So Touching! 16-Year-Old Boy Killed In A Car Accident Donates His Organ To Save 7 Lives.

A 16-year-old boy Nicknamed Yunyun, killed in a car accident in southwest China on February 25th will save seven people through organ donation.


The teen died in hospital as his brain was severely injured after the car crash.

The teen’s parents decided to donate his organs, including his heart, kidneys, lungs, and corneas, which are expected to save the lives of other patients.

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“I Didn’t Promise Stephanie Otobo Marriage, She’s A Blackmailer” – Apostle Suleiman Speaks

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Monday distanced himself from the arrest and detention of Stephanie Otobo by the police last Friday, March 3, 2017 over alleged blackmail.

The allegation against Suleman came about one month after his interrogation by the Department of State Services over alleged incitement in his sermon in which he advised that Fulani herdsmen who came near his church should be killed.

The cleric in a statement by his Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, obtained by THE PUNCH in Abuja, said there was no amorous relationship between the said Otobo and himself, including a promise to marry her.

According to Shaibu, the lady was allegedly arrested by operatives acting on a tip off that the she had repeatedly tried to blackmail Suleman, including demanding N500 million from him, failing which she threatened to expose a purported amorous relationship between her and the Pastor.

Punch reported that a legal practitioner, Festus Keyamo, had demanded N500 million on behalf of Otobo and also accused Apostle Suleman of allegedly procuring policemen to intimidate and detain his client unlawfully, having earlier promised to marry her.

Shaibu said Keyamo was misled into believing that there was an amorous relationship between Apostle Suleman and Otobo, addding that the lady was “caught up by her own machinations as she was arrested while trying to withdraw money paid into her account by the Church in a sting operation coordinated by the police.”

He said,
“Unknown to Keyamo, the police was alerted following several attempts by the said lady to blackmail Apostle Suleiman. The police also recorded her conversations making the frivolous demand. The highpoint of the drama was her attempt to withdraw money paid into her account at the instance of the police. The lawyer should know that his client was arrested by the police with abundance of evidence confirming that she is indeed a serial blackmailer.”
Shaibu also denied Keyamo’s claim of an amorous relationship and a promise to marry her, wondering how such a transaction could have taken place without any iota of evidence.

He said,

“Let me place it on record that, the lady in question is a self-confessed stripper in a nite club in Canada, who like thousands of people that seek help from Apostle Johnson Suleman, called to pretentiously convey her intentions to embrace Christ and also needed financial help to keep body and soul as she no longer had a means of livelihood after quitting as a stripper.
“Does Keyamo or his serial blackmailing client have pictures of the visit by Apostle Suleman or his representatives to her parents? In any case, how could such a relationship have existed when the Apostle and the said lady have never met physically? How could he have made a promise of a house and a lifestyle comparable to what she has in Canada when he has never been to her house or seen her physically as to have an idea of her living standards?”
According to him, Keyamo must have been misled or excited by the prospects of getting a whopping N500 million, both reasons for which two letters were written and sent to Suleman.

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#BBNaija! Gifty and Mr. 2Kay Caught Again

Ex big brother housemate, Gifty may have something going on with Mr.2Kay.
There have been unconfirmed rumours that the two are dating. However, with someone jumping out of the blues to say that he is Gifty’s husband’s cousin, coming after the lady stated that she was neither married or with a child, Nigeria Film reports

The pictures of the assumed wedding was spread online but that has not stopped Gifty from enjoying her life to the fullest. She was seen with Mr.2Kay and the position they were found was sort of compromising, she seemed to be working her magic on the singer.

Some fans are of the opinion that Gifty be left alone to enjoy her life after the reality show “These people might be truly in love. Let’s let them be. One thing about love you can’t help who you love. They both look good together. I personally wish them well”

What do you think of their numerous meetings? Of course, this is not the first time we are seeing them together.

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Obasanjo Killed My Brother Oyeleke with Charms After Taking My Dad to a Ritualist -Kemi Olunloyo Reveals

The daughter of a former Governor of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed how former President Olusegun Obasanjo took her dad, Dr. Victor Omololu Olunloyo to ritualists for charms  and the ex-president  was the one who killed her brother, Oyeleke after he dropped charms on their door many years ago.
Kemi Olunloyo  took to Instagram and wrote:

“We were raised in the Olunloyo family to always tell the truth. In 2014, my dad told me that Obasanjo KILLED OYELEKE! That when my 17yo brother went to open the gate for u March 5th 1999 on his birthday he dropped charms there. Oyeleke died later that year in the UK when a drunk driver hit him.

Before my brother died at 17yo December 24rd 1999, he told my mom and I that he was taken by my dad and his concubine Ronke Shonaike who parades herself as Ronke Olunloyo to Obasanjo’s house and Ibefun, a ritualist den where he was told to bathe in human blood preparing him for a good journey to school abroad and do well. They sacrificed my brother. I will never stop exposing them. My investigative journalism spares no one. I stopped talking to my father in 2015.
My brother in America since 1985. Many of you saw the ritualist videos on Facebook and today on, I will transfer them. My Facebook page is closed indefinitely as I deactivated it. I will go there and transfer the videos to YT. Subscribe to it as I will upload shocking footage. If you have never walked in my shoes, keep shut. Ritualism is real and many Nigerians are in denial of it. Happy Birthday in heaven. Oyeleke would have been 35yo today possibly with a wife and family. My dad and Obasanjo took it all using a birthday March 5th.” (sic)

She further advised Obasanjo to stop meddling in the affairs of the state as he is one of the people who ruined the country.

“Please, stop interfering in Nigeria’s affairs. YOU DON’T own #Nigeria. Any politicians visiting you for constant advice is a weak moron! Last week you said corrupt leaders ruined the country especially your successors meaning you just called GEJ, YARDIE AND PMB THIEVES! Did you rewind? Fast forward aint the only button on the recorder.

Please, apologize to the #Kuti family. You KILLED their matriarch Mrs Funlayo Ransome-Kuti. The Nigerian government has refused to formally apologize to them and you have prevented other leaders from doing so. You clearly ordered our military to raid Kalakutta republic aka Shrine and mama was THROWN out of the window from the third floor. Sick and tired of little school kids telling me about her legacy but have no idea Obasanjo killed her. Then CBN wants to put her on a N5000 bill? Fuckn bullshit! After Tayo’s accident #AliMustGo 2 weeks later, I hope u know I was admitted and slept on the same bed she DIED on at LUTH in 1978. Seun Kuti told me 2013 that his grandma’s activism transferred into my blood from that bed at 13 years.”

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N*ked Photos, Group S*x & More: Apostle Suleman in Hot Mess as He Dumps Pregnant Canadian Lover

Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the founder of the Auchi-based Omega Fire Ministries, has been accused of dumping his pregnant lover, whom he promised marriage, and is using the police to silence her. The lover, Miss Stephanie Otobo, is a musician based in Ontario, Canada, who goes by the stage name of Kimora.

Miss Otobo’s attorneys, Festus Keyamo Chambers, in a letter to the Inspector-General of Police, said she was arrested on March 3 at a United Bank of Africa branch by heavily armed policemen from Federal Criminal Investigations Department (FCID), Alagbon, at the Anthony Village area of Lagos. She has since been in detention, where she has been denied food and visitation by her lawyers.

Apostle Suleiman and Miss Otobo, according to her lawyers, met in September 2016, when she visited Nigeria from her base in Canada. They began a relationship, with Apostle Suleiman telling her that he had divorced his wife and wanted more male children. The affair grew stronger. Apostle Suleiman made a marriage proposal to Miss Otobo, which she accepted. This was followed by a formal introduction of Apostle Suleiman to her family. On the occasion, the preacher took along drinks and gifts and informed Miss Otobo’s family in Delta state of his desire to marry their daughter.

With the affair gaining in intensity, Miss Otobo abandoned her blossoming musical career in Canada to move over to Nigeria to the delight of Apostle Suleiman, who promised to buy her a house and provide her the standard of living to which she was used in Canada.

So strong was the relationship that Apostle Suleiman made a habit of licking Miss Otobo’s body from her toes to her private part any time they wanted to make love. Miss Otobo also became a member of the Apostle Suleiman’s church, following him around the world, selecting sermon topics for him and choosing songs for his church services. Apostle Suleiman also sent Miss Otobo money on a regular basis.

The pastor’s desire to have more male children, according to Miss Otobo’s lawyers, made him demand that his lover should get pregnant. She subsequently got pregnant. But in September 2016, Miss Otobo visited Nigeria and told the preacher that she was pregnant in a hotel she was lodged in Ikeja, Lagos.

The news of the pregnancy angered Apostle Suleiman, who apparently was afraid of the scandal such could bring. He wanted her to have an abortion and proceeded to give her a concoction, which made Miss Otobo bleed profusely and subsequently abandoned her, calling off the marriage proposal. Miss Otobo later went to Warri, where he met another pastor and told him his story. The pastor recorded her story and started using it to extort money from Apostle Suleiman.

After the disagreement over the pregnancy, Miss Otobo returned to Canada. But Apostle Suleiman got in touch with her and apologized for abandoning her. He subsequently started to persuade her to return to Nigeria. Last week, Miss Otobo returned to Nigeria. Apostle Suleiman, working on a scheme to silence her, paid money into her account and then got the account frozen. It was while Miss Otobo was trying to make a withdrawal from her account, having tried unsuccessfully to use an Automated Teller Machine, that she was arrested on the orders of Apostle Suleiman.

According to Miss Otobo, Apostle Suleiman is a spectacularly dissolute man. He once requested her, she said, to bring her friends along for group s*x, a request turned down given that there was a plan to get married.

Miss Otobo, through her lawyers, warned Apostle Suleiman that she has their n*ked pictures together, raunchy text messages, bank statements, and other implicating items.

They lawyers disclosed that Miss Otobo used to send n*de pictures to Apostle Suleiman every Sunday, just before he went on the pulpit.

Despite these, Suleiman called off the marriage proposal. However, Miss Otobo is not willing to take it lying down. She is demanding to be paid the sum of N500million as damages for not honoring the promise to marry her. Miss Otobo also wants Apostle Suleiman to stop harassing her and threatening her life. Her lawyers have given the preacher a seven-day ultimatum to meet the demands or get reported to law enforcement agencies for the threat to her life and face trial for breaching the promise to marry her.


Source: SaharaReporters

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President Buhari May Come Back from London ‘Today’

A former Minister of State for Information, Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande, has disclosed that information reaching him suggests that President Muhammad Buhari may come back to Nigeria ‘today’.

He stated this during a special prayer session for the quick recovery of the president which held yesterday at the Jos Central Mosque, DailyTrust reports.

“From the information I gathered, President Buhari is hale and sound and may come back today (yesterday) or tomorrow (today). All what is needed from us is prayer for the full recovery and God’s guidance for the president to deliver his campaign promises,” he said.

Nakande said President Buhari has been speaking with different stakeholders, including the leadership of the National Assembly, saying the Senate president, Bukola Saraki, who visited the Nigerian leader in London, had confirmed that the president is doing well.

The ex-minister said those wishing the president death do not mean well for Nigeria. “It is only Buhari that can take this nation out of the mess it found itself,” he said.

Hundreds of clerics participated in the special prayer session.

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How Fake Lawyer Arrested Inside Court While Standing in for Suspected Thief (Photo)

A man identified as one Olayomi Adegbite allegedly paraded himself as a lawyer at a Lagos magistrate’s court in Ogba.

It was learnt that the 34-year-old had appeared as a counsel, applying for the bail of a defendant arraigned in court for stealing.

Punch Metro reports that as Adegbite made the bail application, a presiding magistrate of Court 5 where the defendant was arraigned observed flaws in his presentation.

The magistrate, Mrs. Temitope Oladele, who is on induction under Chief Magistrate O.J. Awope, was said to have invited him to her office for questioning upon which it was discovered that he was never called to the bar.

A lawyer at the court, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he had warned Adegbite on several occasions of the consequences of his action, but he refused.

“He started coming to the court in December. He would dress as a lawyer and walk around to assist defendants to perfect their bails. He was working with a lawyer. I approached him to stop parading himself as a lawyer, but he was furious with me.

“On February 24, 2017, he appeared at Court 5 to hold brief for the lawyer in a case of stealing. When the magistrate noticed that he could not apply for the defendant’s bail, she summoned him to her chambers,” he said.

He was subsequently arrested by policemen from the Ikeja division and brought to Court 4 on Thursday by a police prosecutor, Sergeant Raphael Donny, on one count of impersonation.

The charge read, “That you, Olayomi Adegbite, on February 24, 2017, at about 12pm, at Court 5, Ogba, in the Ikeja Magisterial District, did impersonate a member of the Nigerian Bar Association without having a certificate to prove yourself, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 78 (b) of the Criminal Law, No 11, Vol. 44, Law of Lagos State, 2011.”

The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge.

The presiding magistrate, Mrs. Davies Abegunde, consequently sentenced him to 100 hours of community service across magistrates’ courts in Lagos, except Ikorodu, Epe and Badagry magistrates’ courts.

The magistrate added that he should place placards with inscriptions, ‘I am a fake lawyer,’ on his front and back while cleaning the courts.

As Adegbite was serving the punishment on Friday at Ogba Court, he was heard telling some court officials that he knew those behind his “ordeal.”

When approached for comment on the incident, he said, “I have nothing to say now.”

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Police Arrests 12 Women For Selling New Naira Notes At Parties in Lagos (Photo)

The Police, in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), have reportedly arrested 12 women for selling naira notes in parts of Lagos State.


The women were allegedly selling mint naira notes to people going to parties to ‘spray’ celebrates. They are likely to be charged for contravening Section 21 of the CBN Act, 2007.

The suspects included Fausat Jimoh, Bisoye Oyegbile, Balikis Ajadi, Bisola Amoru, Abidemi Oladejo and Ajoke Suraj. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of SCIID, Bolaji Salami, said:

“It is an offence to sell naira notes at weddings or any gathering.

It contravenes the CBN Act. We arrested six suspects the previous weekend and later arrested six others on Friday.

We recovered N35,500 from these suspects but N465,000 was recovered from those arrested last week.
They would be charged to court as soon as possible. Investigation would reveal how they come about these new currencies. We are going to get to the root of it because the offence is punishable by N50,000 fine, or six months imprisonment or both. No good country would allow its currency to be abused in anyway.”
An official of the CBN said:

“We know that these are not the real targets because if they don’t get the mint notes, they won’t be able to sell it. So, our main targets are commercial banks and even our staff who release the money to these vendors.
We are also going to start arresting Nigerians who organise events and allow those selling naira notes in their venues. Already, we have started arresting people who ‘spray’ money at social events.”

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#BBNAIJA! No Eviction Next Sunday After Uriel, Kemen Gets Evicted

There will be no eviction of any housemate from the Big Brother Nigeria House next Sunday.

This was the decision of Biggie after two housemates were evicted for different reasons today.

While Kemen was evicted for inappropriate behaviour to one of the housemates, TBoss, Uriel left the normal way, after scoring the lowest vote among the seven housemates billed for eviction.

The seven housemates were; Efe, Uriel, Kemen, who has been disqualified for violating house rules, Debie-Rise, Bassey, TBoss, and Marvis.

Uriel, the housemates’ favourite got the lowest votes of 7.9.

She would have been saved because Kemen had 4.8. But he was earlier disqualified, which brought Uriel next in line of fire.

In a brief interview with Ebuka after she left the house, Uriel said that everything in the house about her was real.

The Imo State-born make-up artist said it was an amazing experience in the house with challenging tasks.

“Things that I would normally not be able to do, I did them in the Big Brother House.”

She said Ese was cool and knew the right button to press, but that no one can press her (Uriel’s) button.

She also explained that Ese said some nasty things about her in the Diary Room adding that she also gave it back to her.

However, she was shocked when Ebuka revealed to her that Ese and Jon were fake housemates.

The fifth evicted housemate said she would focus on her music and may open a beauty shop outside the Big Brother Naija Game Show.

The eviction night show saw Nigerian talented Rhythm and Blues singer Banky W putting up a scintillating performance.

NAN reports that Uriel’s eviction on Day 42 has brought to five of the housemates that have been evicted. With Kemen, being disqualified, six housemates have now left the show.

Those evicted were Coco Ice, Soma, Miyonse and Gifty.

Six housemates are still in the house for the N25 million and an SUV prize to the winner.

They are ThinTallTony, Debie-Rise, Efe, TBoss, Marvis and Bassey.


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Davido And His Billionaire Dad Celebrate His Birthday By Taking A Ride In New Bentley (Photos)

Nigeria Musician, Davido’s billionaire dad, Chief Adeleke turned a year older yesterday.

They got him a new Bentley as gift and Davido shared a video singing to his hit song, “IF” while they rode in the new car.

See more photos below + video:

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