my club.

“I figure that since he has been patronising me over the years, it does not mean I would distance myself from him now especially as I had known him when he was Idris and not Bobrisky. All of a sudden that his character is questionable, it does not mean that I would start running away from him or denying him in public. That is not the kind of person I am.

“That is just the way I feel and that is why sometimes I stand strong with him. He is somebody that I have known over the years regardless of his s*xuality, religion or beliefs,”

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Tonto Dikeh Leaks Dirty Source of Wealth of Estranged Husband, Churchill

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has informally reacted to claims that she destroyed her estranged husband’s properties and was arrested by the Ghanaian police in 2015.

Shelaughed off the reports which she has linked to her estranged husband, Chruchill

She revealed through uncoordinated hashtags that he is a yahoo boy who killed their unborn child in the course of domestic violence. See details below;

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Residents in Tears as Land Grabbers a.k.a Omo Onile Destroy Houses, Claim Lands in Ajao Estate Area of Lagos (Photos)

An Instagram user identified as Opeyemi Oni, reveal that the notorious  land grabbers popularly referred to as “Omo Onile” earlier this morning, came with bull dozers to destroy houses and claim lands (that do not belong to them) at the Oke Afa area of Ajao Estate.

He this action was took over a sum of N2 million which the residents have been unable to pay.

Opeyemi Oni called on the Lagos state government to come to their aid.

She wrote:
We are defenseless!

I woke up this morning to a heavy bulldozer in front of my house. This insane omo onile people just show up at oke afa,ajao estate Lagos, claiming ownership of lands that has been in existence before they were born. Destroying homes and properties! Despite the fact that we have paid so much money in time past, gone to court severally, dialogued with the oba of Ejigbo…all efforts to retain our houses and lands have been futile.
They even claimed that the Lagos state government under the leadership of Gov Akinwunmi Ambode @akinwunmiambode. We would like that you come to our aid sir. We are tired of this madness.

We have prayed, we have fasted , we have paid so much money I can’t even begin to mention. We have even proved severally that these people have no business with this lands. Town planners and surveyor Generals have come to inspect and have proved that they have no lands here.

We have no peace! We are defenseless! We are torn apart by these wicked acts. They are asking for each house on this okeafa road to pay a whooping 2million and I’m wondering where they expect us to get that money from. My aunt was in tears this morning even with her health conditions .

@akinwunmiambode We voted you because we trust that you would cause the desired change we seek . Kindly come to our aid! We need your help!

Finally we look to God to defend the defenseless, help the unhelped, comfort the widows who are been tortured with this wicked acts, strengthen us at times like this.

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How Nigerian Muslim Grandmother Going To Saudi Arabia For Pilgrimage Arrested With Cocaine At Lagos Airport

A fifty-seven year-old grandmother, and textile merchant at Balogun market in Lagos, who was travelling to Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage, has been arrested with cocaine concealed in her luggage, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said in a statement on Saturday.


Odeyemi Omolara Morayo who claimed to be going on a pilgrimage to Jedda, Saudi Arabia had all the paraphernalia of a pilgrim save for the narcotic content of her luggage, said NDLEA spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju.

She was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.
NDLEA commander at the Lagos airport, Ahmadu Garba explained that the two parcels of white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine were carefully concealed inside her luggage.

“A female passenger, Odeyemi Omolara Morayo with a valid Egypt air ticket from Lagos to Saudi Arabia had been arrested with 1.595kg of cocaine. The cocaine which was concealed in a false bottom of her bag was discovered during routine check on passengers at the departure hall. We had to cut the bag open to recover the cocaine because of the way it was neatly concealed. She was immediately arrested and the case is currently under investigation”.

In her statement, the suspect said that her friend and customer was the one that introduced her into drug trafficking.
“I am a textile merchant at Balogun market, Lagos. I have two children and my daughter is married with children. Recently, I told my friend that I loved to go on pilgrimage this year and she promised to sponsor my trip. That was how she collected my international passport, processed my travel documents and bought return ticket on Egypt airline. The only favour she requested from me was that I should take a bag to Saudi. She also told me that somebody will collect the bag from me at Jeddah. It was an empty bag so I kept my personal effects inside it. On getting to the airport, officers discovered cocaine inside the bag during search and I was arrested,” Omolara stated. She hails from Ogun State.

This arrest is only few days after Justice B.O. Quadri of the Federal High Court Abuja sentenced a 55 year-old female pilgrim Binuyo Basirat Iyabo to ten years imprisonment with hard labour. Binuyo was caught last September smuggling 76 pellets of cocaine weighing 931 grammes to Medina, Saudi Arabia.

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See The Curvy Actress Stephanie Otobo Said Had Thr33some S1x with Apostle Suleman (Photos+Video)

Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s accuser, Stephanie Otobo in a video from her press conference yesterday, she says the clergy demanded a party from her which she declined. She also claimed that the clergy told her his other girlfriends indulge in party with him.

One of the reporters then asked her to name one of the girlfriends of the apostle she knows and she mentioned popular s*xy Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke.

See the accused actress’ photos below;

Watch the below video from the 13 minutes where she called out the actress:

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BABA SUYA! Man Distributes Suya Worth N200,000 to Celebrate Buhari’s Return (Photos)

A patriotic Nigerian reportedly distributed Kilishi (a dried form of Suya) to the residents in his locality, which is reportedly worth N200,000 for free to join millions of Nigerians most especially in the northern part of the country who celebrated the return of President Muhammadu Buhari after his medical vacation in London on Friday.
See more photos below;

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Abia State University Female Student Reported Beheaded Found Alive

After being declared missing and reported to have been beheaded by online news sites, Saturday Punch is authoritatively reporting that the female student of Abia State University, Uturu, Sandra Gold Izim, has been found.

A correspondent was told by her friends and family that she returned to Owerri, Imo State on Monday, March 6, 2017 after three days.

Izim’s disappearance caused panic leading to the arrest of the friends she went out with the day she went missing – Lilian and Chisom.

“She told us at the police station that she was coming from a boy’s house”, Lilian’s sister, Chidinma, told a correspondent.

Izim was said to have left ABSU for the Imo State University, alongside one of her friends,Chisom, for a wedding party in Owerri. It was confirmed to be her first ever visit to the city.

It was learnt that the day they arrived IMSU, they stayed at the hostel room of one of Chisom’s friends called Lilian. Later that night, they decided to go clubbing but Lilian reportedly told them she was not in the mood but decided to go with them after some persuasion.

It was learnt that the 200-Level ABSU undergraduate went clubbing with her friends on Friday night, March 3, 2017 but did not come back with them.

She reportedly left with a man she met at the club.

“They told her not to go but she refused”, a statement released by Lilian’s sister, Chidinma said.

Lilian and Chisom, were said to have gone to the police to file a missing person report but were detained afterwards. Meanwhile just few hours after she was declared missing, a headless body of a young lady said to also be an undergraduate of ABSU was circulated over the internet, fuelling rumours that it was the corpse of Sandra.

Findings by a reporter later confirmed that the police in Imo State were still investigating the case of the headless body.

A correspondent spoke with Sandra’s sister, Vivian, who also confirmed that she was back home and in good health.

She did not offer any explanation as to why her sister could not be contacted to the point where she was thought to have been kidnapped. Also, Sandra has not replied messages our correspondent sent to her on her social media accounts.

Her sister sand where she is ready to talk, she would get back to a correspondent. A police officer familiar with the investigation into the disappearance of the Sandra, confirmed that her friends were released when she showed up.

Spokesperson for the Imo State Police Command, Mr. Andrew Enwerem, was unreachable when a correspondent contacted him for comments.

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Giving S1x For Movie Roles Is Not A Big Deal – Actress, Success Asibor

Success Asibor is a fast-rising Nollywood actress, who featured in her first acting debut fours years ago. She is also a producer and has starred in many movies some of them include; When Dreams Fall Apart, In the Greek, Triggered.

However, In a recent chat with Saturday Sun, she stated that demanding s*x for a role was no big deal for her.

Read excerpts from the interview below;

How did your acting career start?

I have always had passion for acting ever since I was very small. I remember vividly when I was like five years old, I would stay in front of the television in the house to watch movies, then later I will start acting the same way I watched it for my mummy. Then I used to admire Regina Askia, Liz Benzon and all. I started acting from secondary school but my father said it’s over his dead body that I will act. I would go for auditioning and he will flog me. After secondary school, I stopped attending auditioning and concentrated on my education. When I got admitted to Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, in year two, my immediate elder sister bought me a form to attend a movie audition. I told her ‘I’m scared, will you go with me?’ And she agreed to go with me. That sameday, I was auditioned and chosen. That was how I started acting in Edo State.

But my journey into the movie industry will not be complete if refuse to mention how I came across Chico Ejiro, Zeb Ejiro, Emmanuel Okukuwa and some other directors and artists. They saw me acting and were like, ‘wow, so you know how to act. You are also a good girl, the next time I have a movie to shoot, I will call you’ That was how I came down to Lagos to act with Uche Jombo on Chico Ejiro’s production.

What’s the title of the movie?

It’s a movie titled When Dreams Fall Apart.

Who do you look up to in the movie industry?

I want to be like Omotola Jalade.

Why her?

I love her simplicity, and her real nature of interpreting roles. She’s very natural, she’s herself. When you watch her movies, you will notice that she doesn’t over act. Movie is actually make believe and she always gives her acting that make believe touch.

Do you look forward to working with her?

Definitely! I can’t wait to work with her. Although, we have both featured in the same movie, the day she came on set was the day I was leaving. But I was with her in the car for a while.

Like how many movies have featured in?

I don’t have the number off hand but I could remember some titles like When Dreams Fall Apart, Made on Mission, Desperate Bankers, Shattered Dream, Evil in Me, Triggered, which was produced by me and lots more.

Considering the nature of your job, do you‎ think you would be able to stay long in the industry?

Sure, I will stay long in the movie industry. I’m not in it because everybody is there, I’m here because of my passion for acting, this is me and all I love to do. As the saying goes, ‘nothing good comes easy’. If I am not on set for two weeks, I’ll feel I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I love it when I am on set.

Has any producer told you that if I don’t have s*x with you, I won’t give you role?

Yes, several times and I don’t see it as a big deal. It happens in other industries too. There’s always s*xual harassment in other sectors; you see lecturers asking their students for s*x before they can pass them. Even some bosses in corporate organisations ask their subordinates for s*x before they can be promoted. But the ability to make you stand out, makes you who you are. I can’t say because I’m not picked for a role, I will now go and sleep with the producer or director. Never! That’s not me.

You are a beautiful lady, what is your beauty routine?

Thank you. To maintain a fair skin is a whole lot of work, and my skin is very delicate, I react to any irritation. So, I try as much as I can not to share towel, bathing soap or cream with anybody. I take two glasses of warm water every morning and night. And I eat more of vegetables and fruits.

You once said that your b**bs are your selling points, how do you maintain them to remain your selling points?

I used to think that my b**bs are my selling points, but now my brain is my selling point because I have a lot in there that is very profitable for the movie industry. As for my b**bs, I don’t tie wrapper on my chest for any reason, because it sags the b**bs. I don’t wear bras with iron underneath and I don’t sleep with my bra on.

Is Success Asibor in a relationship?

I am in a relationship, but I’m single and not married. I am always ready to mingle.

Is your man comfortable with the nature of your career?

Yes, he’s very comfortable with my job; he loves it so much. Anything I do, he’s always supporting me and he’s very, very understanding.

What kind of guy would you like to settle down with?

First of all, he must be God fearing, understanding and very romantic.

What inspired your movie, Triggered?

People’s perception about men. A lot of people believe men are the ones that cheat and not women, but the both of them are guilty. Triggered centers on an ingrate girl friend, but then the rest will be unveiled when the movie is out as home video.

Aside acting, what else do you do?

Aside acting, I sell hair extensions and female wears.

Between movie making and trading, which is more profitable?

Like I said earlier, acting is my passion; it gives me joy and satisfaction, but my business pays me more.

Are you ready for marriage?

I will wait for God’s own time.

What is that special thing that acting has done for you?

It’s really opening doors for me these days I must confess, I have been getting different adverts of recent.

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Drama as Popular Native Doctor in Imo Who Buys Condoms Dies on Top of a Prostitue During S3x Romp

Tragedy struck in Anara, a satellite town in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday, when a popular native doctor in the area reportedly died on top of a commercial sex worker in the town.


According to eyewitnesses, the herbalist, who was identified as Lambert Osigwe, died while having sex with a prostitute whose name was given as Onyinye Nwosu in a local brothel in Anara main market.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the victim was a regular customer of the harlot who had allegedly offered to give him free sex that day even when he said he had no money.

An eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said, “Onyinye Nwosu is a LovePeddler who plies her trade in a local brothel in Anara, Isiala Mbano LGA and one Mr. Lambert was one of her good customers whose patronage kept her in the business.

“Most times and for unknown reasons, he came to buy used condoms with sperm from the prostitutes and at the same time, patronised his regular customer, Onyinye. On this fateful day, he just came for nothing because according to him, he had no money.

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“But Onyinye still offered him free sex service. The man started the enjoyment but could not finish as he suddenly started shaking and jerking, and eventually died on top of the harlot.”

He explained that the brothel manage¬ment held the prostitute to explain what hap¬pened as she was accused of using charms on the unfortunate Lambart. They quickly called the Divisional Police Officer, Anara, who came with a team of police officers and Ony¬inyechi and detained her in their outpost cell. They later removed the corpse and deposited it at St. Kizito Mortuary, Ama¬raku in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo State.

Our correspondent learnt that Osigwe hailed from Umuezeala-Ama in the Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of the state and had his dreaded shrine situated in his ancestral home, where people trooped in to consult him for mystical solutions .

It was discovered that the death of the man had sent shock wave into the spines of the people doing business within and around the area and out of fear, all the commercial sex workers had fled the area.

Our correspondent learnt also that the deceased’s major customers were Internet fraudsters, popularly known as ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys, who reportedly used his charms to get at their targets.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr Andrew Enwerem, said that he had yet to be briefed.

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Tonto Dikeh Pulled Gun On Ex-Husband Churchill’s Guard – Ghanaian Police Reveals (Video)

The news coming from Ghana police this time, says Tonto Dikeh, during a very violent fight at her husband, Churchill’s Trasaaco estate in Ghana, destroyed $15,000 worth of property and waved a gun at one of Churchill’s bodyguards who tried to stop her from breaking the properties.

This was because she claimed her husband was cheating on her.

Tonto had just a few days ago, revealed in a tell-all interview that her baby’s father and estranged husband Olakunle Churchill cheated and abused her while they were still together.

Asempa News in Ghana has released a video which shows a man identified as Supt. Joseph Oppong, Crime Officer at the Madina Divisional Police reading a statement allegedly written by Churchill during one of his fights with Tonto in Ghana.

Oppong says they received a call to Churchill’s Trasaaco estate in Ghana where they went in to find Tonto Dikeh in a rage, destroying items in the house because she claimed her husband was cheating on her.

Oppong said before they arrived, she had destroyed $15,000 worth of items and they had to restrain her adding that she had even waved a gun at one of Churchill’s bodyguards who tried to stop her from breaking the properties.

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